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Best investment apps for newbies and experts

/ 08:42 AM July 02, 2021

Managing personal finance is in your hands, so make sure you have the best tools. Please select from a wide range of assets and manage them with your fingertips! The best investment apps can help you start building your financial future today.

We’ll start with our list of the best investment apps for 2021. We’ve arranged them from the most convenient to the most functional. That way, we could provide options for first-timers and experts alike.

With the rise of Robinhood and similar apps, investing has never been easier. For experienced investors, the apps below will help you do more with your portfolio. If you’re interested in stocks and other assets, try the apps on our list.

#1. Investr


Photo Credit: investr.com

Ever wished you had enough money to invest in AMC stock and other assets? With the Investr app, you can! Perhaps you read about the best stocks to buy this year.

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Well, in its Fantasy Finance game, at least. The app lets you play as an investor with a million dollars. Choose from a virtual stock market based on real life.

What’s more, you may compete with fellow Fantasy Finance players. Test your investor skills against other folks online. This is a great learning tool for aspiring investors.

Back then, your only options would be to test your money and hope for the best. If you don’t know anything about investing, you may open the Investr Academy.


Read their resources about the basics of stocks and the market. Once you’ve learned enough, go back to Fantasy Finance to try the lessons with the simulated stock market.

The Investr app has you covered too. It lets you invest in stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and cryptocurrency! Eventually, you’ll gain enough confidence to invest in the real stuff.

If you don’t know anything about stocks, this is the best investment app. Investr is one of the unique platforms that use games as a learning tool. This is a must-try for beginners!


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#2. Stockpile


Photo credit: investopedia.com

Children should learn about financial literacy at an early age. It’s an important skill they will need as adults. Still, some parents find it hard to begin.

Thankfully, the Stockpile app can aid parents. Its most interesting feature is the custodial accounts. You may give one to your children as their first brokerage account.

As an adult, you’re responsible for your account. Your kids own the stocks inside. Once they reach a certain age, they will become the owner of the custodial account.

This is a great way to guide your kids in selecting stocks. You could use the account to show how to invest. Even better, those stocks can prepare their financial future.

Ever thought about gifting stocks to your friends and family? Some people may think it’s unusual. Yet, it’s becoming popular for South Korean couples. They prefer Tesla stock!

With Stockpile gift cards, you can do it too. You may purchase them for stock worth $5 to $2,000. You may send them digitally. If not, you may give them as plastic gift cards.

#3. Betterment


Photo credit: Betterment.com

This is a robo advisor. Betterment will ask you about your financial goals. Then, it will recommend how it will keep your account balanced between stocks and bonds.

Betterment will then handle your assets for you. What’s more, you may set the auto-deposit feature. It lets you set when the app will allocate money to your investment strategies.

The app also helps you save money. Just like the strategies, you may include your savings plans. You may allocate funds for various purposes. Also, your savings earn 0.30% APY.

Moreover, Betterment offers a checking account geared for mobile devices. It also offers a Visa debit card. The platform allows you to use both for purchases.

If you do, you get cash back rewards. Earn whenever you buy stuff from your favorite brands. These include Adidas, Staples, Walmart, and others.

You may also invest early for retirement with Betterment. It will show you how much you’ll save based on several factors. You may even get notified to deposit more, so you stay on your goals.

#4. SoFi Invest

SoFi Invest

Photo Credit: sofi.com

We’re turning the difficulty up a bit. SoFi is still a nifty mobile app whether you’re experienced or starting. Yet, it may confuse newbies with the number of options available:

  • Small business financing
  • SoFi Protect (insurance options)
  • Private student loans
  • Home loans
  • Personal loans
  • Student loan refinancing
  • SoFi Invest
  • SoFi Relay
  • Also, SoFi Credit Card
  • SoFi Money

Since we’re talking about the best investment apps, we’ll focus on that specific feature. Let’s take Apple stock, for example. You’ll like the option to invest in fractional shares.

At the time of writing, one costs $136.94. That can be a tough ask for newbie investors! Without fractional shares, you’ll have to shell out that much to invest.

It has several investment options too. You may select from various ETFs and retirement accounts. One of SoFi Invest’s unique options is investing in IPOs (initial public offerings).

What’s more, you may invest in cryptocurrencies. It only allows 19 coins, including bitcoin, filecoin, litecoin, and a few others. Later, we’ll show a better app for crypto investing.

Like the other trading apps on the list, SoFi Invest allows automated investing. Set your goals, and the platform will handle the rest. You could also go hands-on if you want.

If you need some help, SoFi Invest lets you contact their financial advisors. They’re available 24/7, at no extra cost. Reach them to get quality advice from experienced financial planners.

#5. Binance


Photo Credit: Binance.com

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular nowadays. A minimum account is one of the new asset classes you should consider! We see its widespread adoption across the globe.

If you want to start, you’ll need the best investment app for crypto. After all, Binance is the biggest crypto exchange platform in the world! That’s why you need the Binance mobile app.

That means you get access to a wide variety of cryptos. What’s more, the Launchpad lets you find the latest cryptos in the market. You may find a great investment there!

Add crypto coins to your portfolio with a few taps. Check the Wallet every day to see how they’re growing in value. You could also get more coins by placing them in savings.

Long buy or short sell coins depending on how the prices are moving. This is a high-reward and high-risk method, so be careful! If you’re willing to take the risk, you can trade futures.

One unique feature is the stock tokens. These are cryptos tied to the value of individual stocks. In other words, their prices rise and fall depending on the actual stocks.

What’s more, you may switch between the basic and pro versions freely. The former makes the app easier for beginners. Meanwhile, the pro version unlocks advanced features and tools.

#6. TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade

Photo Credit: fool.com

This is the best investment app for experienced investors. TD Ameritrade has more options than the other ones on this list. Choose from a wide variety of investment products like:

  • Stocks
  • Options
  • ETFs
  • Mutual funds
  • Bonds
  • Certificates of deposit or CDs
  • Futures
  • Forex (Foreign Exchange)
  • Annuities

Aside from the mobile app, you could add TD Ameritrade to your Apple Watch. It even lets you use the thinkorswim desktop platforms! Stay tuned to your portfolio while jogging or commuting.

You might be wondering why we didn’t put this at the top of the list. As we said, we arranged it starting from the most user-friendly. TD Ameritrade might be too much for beginners.

The platform provides tutorials. Yet, newbies may find it easier to start with Investr. That one even lets you practice investing without risking real money!

Final Thoughts

We hope you find the best investment app for your investment needs. If you’ve noticed, we provided options that do not charge a monthly fee.

You may find better options outside our list. Note that other investment apps may require a minimum account balance. Others may charge a management fee too.

No matter which one you pick, make sure to keep it secure. You may have to link your bank account to the platform. If you’re not careful, somebody could sweep your funds away.

More importantly, learn all you can about investing. This will allow you to maximize your use of these apps. Read articles from Inquirer USA and Financial Daily Updates for more info.

Learn more about the best investment apps

Learn more about the best investment apps

How do beginners invest?

Newbies start by learning. They should read all they can talk about investments before doing so. In turn, this will maximize profits and minimize risks. This applies to any asset.

Which app should I use to invest?

That depends on your expertise. If you’re used to investing, TD Ameritrade has the tools you need and more. Newbies may want to start with Investr or Betterment.

What is the best investment app for beginners?

Investr helps newbies ease into investing. It uses a video game as a learning tool. That way, beginners may try their hand at investing without risking real money.

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