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Sports Betting Features that Future iGaming Fans Would Be Able to Put to the Test

/ 11:12 AM April 20, 2022

There are a couple of reasons why online betting websites are more popular than land-based bookmakers. Aside from giving users access to more sports and better odds, most iGaming platforms also have a variety of betting features. Finding the brands with the most interesting features is usually not that easy, and it takes time. Fortunately, the experts of NOSTRA BET provide its readers with valuable daily sports betting info and create reviews of different online bookies. These reviews provide enough information about the various features, as well as other things, such as the promo section, payment options, and more.

Although everything mentioned above is important, this article will try to focus on the features and all of the vital information you need to know about them. Some sites only have a couple of options, but others allow people to choose from plenty of alternatives. So, let’s learn more about the different options and how to make the most of them.



The first sports betting feature that is usually available on a wide range of online bookmakers is called In-Play or Live Betting. Even though some of the old-school bettors are yet to put it to the test, most people interested in sports betting are happy when they have the chance to use it.

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In-Play is an option that allows users to place bets on different events while they’re being played. It doesn’t matter whether the match just started or it has a few minutes before it ends because you can log in to your account and place a bet.

Most bookies’ live betting section allows punters to choose from a variety of sports. Of course, the number of live events is usually much lower than the options found in the regular sportsbook, especially if you visit the bookie during the week.


One of the several advantages of using In-Play is that you have the option to test other features and bet on unique markets. Speaking of the devil, some live sports events provide substantially more markets than others. Usually, bookies offer more options for football.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming

As mentioned earlier, some people use the In-Play feature because it allows them to access other options. One of the features that sports bettors have the chance to use is known as Live Streaming, and it is only available on a couple of sites. Fortunately, Nostrabet and the unbiased reviews will give you access to multiple online bookmakers that offer HD live streams for numerous sports.

This feature does not provide any exclusive benefits, such as more markets or better odds. However, it allows bettors to watch a specific match as it unfolds, which means they can use this information when choosing which markets to bet on. Of course, the only way for people to take full advantage of the live streaming feature is if they have more experience with the given sport.

Besides the fact that it is rare, Live Streaming is one of the features that are not accessible all the time. Some online bookmakers only offer it for several football events because they attract loads of punters. With that being said, there are operators where bettors can watch live eSports, tennis events, and even things like basketball.

Cash Out

Cash Out

If there is one feature that is available on almost every gambling site, it is Cash Out. Although some iGaming companies may use different names, Cash Out allows punters to close their bets earlier than usual. This means there is no need for bettors to wait until the given match ends.

Although inexperienced players might wonder why someone would want to settle their bets earlier, there are many cases where this option can be helpful. Some punters use it because they want to close their bets faster and get a specific amount of money. Others use Cash Out only in situations where they think they won’t predict their bets. Thanks to this feature, people can try to save at least some of the money they’ve used.

Speaking of money, every bookie uses a different formula to determine the Cash Out amount. A quick look at Nostrabet’s reviews of online betting sites will show you that some companies offer higher cash-out amounts than others.

One of the interesting things about Cash Out is that this feature has a couple of versions. The classic one is accessible on most sites, but some of the best companies in the business offer partial cash out and even automatic cash out.

Bet Builder/Bet Edit

Although most sites provide Bet Builder, some gambling companies offer a similar feature called Bet Edit. That’s the reason why we’ve decided to mention both in this chapter of the article.

Bet Builder is one of the newest features in online betting, which means that some iGaming companies are yet to offer it. The brands that allow their users to utilize this option can stake on more markets than usual. Bet Builder gives gamblers the opportunity to choose between 2 and 10 (or even more) markets from the same sports event, as long as the options don’t
lead to something known as “arbitrage betting”. In other words, users won’t be able to bet on markets that cover all possible results, such as all of the 1×2 markets.

Despite the fact that some bookies allow their clients to build a bet only if they wager on football, others give their clients the chance to use it for all sorts of things. What’s more, gamblers can even combine Bet Builder with other features.

Aside from Bet Builder, punters can often come across sites that provide Bet Edit. This feature allows them to change their bet after placing it, as long as the event hasn’t started yet. Some people use it when they make mistakes, whereas others decide to change the amount they’ve wagered or add even more options. It should be noted that Bet Edit is not usable once the given match starts. Once that happens, you will have to check the Cash Out option.

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