8 special ways to make a pregnancy announcement | Ideas you will love!

8 special ways to make a pregnancy announcement

/ 11:07 AM April 15, 2021

Do you need creative ideas to make a pregnancy announcement? Nothing can beat the excitement and overzealous joy of seeing that positive result on your pregnancy test kit. Congrats, future mom! Your little bundle of joy is on the way in just a few months. These types of gifts are worth shouting to the whole world for.

Having kids is comparable to taking the ladder a few skips more than just a single step. The whole experience of starting a family will take you to new heights and teach you lessons along the way, thus, strengthening and deepening your relationship with your partner or yourself. You’re anticipating your family and friend’s reaction once you drop the big news. Especially the grandparents who can’t wait to have your little one coming over to their house during the holidays.

When should you start announcing your pregnancy?

When should you start announcing your pregnancy?

Having a bun in the oven is a milestone in your life that is worth celebrating. Planning pregnancy announcements is fun as you are going to announce an upcoming member of the family. The only downside is, you can’t possibly involve your friends and siblings in planning as it won’t be a surprise at all. Though, it’s part of the thrill of secrecy of sharing your pregnancy with family.

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Why not just have your partner prepare it with or choose your best-est friend or big sister to conspire with. It’ll be fun keeping it a secret to others as you go along and plan your cute pregnancy announcement.

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Amidst all the excitement of planning, never forget to consider the right time to share the news. How soon in your pregnancy term is the right time for that baby announcement?

Most moms-to-be wait until the end of the 1st trimester – the 13th to 14th week before the revelation they’re expecting. Others do it on a 4th or 5th month period to assure the baby’s healthy ultrasound and gender confirmation. Still, it’s better to have a separate announcement for that gender reveal.


How do you announce your pregnancy?

How do you announce your pregnancy?

As expected, you want to embark on your journey through parenthood in the best way by deciding on how to announce your pregnancy. You surely can’t wait to see the reactions on your guests’ faces when you drop the bomb. There are plenty of cute and funny pregnancy announcement ideas you can choose from. So why not make the announcement more titillating by checking out the 8 unique ways to do it.

1. Balloons

Using balloons is a fun way to announce your little bun. Slip in a special message inside before filling it with air.


Your family members can pop the balloon with a safety pin. Then boom! Out came the big news announcing your little one.

2. Cupcake

2. Cupcake

Literally in for a sweet treat! A cute retro oven like this one will do the trick. Put a delicious cupcake inside to give your family a hint that there’s a bun in the oven.

3. Baby Onesie

A onesie is a sure hint of what the surprise is about. Wrap it up like a gift and send it to family and friends. Or you can take a shot of it on your camera and send the photo online.

4. Sonogram

4. Sonogram

This is a simple yet sweet way to announce that a baby is on the way. Please print out a few copies of your ultrasound picture with your due date and place them inside a photo frame before sending them out. Imagine all their gushes when they see the first actual photo of your baby.

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5. Shirts

If you have other kids, sibling announcement is also one of the fun ways for your baby announcement. Having your other kids’ involvement would already give them their first experience of a big sister or big brother vibe. You can have a shirt printed with the caption big sister or big brother.

Let your kids wear the tee, and then take their photos. If you have pets, have them join in the pictures to exude more cuteness. You’re now ready for that photo announcement that will bring the widest smile to your family and friends.

6. Promotions

Let’s keep your other kids’ engagement on this announcement rolling. After all, their involvement is inevitable once your new baby has arrived. They can’t resist the cuteness overload.

You can write the caption “I’m being promoted to big brother/big sister” on board with promotions. Don’t forget to include the due date or the month below. You can also opt to use a letter board if you have it. Once done, let your kids hold it, then take their photos.

7. Pregnancy Announcement Cards

7. Pregnancy Announcement Cards

A classic way of announcing your little pumpkins is by sending cards. As everything’s done online now, let your family and friends travel down memory lane back to the days when letters and mail carriers still existed.

Aside from the feeling of nostalgia, add up the excitement to your surprise. If you’re not busy, you can have the cards handwritten for a more personal touch. Regardless if it’s handwritten or printed out, the message inside is what would matter most.

Some of the captions you can use for your announcement card is as simple as:
“Would you be my Grandma/Grandpa/Aunt/Uncle?”
“How would you like a promotion to Grandparents/Aunt/Uncle?”

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8. Photo Pregnancy Announcement

There are tons of fun ways to execute this photo idea. As for sure, this idea of pregnancy announcement photos will bring out creativity in you. Whether you choose to have someone professional do the photoshoots or be bubbly and artsy with your partner or with your kids, you won’t run out of poses to do. Don’t forget to inject some sense of humor to make it more exciting.

This is also a practical way as you can opt to choose which ones would be sent to your family and close friends and which ones would officially be posted on all your social media accounts. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. You don’t have to think of different ideas for your close loved ones. You’ll have to choose the most memorable shots for them.

Cute Ways of Pregnancy Announcement In Social Media

Cute Ways of Pregnancy Announcement In Social Media

Everybody goes online nowadays. After you have planned the details of making your big announcement to family and close friends, it’s now time to share it with the world – your social media accounts.

A creative pregnancy announcement is a sure way to earn several likes and shares. Although you have no intention for your information to go viral or trending, you’re still sure to put on some effort. After all, you’re a proud mom revealing it to the world.

You can re-use some of the ideas mentioned above too. Just add some tweaks for the social media reveal. Here are the other options you can check out.

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Digital Announcements

With everything available online, you can freely download editable images. There are a lot of downloadable templates too. It’s easy to do, and you can personalize them depending on your preferences.

Baby Apparel Flat Lay

It’s a good thing Instagram had already trained you to perfect those flat lay shots. Now you can use them for your social media pregnancy reveal. Just prepare a onesie, a bib, a teddy bear, a baby bottle, or any other baby stuff you’ll think would be perfect. Arrange it according to your artistic side, then take a flat lay shot.

Pet Pregnancy Announcement

Let those fur babies steal the scene this time. With their oh-so-cute stares and your announcement, you’re sure to get tons of likes or even shares. You can let your pets wear pregnancy announcement bibs or shirts. Take a snapshot, and you’re good to go.

Pregnancy Reveal T-shirts

It’s simple and cute. If you’re a family, let the whole family wear the tees. Your sons or daughter can wear the same ones mentioned above for the sibling announcement.

If you’re a couple, a couple of shirts of pregnancy revelation is perfect. Pose for a candid shot, take a photo then post it on your social media accounts.

Key Takeaway

Your baby bump will soon show up, so deciding how you will proceed with your announcement shouldn’t take long. Of course, you’ll want it to be remarkable. You won’t run out of options for baby announcement ideas.

May it be simple or extravagant as it can be, your big announcement is sufficient to put in broad smiles to those you’ll send them to. Putting in many thoughts on your announcement shows how a great mom you’ll be when your little one comes out.

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