PHLUR Missing Person: The Fragrance Everyone's Wearing

PHLUR Missing Person: The Fragrance Everyone’s Wearing

/ 09:43 AM September 29, 2022

Can perfume imitate the scent of the person you miss? TikTok believes so, thanks to PHLUR Missing Person. Earlier this year, app users went crazy over this fragrance that evoked the aroma of someone they loved or missed. It exudes so much scent that the hashtag has already received over 4 million views. 

This new perfume in town is worthy of your attention. Missing Person is characterized as having a seductive aroma, similar to the lingering scent of your lover’s skin on their t-shirt or pillowcase. It’s evocative but oddly familiar. It will warm your skin while also healing your spirit. 


TikTok has been bombarded with perfume evaluations since then. Some people stated it reminded them of family events, including being embraced by their aunts and cigarette smoke. She noted that the scent made her feel emotional. 

It moved TikTok users to tears. Another person recalls when you were snuggling with someone you adored, cuddling up in their chest, looking up at them. They claim it smells like that. But is this perfume genuinely comparable to the scent of the person you’re missing? We will know more about it below. 

What is Phlur Missing Person? 

PHLUR Missing Person: The Fragrance Everyone's Wearing

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Phlur Missing Person  is a lovely floral musk that, according to the brand, “evokes the lingering aroma of your lover’s skin.” Missing Person is characterized as having a seductive aroma, similar to the lingering scent of your lover’s skin on their t-shirt or pillowcase. It’s evocative but oddly familiar. It will warm your skin while also healing your spirit.

About the Scent

It seems eerily similar, according to social media users (often through tears). It’s evocative, viscerally impactful, and simple to wear, like “when someone offers you a T-shirt or soft sweater, and you want to cuddle straight into it.”

How Was The Scent Developed?

On developing a viral fragrance sensation, entrepreneur Chriselle Lim stated that this perfume is a collection of her experiences that she portrayed via aroma. From heartache to rediscovering herself and reclaiming her identity. 

The former wardrobe stylist-turned-YouTube sensation (with over five million followers across her many channels) may not have the most relatable lifestyle. Still, she claims that these are all globally shared experiences and feelings that most people go through at some time in their lives. 


She worked with several well-known fine scent perfumers to bottle them, and the results have proven far more profound than anybody could have imagined. With social media amplifying word-of-mouth beauty recommendations like never before, a community of people who wanted to feel – and heal – via scent with Lim embraced Phlur.

This fragrance chapter of the brand refers to Lim’s separation from her spouse, but it also represents anybody noteworthy who you can no longer smell in human form. While Lim’s narrative of loss and desire for someone or a specific time inspired Missing Person, the perfume is from the idea of warmth in someone’s flesh. 

Why Does Everyone Love It?

PHLUR Missing Person: The Fragrance Everyone's Wearing


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Miranda Kerr are already super model devotees of this perfumery. However, this brand appeals to more than just celebrities.

The online frenzy for the scent began in March when Rachel Rigler evaluated it on TikTok and then had her partner share his opinion. She told in her content that the Missing Person is the most intriguing perfume she has ever smelt in her life. 

According to Rigler, this fragrance smells like the sense of being in love and is highly familiar. Moreover, Rigler and her partner remarked that the perfume is bizarre because it smells like you are fresh out of the shower in your robe.

The cult perfume Missing Person has a US queue of over 200,000 individuals. Chriselle Lim wanted to capture the sensation of missing someone in a light, airy, yet musky smell. This perfume is relatable to everyone. She observes that we all have a missing someone in our life. It may be the closest friend, a lover, or even a grandma. 

The fragrance’s intrinsically nostalgic attractiveness emotionally transports people back in time. Furthermore, the mompreneur who introduced this perfume is not exaggerating when she says the scent has become therapy for TikTok users. Thanks to the smell, they could communicate about someone they missed or the feelings they were experiencing.

All About The Phlur Company

PHLUR Missing Person: The Fragrance Everyone's Wearing

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Eric Korman, Phlur’s CEO and creator, wishes to provide an alternative to the department store perfume section. The Missing Person is one of their signature fragrances. Phlur is a 2015 online perfume business that takes a unique approach to the fragrance market. 

Phlur is a brand that puts you on a one-of-a-kind sensory trip, evoking personal memories for each smell and individual. They are at the forefront of scent development. Some of the biggest names in fragrance have produced aromas for Phlur, including master perfumers Frank Voelkl and Jérome Epinette, who have created perfumes for Guerlain, Le Labo, Byredo, and Atelier Cologne. 

That’s quite the resume! While Missing Person will undoubtedly sell out, don’t ignore Phlur’s body care, which looks stunning on the shelf and is the ideal entry point into the brand if you’re not ready to commit to a scent.

Phlur allows customers to try a package of three perfumes for a reasonable price, which you can deduct from purchasing a full-size bottle. Not only is Phlur’s sample and direct-to-consumer strategy defying industry standards, but it’s also a sustainable and transparent firm, giving light on an otherwise opaque sector and supply chain.


If nakedness were a scent, this would be Phlur’s Missing Person Fragrance. A subtle yet irresistible smell is reminiscent of your lover’s skin. Missing Person is pure, provocative, and unmistakably familiar, brought to life by comfortable accords of white musk.

These sheer floral notes of jasmine and brilliant orange blossom, merged with a faint trail of delicate translucent woods, accentuate this perfume. Is Missing Person worth the hype? We couldn’t agree more.

Have you tried it? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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