How to get glass out of foot | Precautions and Steps to Take

How to get glass out of foot

/ 11:03 AM May 13, 2021

Want to know how to get glass out of foot? Have you broken your glass plate? Or the glass showpiece you have on your center table? In either case, it must have caused a great deal of mess, and the probability is high that you might have stepped on one of the glass pieces while you were in panic.

Having a glass splinter cut through your skin is no joke. It is painful and highly uncomfortable. If you were ever in such a scenario before or get into one in the future, you need to take that glass out of your foot immediately. The longer that glass piece stays in your foot, the longer you feel the intense pain.


If you try to stand on your own or walk to your nearest chair or sofa, it will hurt immensely. The pressure or the weight cuts the wound deeper and allows the glass to move forward into your skin. If you want to know the basics of removing the glass out of your foot safely, continue to read on.

Can I Remove The Glass Out of The Foot by Myself?

Can I Remove The Glass Out of The Foot by Myself?

Yes, you can remove the glass from your foot by yourself. It is determined by the level of severity and the risk factors. If the glass is embedded deep in the layers of the skin, you might need to see a specialist.

Moreover, if you are suffering from any coagulopathy disease, you need to see a doctor. These include hypertension, diabetes, issues with blood vessels, or impaired immunity.

If you are on any blood thinners such as aspirin, heparin, or warfarin, consult your doctor before attempting the safe removal of the glass.

Here is what the doctor will do:

  • Provide Local Anesthesia – The doctor will numb the injury site and then remove the wound safely.
  • Medication Regimen – The medications will be started as per need.

If you don’t have these complications, you may remove the glass piece by yourself.

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What Draws Glass Out of Skin?

If you have got glass inside your foot for a prolonged duration, it might trigger an inflammatory response. Promptly removing glass out of foot should be the utmost intervention. We will be teaching you the proper method using tweezers and pull techniques to remove the glass safely.

You can remove the glass:


  • If the glass has not penetrated deeper into the skin
  • You can see the glass protruded from the skin
  • If it has not caused severe complications such as massive bleeding.

To safely draw the glass splinter from your skin, you need to follow the steps listed below.

  • Wash Your Hands – Wash the area affected by making a lather using soap and water. Use warm water to clean the surface thoroughly near the area. It removes the nearby pathogens, including both bacteria and viruses. It reduces the chance for infection too.
  • Clean the Equipment – Whether you are using a pair of tweezers or a needle, sterile them using rubbing alcohol to avoid infections.
  • Remove the Glass – If the cut has gone deep into the skin, lift or break the skin around the wound with the needle. Pull the piece of glass gently and use tweezers to remove it. Make sure to have a tight grip. Also, remove the glass slowly than abruptly to prevent further skin breakdown.
  • Rewash the Area – After removing the glass splinter, give a light squeeze to the area and let the blood wash out any infectious foreign body around it. Clean the wound with soap and water and use an antibiotic ointment to secure the place.
  • Recheck! – You might need a magnifying glass to zoom in, in case there’s a glass shard left in the skin. Go to the doctor immediately if you find any glass deep inside your skin.

Is It Okay to Leave the Glass on Your Foot?

Is It Okay to Leave the Glass on Your Foot?

It would help if you didn’t leave the glass inside your foot unless it’s incredibly complicated to get it out. The mirror inside the foot of a person for prolong duration creates an inflammatory response and increases the risk of infections.

You may develop symptoms like fever, redness, swelling, discharge or pus, and severe pain. If you think it would be tough to remove the glass, rush to your nearby doctor immediately.

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How Should I Travel to The Doctor’s Office? Is It Okay to Leave the Wound Open?

If you leave the wound open, it will invite other pathogens to attack, resulting in infection. To prepare yourself to travel to the doctor’s office or urgent care, you need to follow the below-mentioned protocols.

  • Stop the Bleeding – The first and foremost concern is to stop the bleeding. To do that, you need to apply some pressure. Press the sides of the wound together and apply pressure on it. The pressure will block the nearby blood vessel and stop the flow of blood. It will allow the coagulation easily.
  • Bandaging the Wound – The second step would be to cover the wound area using a bandage. Use a clean and sterile dressing and apply it to the injury site. Secure the cut using a clean cloth. Wrap the application with the fabric to cover the wound adequately. Make sure that you haven’t put much pressure on the wound. If yes, that will cause the glass piece to go deeper into the skin.

Can the Glass Shard Come Out of The Skin on Its Own?

Can the Glass Shard Come Out of The Skin on Its Own?

Your body’s first line of defense, skin sheds regularly. It will expel the small glass fragments with normal physiology.
Sometimes the body recognizes the glass fragment as a foreign body. It expels the glass piece by forming a pimple having pus inside it. As the spot burst open, the glass is ejected out of the body.

Do I Need to Get A Tetanus Shot?

Ideally, if you haven’t got your recent shot in the last five years, you need to get a tetanus shot. If the incident has happened on the road or in an outdoor setting, you will need to get the picture. Preferably, get the injection within the first 24 hours of the injury.

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Having a glass shard cut through your foot is highly painful. This post provided you with a comprehensive guide to remove the glass safely out of the foot. If you follow all the steps carefully, you will save yourself from an additional trip to the doctor.
Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. It is always recommended to keep an immediate first aid box wherever you go.

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