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Best bug zapper on Amazon

/ 06:39 AM June 21, 2021
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Whenever you’re tending something in your garden or simply having a chill night in your backyard, then bug bites disturb your solitude, it’s about time to consider having a bug zapper. These are insect and pest-control devices run by electricity. The best bug zapper can attract fly swarms through its bright ultraviolet light.  

When these flying insects come near the bug zapper, they’ll be instantly killed once they come in contact. Sounds a bit harsh, eh? But it’s a surefire way to keep them from biting you, and don’t forget that they can reproduce and increase the number of insects in your area. If you’re targeting your indoor area, bug zappers have various options – both indoors and outdoors. 

How does a bug zapper work?

Warm weather is approaching. Say hello to your flying buddies, aka flying insects. Although citronella can help send them away, sometimes the smell isn’t strong enough to do the job. If wondering if bug zappers are effective, read on as we give you a heads up on the step-by-step process of how these devices work.

  1. Bug zappers emit a UV light that’s typically eye-candy to any flying insect. Fact: The flower patterns that insects are attracted to are revealed in UV light.
  2. When insects notice the UV light for your bug zapper, they will enter between the electric grid spaces.
  3.  Insects themselves complete the electric power circuit then voltage flow across the circuits.
  4. The insects will then be electrocuted. Those ZAP sounds you hear come from the circuit closing

What is the most effective bug zapper?

If mosquito fly, fruit fly, or biting flies keep on pestering you, consider buying a bug zapper. When scouting for the best bug zapper available, check whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use. Bug zappers have different features depending on their use. We’ve gathered the most effective bug zappers in Amazon. Also, based on reviews, scroll down to find out. 

Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer

best bug zapper

  • Price: $44.97
  • What’s great about this: Aside from the thousands of positive reviews, this electronic insect killer can eliminate thousands of insect pests daily.
      • This bug zapper’s killing metal grid can kill bugs powered by a high voltage transformer with 15-watt high-intensity ultraviolet. Plus, it’s patented and features a non-clogging grid. It’s perfect outdoors as it’s built with weatherproof polycarbonate. 
  • Pros & Cons: A great deal you can’t say no to is that this comes with a 2-year warranty. Also, it’s environmentally friendly as pesticides and fall don’t contaminate the insects to the ground. They’ll be re-absorbed by the ecosystem chemical-free. The only con is that the bottom part is round, which might require a zapper hanger.


Hemiua Bug Zapper for Outdoor and Indoor

best bug zapper

  • Price: $42.99
  • Why we like this: An easy to design bug zapper as you can mount it on your wall to clear up space. 
      • Its protective cage can also prevent your pets or kids from accidentally touching it. Also, the mosquito killer feature can free your space from mosquitoes for days as it’s designed to trap mosquitoes. 
  • Pros & Cons: While some can single function, this one’s multi-purpose can be used both outdoors and indoors. It’s also waterproof, which is great for easy cleaning. With a wide coverage area of 1500 ft, this bug zapper is also protected with ABS housing to keep people and animals safe from accidental contact. The only con is that the electric cable measures 47inches, o you might need an extension cord.



Katchy Indoor Insect Trap

best bug zapper

  • Price: $39.79
  • What’s great about this: The unique look of this zapper or trap will make you wonder how this works. 
      • Unlike the normal bug zapper that looks like a cage, this one’s one-of-a-kind feature is that it sucks in the insects that get attracted to its UV light. If the normal bug zapper electrocutes insects, this zapper has a glue board inside where insects get sucked and stick upon.
  • Pros & Cons: This zapper is best used indoors and when in dark places. It’s also easy to use and looks stylish. The only con is that fruit flies weren’t too keen to get near this device.  


