Best CRM Software for Small Businesses

Best CRM Software for Small Businesses

12:16 AM April 17, 2019

Einstein was not a businessman, but he was right when he said: “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted, counts.”

The sole purpose of a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)  is to bridge the gap between what ‘counts’ and what is ‘counted.’ Getting more exposure, increasing sales, growing your customer base, and gaining more employees under your financial organization are key CRM milestones. Additionally, establishing a good client relationship is essential for business success.

Traditional CRM systems focus on the client’s data from a unidimensional perspective. This means that the only information visible to the users or company administrators is data that was either manually added, or imported during the client’s use cycle. Managed Logix goes beyond by integrating phone, SMS, marketing, and other essential services under one platform. Here are examples of how users of different levels can benefit from Managed Logix:


All inbound calls, outbound calls, and text messages are tracked from the application interface, making it possible to retain past conversations and meetings with the client base. The best CRM for small businesses is essential to get the operation up and running.

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Call Monitoring:

Obtain versatile accounting of all inbound calls sorted by category, including client communications, service providers, and audience base. The best CRM with call tracking enables the user to keep account of all business operations. Questions like, “Who answered, or who did not answer a call?” and “How long was the conversation, did this phone call result in further interactions or communications” can be addressed by The Logix Managed communications system.

Automated Marketing Reports:

Imagine being able to get full insight on your marketing campaign’s cost per lead or call, conversion ratios by agent or campaign, cost per acquisition, return on profit, and other critical metrics without ever leaving the CRM interface.

Guess What! I am going to give you the list of all the best products in the market that can help your bank statements & balance sheets.

CRM software systems can help you thrive as a business or entrepreneurial entity. Additionally, mobile apps offered through CRM products and services can expedite sales processes. Sales activities are easier to track, so you can know exactly how your business or venture is performing.

What Makes the Best Call Center CRM?

In this article, you’re going to discover the best CRM software for small businesses. Further, many of the CRM services below offer free plans. However, be sure to check out our criteria for selecting these CRM software options:

  • Low budget — Cutting costs have been an issue for SMBs. While most CRM tools are quite expensive, there are still some tools available that offer affordable services with no compromise on quality.
  • Usability – Is the software easy to learn and use? If not, why the stress? Your comfort and efficiency are our top priorities. Any CRM tool that requires the services of an IT expert is not on our list, because most SMBs don’t have the time, money, or resources to bring a CRM professional on board.
  • Personalization – Many tools are overwhelming and complicated. The goal is to access a system that provides meaningful information in an organized, efficient format.
  • Integration – What’s the point of paying for a CRM tool that isn’t compatible with other tools? Let’s get this straight: Compatibility is an essential attribute that every good CRM software must possess. Connecting your business with your bank accounts is essential, and can allow you to send invoices directly through the interface.
  • Support – No matter how much data it provides, with no support team, a CRM tool is of little value. Most SMBs have a few workers on their support team, as customer support is highly valuable.

What Are the Best CRM System Available for SMBs?

 Now, let’s cover the primary topic, the best CRM software for small businesses. Below are the top seven CRM software systems that we trust. Marketers and sales specialists are able to benefit from this list of CRM services.


1. Salesforce

Best CRM software for small businesses

Salesforce is the most popular CRM tool available on the market. It is widely accepted among small and large companies alike.

SalesForce is a reliable CRM software system built on the platform.


  • Top-notch Contact Manager – SalesForce offers a world-class contact manager.
  • Integration – Integrate with your e-mail platform and monitor your sales progress.
  • Customization – Customize your digital tools to perform to your specifications.
  • Communication – Communicate with your teammates and co-workers on the same platform.
  • Dashboard – SalesForce has a sleek dashboard, which presents reports and other data in graphical form. Charts can be used for added perspective on your CRM operations.

Cost and Plans:

Lightning Essentials Package ($25/month/user)

Lightning Professional ($75/month/user)

Interested in Salesforce? Visit the Salesforce website.

2. Zoho

Best CRM software for small businesses

Zoho is trusted by over 45 million users. It is a user-friendly CRM software system that can help you achieve your marketing goals. It can be used to attract new prospects or retain current clients. Zoho Books is another option popular in the CRM community.


  • Easily Customizable – Customize Zoho to suit your requirements.
  • Easy-to-use – Its user interface is simple, sleek, and organized.
  • Marketing features – Use the tool for visitor tracking, lead gathering, and sales tracking.


The free version, Standard ($12/month)

Professional ($20/month)

Enterprise ($35/month)

Interested in Zoho? Visit the Zoho website.


