10 ideas on Easter crafts for kids | Easy DIY Ideas

10 ideas on Easter crafts for kids

/ 10:51 AM April 02, 2021

Easter is quickly approaching, and you’ll need some Easter crafts for kids as far as activity goes for the younger ones. The pastel colors are out, and the Easter Bunny is right around the corner. Easy crafting sounds like fun this year.

This time of year is great for seeing bunnies hopping around, and it’s a great time to starter doing crafts. Young kids, toddlers, and even older kids like staying busy. Try some crafts this year besides decorating eggs.


We have found 10 Easter crafts for kids that anyone will enjoy doing.

10 Easter Crafts for Kids

10 Easter Crafts for Kids

1. Pom Poms

Try this Easter DIY craft for kids. These pom-pom chicks are super fun and easy to make. Here are the step-by-step instructions.

For this craft, you’ll need yellow yarn, googly eyes, orange felt, scissors, and hot glue. The first step is to make the pom-poms. You begin by wrapping a piece of yellow yarn around your fingers.

Continue to wrap until there is a decent amount of yarn, around fifty. Once you have enough yarn, take the yarn from your fingers, and wrap another piece of yarn around the middle of the loops.

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Pull the yarn around the center super tight and tie it in a knot to hold the yarn loops in place. Then take the scissors and cut through all of the loops on either side of the middle tie.

Take the scissors and trim the ends of the yarn until the pom-pom is circular. When the pom-pom is shaped, add the features for the face.

The googly eyes are first. Then using the orange felt, cut out mini bunny ears. Use the orange felt for feet and cut a tiny triangle for the beak.

2. Egg Carton Hatching Chicks

2. Egg Carton Hatching Chicks


Another fun Easter crafts for kids idea for the kids is the egg carton hatching chicks.

You will need an egg carton, big yellow pom poms, googly eyes, orange paper, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Hot glue the eyes and beak on the pom-poms. These are great for younger kids, including preschoolers or kids in kindergarten.

Use scissors to cut out the egg carton cups. Make sure to trim edges to get them all level. You can use paint or what you prefer to add some color.

3. Paper Plate Easter Chick

Materials needed are 2 paper plates, different colored paints, orange construction paper, googly eyes, the small square sponge, a thin paintbrush, gold glitter, pencil, craft glue, scissors, and roundhead fasteners.

The steps include:

  • Sponge paint your entire paper plate yellow for your chick. This will cause less mess.
  • Set aside your yellow plate and allow it to dry completely.
  • Start working on your chicks outside eggshell.
  • Design & Paint, the plate, use bright colors.
  • Allow paper plate egg to dry.
  • On orange construction paper, draw a large triangle to cut out. Set aside.
  • Using the orange construction paper, cut out two long strips.
  • Fold each orange construction paper strip by doing an accordion fold.
  • Set aside.

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4. Lollipop Bunnies

These adorable Lollipop Bunnies are a hit with the kids, and they are lovely additions to your Easter basket this year. The materials you need are Tootsie Pops, Styrofoam Balls, googly eyes, om poms, white sparkly craft foam, white pipe cleaners, and ribbon.

Steps To make the Bunnies:

Take the styrofoam balls and poke holes in them. When the holes are made, slide in the lollypop or popsicle sticks. Fold wrapper around the stick, twirling the styrofoam ball as it covers the wrapper.

Hot glue googly eyes and pom-poms to face. Cut out shapes for feet from the sparkly crafty foam. Hot glue the feet at the top bottom of the lollypop.

Take pipe cleaner to make ears. Start by making a loop on one end and wrapping the pipe cleaner’s end to keep it from moving.

Make another loop on the other side and wrap pipe cleaner end around itself. Fold ears up, and they will sit on the bunny head. Use hot-glue to attach the ears to the ball. Use two small pom poms as paws, one for the tail. Tie a ribbon around the ears for a bow.

5. Paint Filled Easter Egg Crafts

5. Paint Filled Easter Egg Crafts

The kids will love these paint-filled eggs. You will need emptied eggshells, Paint, Tissue paper squares, glue stick, and canvas panels.

Empty the number of eggs that you would like. Save the eggshells from breakfast and use those for the craft.

To empty the eggs, you will take a butter knife to crack the egg’s top gently. Use your fingers to peel away a little bit of shell to let the yolk go through. Break the loose shell pieces away before you empty the eggs.

Then empty eggshells with warm water and soap. Let shells dry. When the eggs are dry, fill them with paint. Take tissue paper square a glue stick to glue paper over the openings.

Allow the paint to dry, and there you go paint-filled eggs. Another easy Easter crafts for kids are the salt dough eggs. These salt dough eggs go on the Easter tree. These are fun and easy to make.

You will need one or two batches of salt dough, rolling pin, ruler, egg shape cutter, spatula, straw, parchment paper, spray or acrylic paint, paint pens, clear coat sealer, and twine or ribbon.

To make salt dough, take 1 cup of flour, ½ cup salt, and ½ cup water. Stir together, and dough forms. Roll out dough into ¼ inch thick and cut out shapes.

Poke holes in the top of the ornaments, and bake on 250 for 2 hours. Once the shapes are baked, decorate and spray clear coat sealer when designs are finished.

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6. Easter Egg Potato Stamp

You need a potato, knife, paint, and craft paper. Make sure the adult cuts the potato with a knife.

Once you cut the potato, you can have different shapes to be the stamp. Dip potato in paint and press potato hard against the craft paper.

7. Paper Bunny Easter Bonnet

This is a simple paper bunny hat. All you need is an imagination and some construction paper and bright markers. Fold the paper to design a hat and decorate the paper so it looks like a bunny face.

This is so easy and a wonderful Easter crafts for kids.

8. Easter Bunny Paper Bag Puppet

8. Easter Bunny Paper Bag Puppet

Yet another simple and easy craft to make this year. You need a small paper bag, pink and white construction paper, 2 pipe cleaners, scotch tape, 1 pom for the nose, and googly eyes.

Cut the white paper to fit the bag. Then, you will cut out white ears. Cut pink paper for inner ears, cheeks, and belly. Cover the bag in a white paper by gluing it.

Add white outer ears using glue, then pink inner ears—glue pink belly on the bag. Cut the pipe cleaner into ⅓, making three whiskers. Tape those and cover tape using the cheeks, which are pink circles.

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9. Easter Bunny Spoon Puppets

Take two plastic spoons from the kitchen. Use pink and white felt, googly eyes, and hot glue to design the cutest Easter Bunny Spoons.

10. Little Bunnies Craft

10. Little Bunnies Craft

Have extra cotton balls running around the house? Use them to design little bunnies. Using your imagination, along with Pinterest, you can come up with some excellent ideas.

Cotton ball bunnies or chicks with a few pastels are the cheapest and easiest cute Easter crafts for kids.


Easter crafts for kids can be fun for everyone this year, including the moms and kids! Make sure to give them some traditional Easter candy like chocolate bunnies or eggs. With crafts in the mix, it will surely be a memorable holiday.

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