Top 5 Benefits of Taking Collagen Products

08:00 AM July 28, 2020

The breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers causes skin aging and wrinkles. The aging process is quickened by UV light and smoking. However, you can use collagen supplements to prevent or considerably reverse the wrinkling process. The treatment of skin aging is one of the many benefits of collagen.

Throughout this guide, you will learn the various cosmetic and health uses of collagen proteins. To best understand the importance of this protein, it is necessary to become familiar with its medical definition.


What is Collagen?

What is Collagen

Collagen is a fibrous structural protein that gives various body cells strength and structure. It is the most abundant protein in mammals, including humans. You can find this protein in connective tissues such as bones, tendons, and cartilages. More so, collagen is present in skin and hair, occupying up to 25% to 30% of the total body protein mass.

The protein is made up of amino acids such as alanine, glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. Unlike biotin, which is only found in nails and hairs, it occupies large varieties of the human cell.

Some people combine biotin and collagen to get maximum replenishment of the bones, skin, hair, and nails. However, to do so without the counsel of a doctor is risky.

There’s no difference in the way collagen works in men and women. The health benefits collagen has for men are the same for women.

You can either consume collagen from natural foods or supplements. Collagen-rich foods include chicken, bone broth, seafood, egg whites, fruits, berries, beans, leafy greens, and many more.


Types of Collagen

These supplements can come in three forms: powder, capsules, or water. The best supplements contain easily absorbed collagen in the right proportion. The best type of protein is Type 1 collagen.

According to studies, marine collagen (Type 1) is imbibed into human cells 1.5 times more than the collagen found in other types. You should know that there are three types, namely Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3.

Always go for the Type 1 collagen. Moreover, ensure the supplement contains no more than 7.5 grams of collagen, as the body cannot use more than that. Also, infused water is preferred to other forms, since it makes collagen absorption easier.


Best Collagen Products

While there are countless collagen supplements available in the market today, we’ve narrowed it down to the most beneficial one consumers can use on a regular basis.

Since collagen is an effective protein that can keep your skin healthy and youthful, it’s only fitting that consumers get the best product for them.

Bucked Up Collagen

Collagen Protein by Bucked Up; is the newest addition to our clinical raw line. This all-natural product contains no: hormones, antibiotics, coloring, or sweeteners, as well as being 100% grass-fed. Collagen Protein is known to have countless benefits including healthier: hair, skin, and nails, adding structural strength to tendons and joints, as well as stronger muscles and bones.*

  • 7.7g  Grass-Fed Collagen Hydrolysate / Serving
  • 20mg Hyaluronic Acid
  • 7g Protein
  • 60mg Vitamin C
  • 15mg Calcium

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Bucked Up Philippines

As the years go by our bodies produce less, and less collagen on its own. collagen is responsible for keeping your hair, nails, and bones in tip-top shape. It also has a digestion benefit as well since it’s packed with amino acids, which is something all pregnant women need help with all throughout their pregnancy.

During pregnancy, a lot of your skin is either drying out or being highly stretched (stretch marks). Some women even experience hyperpigmentation or what you call “dark spots” on their faces. With the help of hyaluronic acid in our formula adding our collagen to your morning coffee, or tea, or beverage of choice hot or cold you will be less likely to get dark spots on your face, as well as stretch marks on your body.

Hyaluronic acid is also a great healing agent this is something that our bodies also naturally produce like collagen but by increasing the intake you can get more positive results. hyaluronic acid and collagen could really help you recover faster during postpartum.

Another big win for collagen and hyaluronic acid is it really helps decrease heartburn, and acid reflux something A LOT of pregnant women experience in the later stages of pregnancy. So if you looking for a more natural approach than what your doctor will prescribe you to treat heartburn then our collagen formula is a better option for you.

Last but not least we added vitamin c something our bodies can’t naturally produce but could get a great immunity boost from. Getting immunity support is highly important during pregnancy since you’re not allowed to take most medications, or over the counter medicines while pregnant, so keeping illnesses away is HIGHLY important.

Organixx Collagen

Best Collagen Products

Organixx is the only supplement that contains clean-sourced collagens. With a scientifically proven formula, regular intake may result in younger-looking skin, a more vibrant complexion, as well as reduced pain.

This supplement not only contains one but five types of collagen for the ultimate combination. On top of that, this supplement also contains other organic ingredients such as camu-camu, silica, zinc gluconate, and acerola cherry, all of which come with their own wellness benefits.

