Easy ways on how to do a Tarot reading | For Beginners

Easy ways on how to do a Tarot reading

/ 07:36 AM March 27, 2021

Tarot cards have seen an upsurge of interest as they have become a source of entertainment. For some people, tarot cards are sacred and a powerful tool to direct their lives. For others, they are treated as party tricks to cheer up friends.

Tarot cards have been given mystical meaning with cultural imagination and intended for playing as parlor games. Many still wonder how to do tarot card reading due to their divinatory nature. People either take these cards as a joke or consider these magical and supernatural. Many have even adopted tarot reading as a hobby or a full-time job to pass the time.

The standard tarot cards deck consists of “78 cards,” where each one has its symbolism and imagery. Split into two categories; tarot decks consist of “22 Major Arcana” and “56 Minor Arcana cards.” Here’s a breakdown of each of these.


Major Arcana Cards

Major Arcana Cards

Major Arcana trump cards include 21 numbered cards and one unnumbered card called “the Fool.” When learning about how to tarot card reading, you need to know about the Fool. This card, in particular, has a chief role in this category as it moves through each card along the way. This path is known as the Fool’s journey.

Major Arcana tarot cards are often complex and vital as their appearance influences the tarot reading process. These cards are a reflection of life’s broader lessons and themes.


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Minor Arcana Cards

Minor Arcana Cards

56 Minor Arcana cards are related to more specific day-to-day challenges you face in everyday life. These cards represent our thoughts, experiences, beliefs, and feelings. They are also associated with temporary energy that is affecting life at the moment.
Minor Arcana cards consist of four tarot suits that focus on various parts of our life. These are,

  • Swords: These are intellectually driven cards that represent words, actions, and thoughts.
  • Wands: These cards represent energy, sexuality, creativity, and inner fire.
  • Pentacles: The Pentacles realize our material world and offer guidance for career paths, material possessions, and financial offerings.
  • Cups: Cups represent feelings, emotions, and intuition

There is a King, a Queen, a Knight, and a Page among each tarot card suit. These can be read in several ways and may represent personalities, situations, people, or even the energy you need at reading.

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Steps On How To Do A Tarot Reading

Steps On How To Do A Tarot Reading

Now that you have understood the general idea behind the cards, the power lies in reading tarot cards as per your intuition and wisdom. Start taking positive steps into the bright future by following a few simple steps.

Think Of A Question

The question you think of needs to be clear and open-ended. Avoid imagining questions that start and end with yourself. For instance, “Will I become X in the present and future?” as they run the risk of blocking you with a passive role in the future.

The idea is to use card reading to illuminate your path by predicting the future. The tarot reader will think of broader questions. For instance, think of a question related to the love tarot “What should I focus on in my relationship with Y?”


Once you have a question in mind, you must start shuffling your deck. There are different ways you can shuffle tarot cards, like playing cards. For instance, the overhead shuffling trick involves holding the deck in one hand and using the other to move the cards from one side to another.

Then there’s the “cut” technique which helps you divide the card into several piles and combine it into one again. One more trick involves spreading the cards facedown onto the table and sweeping them into a pile before setting them into place again.

There is no single shuffling trick; try out different techniques and see which one goes right by you.

Pull A Card

Now, take some deep breaths and pull out that lucky card. Similar to shuffling, there are multiple ways to go about pulling a card. Cut the deck and draw a menu on the top. It is the no-frills approach.

You can also try and hold the deck in your left arm and tilt it slightly to reveal a gap. Take the topmost card from this gap.
You can also fan the card out like poker and choose one card that draws your eye. You can pull out even a single card if you decide for simple reading, or you can pull several for what’s known as the spread.

Instead of answering one question from the tarot cards, you can speak broadly to your life path situation. The more cards you pull from the deck of cards, the deeper the reading will be. If you are a beginner, avoid big spreads as they can overwhelm you at times.

Lay The Card Face Down In The Spread

Turn the cards right side up so that you can gaze at their symbols, words, and imagery paying attention to whatever comes to mind.

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How To Do A Tarot Reading With Interpretation

How To Do A Tarot Reading With Interpretation

The key here is to stay calm, composed, and focused so you can fully connect with your intuitive abilities through your cards. If you draw a blank about court cards’ certainty about your question, check the deck’s reference book for guidance on meanings.

Simple Tarot Cards Spread For Beginners

There are infinite ways to spread your cards. You can upgrade from a single card pulls and try out multiple tarot spreads as well. Here’s what you can try:

Three-Card Spread

This kind of spread comes from the intuitive tarot teacher and founder Lindsay Mack. Once you have shuffled the tarot decks, pull three cards from the Rider Waite cards stack at random. As you turn each one over, consider how you’ll speak to them. Remember to breathe evenly and slowly to feel into your intuition as you go.

  • Card 1: This card represents what you need to do for surrendering to change in life.
  • 2nd Card: This card directs you on caring for yourself during the process.
  • Card 3: This tarot card serves as your guide to center yourself amidst the change.


Practicing how to do tarot reading will help you connect with your intuition and find hidden answers. Consider these answers the keys to unlock your life. It’s something mental and spiritually more than physical.

However, if you are entirely new and do not feel like making an effort, you can consider online tarot card reading platforms to receive free tarot reading and psychic reading about your love life. Do take the results with a grain of salt. By following these practices, you can gain the most out of tarot reading.

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