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What blockchain jobs are trending, and how you can land one

/ 09:35 AM August 13, 2021

The cryptocurrency trend is bringing yet another gift to the world: blockchain jobs! It’s not surprising since the world continues to adopt Bitcoin and other cryptos. If you’ve been paying attention to these digital assets, they might give you employment in return!

We’ll jump straight into the jobs you can get related to blockchain technology. Then, we’ll help you look by listing the industries and locations offering blockchain jobs. Even better, we’ll show you the skills you need to make a career in crypto tech!

Now that more countries are adopting cryptocurrency, they will need people to help handle it. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t even need an IT college degree to get a blockchain job. Read further about the latest employment opportunities from the hottest industry right now!

The Four Blockchain Jobs Trending this Year!

  1. Technical writer
  2. Journalist
  3. Business development representative
  4. Marketing manager

#1. Technical writer

#1. Technical writer

You can earn roughly $69,850 every year.

Let’s face it. Despite widespread adoption, people still find it hard to understand cryptocurrency. Most of them may know bitcoin, yet they might not know how it works.

Then, you have the other altcoins in the market. We’re talking about Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Dogecoin (DOGE), and the other cryptos that aren’t bitcoin. They are also complicated!


If you look them up, you’ll have to check the white paper. They explain how a certain cryptocurrency works. As you may expect, those read like your college thesis paper.

Fortunately, you have technical writers that can do this “homework” for other people. Then, they explain the contents of these papers in a way regular folks can understand.

Even better, it could be literal “homework.” It’s one of the blockchain jobs with remote work options. This can help you earn money while avoiding the coronavirus!


Blockchain writers publish their work on websites like Inquirer USA. If you’d like to see samples, click this link. Read about the latest and hottest cryptos right now!

You can’t write about cryptocurrency if you don’t know how it works. Thankfully, the internet has lots of free resources that can help.

#2. Journalist

#2. Journalist

You can earn roughly $38,870 every year.

If you check the other crypto articles from Inquirer USA, you’ll notice something. The articles aren’t just about specific cryptocurrencies. Instead, some are about crypto news.

These digital assets are changing the world. However, they develop in various ways. Let’s take Ethiopia and El Salvador, for example. The former used the Cardano network for education.

Specifically, the country used it to monitor student performance. El Salvador created a bitcoin mining facility that gets energy from volcanoes on the other side of the world.

These articles let readers know the uses of cryptocurrency. What’s more, they inform investors about what’s happening to their cryptos. Blogs also help people find new crypto investments.

Similar to technical writers, you have to know a bit about cryptos. You won’t have to discuss them as deeply, though. Think of the blogs you’ll write as regular news reports involving crypto.

#3. Business development representative

#3. Business development representative

You can earn roughly $45,619 every year.

More companies are also adopting blockchain technology. For example, it allows them to tokenize assets. This makes it easier for businesses to raise funds and sell assets.

If you’re still working at a company, it might be checking how to adopt cryptos too. That means looking for new opportunities via cryptocurrency.

The business might need someone to find those. It’s better if they have prior sales experience too. After all, that person must promote partnerships and secure deals.

What’s more, that person must know about cryptos. That’s important in discussing the deals and closing them. If you’re that person, you’re lucky! You qualify as a business development rep!

Of course, this will depend on the company where you’re applying. You’ll need these basic skills, though. You have a better chance of landing this blockchain job if you have a business degree.

#4. Marketing manager

#4. Marketing manager

You can earn roughly $127,560 every year.

If you’ve noticed, we go through the roles based on how specialized they are. This one’s specifically wanted by blockchain companies right now.

As we said, people don’t know much about cryptos. This is a challenge for everyone who’s made a cryptocurrency. After all, they need more people investing and using it.

Why is that? Most coin networks are made of nodes. People hold those with mining rigs or staking deposits. These nodes enable the features of their corresponding crypto.

If a crypto coin doesn’t have enough investors, it can’t launch. It will also need more users to expand. Without both, the crypto will lack funds to improve as well.

Crypto companies need people who can explain their products and services. This person must help their company raise profits and market share. Also, that person must find potential users.

You have a good chance of landing this blockchain job if you have sales experience. Of course, you’ll also need crypto know-how. If these describe you, try to apply as a marketing manager!

Blockchain hiring from New York, San Francisco, and beyond

After seeing these suggestions, you might be thinking about where you can find these roles. If you live in the United States, numerous cities want these kinds of jobs!

If you live on the East Coast, look to New York. Those on the West Coast should check out California. Specifically, you should check the city of San Francisco.

Once you’re there, you’d have to narrow your search further. Know the major players in the crypto job market before looking for one. Learn more about them below:

  • Industries – These are the big banks and firms. They cover various fields such as retail, insurance, and even law.
  • Startups – These are the brave startups that wanted to lead the blockchain trend.
  • Tech companies – As expected, electronics and software companies want to keep up with cryptos. They would need to adapt to the changes cryptos will bring.
  • Governments – World leaders see the benefits and risks of blockchain tech. This is why they’re gathering the best crypto experts they could find. Leaders want to learn how to use crypto to their advantage. Estonia is one of the countries leading in this trend.

What are the skills I need for blockchain roles?

What are the skills I need for blockchain roles?

It’s not enough to just know where to find these jobs. You probably have a lot of ideas about what these are right now. You have to bring a specific set of skills, though!

If you guessed “learning how to code,” you’re correct. This skill will help you understand how the different coins work. Having such IT skills will open the highest-paying roles available!

If you don’t know how to code, it’s fine. As we said, there are plenty of other options. To create a career from cryptos, you’ll need these other skills too:

  • Media – Crypto needs to meet eye-to-eye with a wider audience. As a result, we may see more ad agencies and media outlets focused on cryptos.
  • Dapps – They’re also called decentralized applications. These are pieces of software that run on blockchain tech. Related projects can only succeed if they create useful solutions with dapps.
  • Law – Countries are writing new rules regarding cryptos. In response, law firms need people who understand crypto to navigate this new legal landscape.
  • Supply chains – Blockchain lets people keep and exchange lots of data. This can change how we send and receive real-life commodities around the world.
  • Trading & sales – The crypto market is growing faster than the stock market ever did! As a result, it will need more brokers, managers, and other roles.

Final Thoughts

Those were our picks for the best blockchain employment options. If you’re looking for other opportunities, you may search the internet.

Most importantly, learn more about cryptos. You’ll need it to apply for these roles. What’s more, you have to be aware of how it’s changing the world right now!

You may start by reading more crypto articles from Inquirer USA. Also, you must check other sources too. Check CoinDesk for the latest updates and CoinMarketCap for real-time data.

Learn more about blockchain & employment

Are blockchain jobs in demand?

Cryptos are gaining popularity, so the related jobs are trending. You have plenty of options. These include marketing manager and technical writer.

What careers are in blockchain?

You may choose these for your first crypto job:

  • Technical writer
  • Journalist
  • Business development representative
  • Marketing manager

There are plenty of other choices, though. Check the internet for them. Perhaps there’s one that fits your skills. You may even have a lot of job openings near you!

How do I start a career in blockchain?

First, you need to know how cryptos work. Then, you’ll have to know other skills such as computer science and engineering. It will help if you know how to write articles or sell products and services.

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