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Who runs Snopes – other things to know

/ 03:24 PM June 01, 2021

If you ever needed a fact check, chances are you’ve used Snopes. It’s one of the most popular websites that help people verify information on the internet. However, how much do you know about this wonderful website?

We’ll start by explaining basic details, such as the founder of Snopes. Then, we’ll explain how the fact-checking website does its job. More importantly, we’ll discuss how you could check facts yourself on the internet.


You shouldn’t just rely on a source of information without checking. Unfortunately, even the most reputable sources may have ulterior biases and interests. It’s important to objectively approach all the information you encounter, even the fact-checkers like Snopes.

Why checking info is important.

Why checking info is important.

Nowadays, we rely on the internet to provide nearly everything. We use it to purchase any product worldwide instantly. It connects us with the world like never before in human history.

More importantly, we learn more about the world from online sources. A single Google search can provide millions of results. Unfortunately, there lies a huge problem.

This abundance of information has made it more difficult to separate fact from truth. Anyone from social media could make up news and spread it to billions worldwide.

Even prominent figures recognize the scope of this problem. Former US President Donald Trump often accused the mainstream media of spouting “fake news.”

Sadly, this has polluted proper discourse between the public and news outlets. Due to these constant attacks against the press, more Americans distrust the news nowadays.

Fortunately, other websites help the public determine the truth. Among the sea of misinformation, fact-checkers like Snopes shine a light on the truth.

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What is Snopes?

What is Snopes?

Photo Credit: Snopes.com

The popular online fact-checker started in 1994. Snopes founder David Mikkelson verified urban legends, folklore, and hoaxes. Later on, his wife Barbara Mikkelson joined in fact-checking.


Nowadays, it’s become an important tool in figuring out the truth. They deal with topics that are grabbing the public’s attention. If the issue’s trending, chances are Snopes fact-checked it.

They’ve covered nearly everything, from political campaigns to legal battles. That’s why fact-checking organizations regard Snopes as a reliable source of information.

It helps people understand reports from major outlets like The Washington Post, The Seattle Times, and the New York Times. Snopes even helps students with their school work!

Ever wondered about where the Snopes headquarters is located or who runs Snopes? You might be surprised. Believe it or not, it’s in a bedroom with a laptop placed on top of some books!

How does Snopes check facts?

How does Snopes check facts?

The famous fact-checking site shares its methods on its webpage. Despite its humble location, Snopes follows every industry guideline in reporting.

We mentioned that we should know how our sources get their info. Here’s how the popular fact verifying website does its work:

  1. Find trending topics – It starts by finding the topics most people are talking about. While it’s often politics, Snopes fact checks other issues too. Though the website admits, it makes up the majority of their work.
  2. Reach out to sources and experts – Then, they contact the source of this trending news. Also, the Snopes team gets in touch with the people and groups who would know about these issues.
  3. Find related information – What’s more, they look for relevant printed information. These could be books, interview records, news articles, and various others.
  4. Writers add more research if needed – If the topic’s particularly complex, the Snopes staff may include their research. Sometimes, they may share their expertise if it’s related to the issue.
  5. Review articles before release – Lastly, editors check all the drafts. They make sure the articles meet their standards. If they don’t, the drafts undergo further review and revision.

How Snopes is free

People often don’t like it when websites have too many ads. Yet, it’s the reason why they could use Snopes and other websites for free.

The well-known truth finder admits that it needs advertising revenue to remain free for all. Still, it aims to give readers a good experience. People may report issues with advertising services too.

Despite the banner ads, Snopes is still a great source of info. What’s more, people could submit suggestions for new articles. All these amazing features for free!

How to check facts yourself

How to check facts yourself

Some people might think it’s not important to check the news. After all, most folks browse the trending stuff briefly then go on with daily life. Yet, fake news has more lasting effects.

  • It could harm your health – If you follow fake health news, you could get sick. For example, former president Trump suggested drinking disinfectant against COVID-19. Accidental poisoning from these products rose at the time he said it. Still, it’s not proven whether his comments caused these incidents.
  • Fake news could start social unrestCountries use propaganda to start chaos in opposing nations. During the 2016 US election, Russian agents spread fake news to make Americans fight each other.
  • Misinformation makes it harder to be informed – It harms the fruitful sharing of ideas among people. On the other hand, some people respond by avoiding news in general. Overall, it causes people to miss out on the truth.

Snopes and other web site help us separate truth from fakes. Yet, we shouldn’t leave the fact-checking to them alone. Verify your facts by following these tips:

  • Think before sharing – Decide carefully whether you should send an article or not. It might spread misinformation to your friends and family.
  • Check the sources – See who released the info. Did it come from a reputable news source? Perhaps it came from a random person on Facebook or Twitter? A few minutes of research can make a difference!
  • Get your info from reliable sources – Rely on academic and expert sources for your news. These people have spent lots of time trying to understand their fields. Thus, they give the most reliable information.

Final thoughts

Who runs Snopes? Snopes serves an important role on the internet. It helps people sift through facts and fake news. In other words, the fact-checking site helps us make sense of online information.

Yet, we shouldn’t only rely on these websites. We need to be responsible for consuming and sharing news. If not, we could harm ourselves and others.

Only get your information from reputable sources. The effects of fake news can last for years and harm millions. It only takes a few minutes to check on Google.

Learn more about Snopes

Who runs Snopes?

David Mikkelson and his wife Barbara Mikkelson run the famous fact-checker. Surprisingly, their headquarters is in their bedroom, with a laptop resting on top of some books!

Is Snopes reliable?

Numerous fact-checking groups regard Snopes as a great source of information. It makes sure to follow industry standards for its articles.

Other fact-check websites besides Snopes?

You may check the Associated Press (AP) and FactCheck for reputable news. Schools like St. Louis Community College recommend other sources of reliable information.

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