Best CRM software for small businesses

Prioritize your leads with Managed Logix smart sales automation and CRM. If you want an increase in your conversion rates, try Managed Logix. It uses an optimized approach to collect, channel, and categorize leads. In fact, the Managed Logix system is considered to be the best CRM software currently available for small businesses.

More importantly, the Managed Logix CRM software system is affordable and available to every business for project management. Start-ups, mid-sized organizations, and large corporations can all benefit hugely from the Managed Logix system.

Best Solutions – ManagedLogix

  • Leader board – Managed Logix provides you with a customized sales team leader board to manage your small business sales in real time.
  • Management ToolsManagedLogix provides a variety of organization tools; monitoring phone calls can be done through a contact manager login, allowing sales leads and forecasting through the integrated interface.
  • Interface – A simple user interface allows easy access to key tools and features.
  • Dashboard Customization – Real-time sales call reporting, customer support, sales forecasting, phone calls, and text messages all through the custom dashboard.
  • Up-to-date Data – Every detail and modification within your database is synced with the user network in real time.
  • Integration – integrates seamlessly with text messages, phone calls, and dynamic phone numbers assigned to customer support via API.

Managed Logix’s Business Model

We believe that, in order to be successful business-wise, and fully utilize a CRM through its automated features, proper vetting and setup is required. One size does not fit all when it comes to CRM usage. We analyze a business, regardless of its vertical, and determine the best solution for the company’s requirements. ManagedLogix provides a unique demo that matches users’ needs to the correct process flow at no cost. The client is not committed to any payments prior to using the ManagedLogix services.


Want to be an integral part of your business solution? Check out the website and services.

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4. Insightly

Best CRM software for small businesses

For Gmail, Google Suite, and Outlook users, Insightly is a recommended CRM software system. The platform assures lifelong customer relationships.


  • Clean Interface – Navigate the user interface easily and efficiently.
  • Personalization – Customize the tools to fit your style.
  • Project management – Manage your projects with its task management and tracking features.
  • Easy-to-navigate Platform – navigate the user interface with ease and flexibility.
  • Convenience – Access the tools and services on the go.


❌Insightly lacks custom reports.


It starts at $29/month.

Want to learn more about Insightly? Visit the Insightly website.

5. Hubspot CRM

Best CRM software for small businesses

HubSpot has everything necessary to help your business — plus the methodology, resources, and support to back it up. If you’re looking for a free and reliable CRM software system, HubSpot is the ideal tool for you.


  • No charges – Totally free.
  • Allows track-keeping – Track your firm’s activities, profiles, and contacts.
  • Integrate – with other apps like Shopify, SalesForce, and Microsoft Dynamics.


Free of charge

Love Hubspot? Visit the Hubspot Website.

6. Agile CRM

Best CRM software for small businesses

Agile CRM is a tool that helps you trade like the Fortune 500. It features sales enablement, marketing automation, and premier customer service. Agile CRM offers free and paid versions of their software. However, the free version isn’t as versatile as the paid edition.


  • Easy Integration – Supports widgets, plugins, and API-powered integrations.
  • Customization – Offers drag-and-drop marketing automation.
  • Reports – Access your sales reports via mail.


Free for up to 10 users, or choose the Starter Package for ($14.99/user/month).

Want to make more inquiries? Visit Agile CRM

7. Base CRM

Best CRM software for small businesses

Base CRM is a competitive CRM software system for SMBs that works to personalize the sales workflow. Want real-time visual reporting? Base has got you covered,


  • Customization – Base allows you to customize the system to suit your preferences.
  • Personalization of Sales Stages – In addition to free sales pipelines customization, you can personalize the stages of your sales.
  • Organization – Base provides a pipeline section, which accommodates more room for leads, collaborators, and records. The organization is fluid and seamless on the Base CRM platform.
  • Integration – Integrate third-party apps like Zapier, Yesware, MailChimp, and others.



Want to make more inquiries about Base CRM? Visit the Base CRM website.


Many people have heard of CRM software. QuickBooks online is a popular company that has gained traction in the CRM community over the years.

These top 7 best CRM software options are great tools for the aspiring digital entrepreneur. With all the essential tools and resources provided through these CRM options, you will be able to quickly launch your business or venture. However, as described above, ManagedLogix is the premier CRM software currently available on the market for small businesses. Be sure to check out the tools and resources that ManagedLogix offers to clients and users alike.

CRM, also known as customer relationship management, is a growing field due to its importance in the industry. Additionally, CRM is able to utilize analysis regarding your customers to improve business relationships and client leads. Undoubtedly, if your end goal is sales growth, then this list of the top CRM systems can bring your entrepreneurial venture to a whole new level. Take advantage of these cutting-edge services and grow your business today.

Published April 4, 2019; UPDATED June 12, 2019.

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