Users can add this easy-to-mix, tasteless, and hassle-free supplement to their foods and beverages or even their breakfast smoothie for seamless integration. Each serving of Organixx Collagen can result in the following:

  • Optimal joint function
  • Healthy skin, hair, and nails
  • Improved digestion and gut health
  • Boosted metabolism for efficient weight loss

This age-defying supplement is the only thing you need to experience the “fountain of youth.”

What are the Benefits of Collagen Supplements?

Like we stated earlier, the benefits of collagen go beyond the treatment of skin aging and wrinkling. This section sheds more light in that regard.

Below are the five health uses of collagen for men and women.

Collagen for Skin Care

Collagen for Skin Care

It helps strengthen the skin and gives it elasticity and hydration. When a person has wounds on the skin, it is responsible for every stage of wound healing. However, it is not the only factor for wound healing. Collagen has chemotactic and hemostatic properties.

Although the protein present in artificial wound dressings helps the healing process, they cannot match natural collagen in benefits. Natural collagen offers anti-bacterial features, which are absent in artificial ones.

When administered, supplements help the body create more natural collagen, elastin, and fibrillin. These three proteins are beneficial to skin health.

Collagen for Joint Health

A joint is where two bones meet. The cartilage is the tissue responsible for connecting and protecting joints. The reason older people experience joint ache more often is the lack of sufficient collagen in their systems.

The inability to produce this protein doesn’t just affect the skin. It also causes joint disorders such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and many more. The introduction of infused supplements into the body system reduces the negative effects of osteoarthritis and eliminates joint pain considerably.

The benefits of collagen improve the condition of osteoarthritis patients by reducing inflammation in between joints and boosting the strengths of the joint cartilages. This can result in improved bone health as well as stronger bones and joints.

Collagen for Heart Health

When listing the organs that benefit from collagen, we cannot leave out the heart. The arteries or blood vessels depend on the structural protein for strength and elasticity. Without it, the arteries would collapse.

Apart from the heart valves, another part of the heart that is blessed with collagen is the separating septa of the heart chambers.

The heart endures the pressure of the blood pumped into it every second, thanks to this protein. It also ensures that the atrial fibrillation does not reduce to ventricular fibrillation. If such happens, it can lead to a heart attack.

Collagen for Pain Relief

Collagen for Pain Relief

Collagen is often rumored as an anti-inflammatory agent. However, studies of the effects of collagen on osteoarthritis patients give mixed results. By increasing the flexibility and strength of joint regions, patients can train longer without feeling pain.

Sportsmen who have been injured take collagen supplements, so as to shorten the injury recovery time.

By helping wounds heal faster, collagen is a proven supplement for pain. The lack of collagen may lead to more pain, inflammation, and stiffness. Studies have shown that joint pain patients who used 10 grams of collagen every day for six months healed and improved by 70%.

When compared with other anti-inflammatory drugs like chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, it may be better.

Collagen for Boosting Muscle Mass

The internal part of muscle cells, endomysium, is rich in collagen. The endomysium is a threadlike surface of areolar connective tissues that covers each myocyte. It consists of about 1% to 10% of a muscle cell.

The benefits of collagen supplements help sarcopenia patients regain muscle mass. In addition to elastin and natural collagen, supplements encourage the biological production of creatine, a muscle protein.

When consumers combine these supplements with regular exercises, the muscle begins to grow considerably.

Can You Use Collagen for PCOS?

Collagen for PCOS

As the name suggests, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a disorder that affects women only. The condition causes a hormonal imbalance and the affected women produce abnormal amounts of male hormones.

Women with PCOS notice fewer menstrual periods compared to others. Additionally, they might realize that they grow too much hair in their chest area and face. Conversely, baldness may also be prominent among affected women.

The idea of using collagen to treat PCOS is not valid. There’s no scientific evidence to back such a claim. Nevertheless, the use of diabetes drugs and birth control pills could improve the condition.

Collagen has many benefits. However, PCOS treatment is not one of them. If you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, consult the doctor for more details on PCOS medication and PCOS treatment diets.

How Long does it Take for Collagen to Work?

In line with research published in the Journal of Cosmetic dermatology by Jerome Asserin, Elian lati, Toshiaki Shioya, and Janne Prawitt in 2015, collagen peptides are effective in the treatment of skin and bone aging.

The study further states that they noticed skin hydration in the subjects after two months of administering collagen supplements. It causes splitting of the skin collagen network to reduce after one month.

However, it might take more time for collagen benefits to take effect in osteoarthritis patients. Pending the time the cartilages would fully heal, patients are advised to take painkillers to avoid daily discomfort around the joint region.

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