White Kaiman Solar Powered Mosquito Killer for Outdoors

best bug zapper

  • Price: $59.95
  • Why we like this: If you’re always outdoors or love to camp, this one’s your perfect bug killer partner. This can be your ultimate outdoor bug zapper.
      • This bug zapper is designed for use outdoors as it’s solar-powered. Built with a 1WP solar panel and a 360 degrees LED light, this can eliminate insects for a whole 40hrs. You can directly call Amazon for customer service. 
  • Pros & Cons: This bug zapper has a stainless steel design that’s waterproof, so no worries leaving it outside as the charging will also be outdoors. Plus, it has a photocatalyst tube built to last for ten years and keep safe around children and pets. The only con is that the light emission wasn’t too intense but visible enough to attract bugs.


ASPECTEK Powerful Electronic Insect Zapper

best bug zapper

  • Price: $34.40
  • Why we like it: An indoor bug zapper that will lure any insect, whether it be mosquitoes, flies, or any bug. 
      • This was specially designed with two ultraviolet bulbs to better attract any flying bugs near it. It also has a chain for hanging inside your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or basement.
  • Pros & Cons: This bug zapper has a protective mesh to avoid accidental contact from pets and people. Never worry about the clean-up as this has a removable plastic tray at the bottom where the dead insects fall. Plus, it was washable too. The only con is that the ZAP sound is a bit too much for some. You can always opt to place it far from people. 



  • Price: $39.99
  • What’s great about this: This bug zapper has complete features useful not only in insect extermination.
      •  It’s designed with a hanging hop that makes it convenient for you to hang it outdoors. The bottom has a removable tray where the insect remains are, and a cleaning brush is also included.  
  • Pros & Cons: It can work both indoors and outdoors and uses hyacinthine light to attract insects. The coverage area is up to 1500 sq ft, wide enough for when you’re grilling and eating in the backyard. Just don’t keep it soaking in the rain for days as it can alter the electric circuits. 


TBI Pro Bug Zapper

best bug zapper

  • Price: $49.95
  • Why we love this: A wide coverage of up to 2100 square feet will cover a large base of your indoor and outdoor areas, three times more coverage than a normal bug zapper can cover. 
      • This bug zapper is powered with a 4250v electric grid that will surely exterminate any flies or bugs that come near it.
  • Pros & Cons: Aside from its killing power, this bug zapper is also easy to clean as there’s a pull-out tray where dead insects fall. Plus, this can be left hanging outdoors with its rainproof feature. A cleaning brush specially designed for its grids is also included. The only con is that the bottom tray can sometimes be difficult to remove, but you can always adjust its tightness when closing it.


Do bug zappers attract mosquitoes?

Let’s delve deeper into the bug zapper’s capabilities to kill mosquitoes with all honesty and sans sugarcoating. In a study conducted by private entities, here are the findings of mosquito attractant and bug zappers.

  • Bug zappers efficiency vs. mosquitoes

The University of Delaware’s Department of Entomology and Applied Ecology has done a study for ten weeks about the effectiveness of bug zappers. The results show that for ten weeks straight, 13,000 insects were eliminated and collected. 

Yes, we can confirm that bug zappers deem to be effective against bugs and insects, but only 3250 mosquitoes are killed out of the 13000 records. Data shows that bug zappers are 99.75% effective with all other insects other than mosquitoes.

  • Mosquitoes aren’t just that attracted to UV lights.

These biters find their targets by following the trail of carbon dioxide and not the lights. Often they can get attracted by pretty lighting. A tip: The female mosquitoes are the biters, and they’re the ones following your carbon scent, while the non-biters are the types you can find zapped by your bug zappers. 

Although some bug zappers can’t eliminate most mosquitoes, there are Octenol mosquito zappers that use carbon dioxide and non-toxic Octenol that can attract your target.

Key Takeaway

Flying insects and bugs can be annoying. Add the fact that some of them will bite you. Thus finding every possible way to get rid of them is a must. Finding the best bug zapper for your needs will get you throughout the summertime. After all, who needs those flying distractions when you can chill with no worries. 

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