The future of betting sites in the USA | What to Know
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The future of betting sites in the USA

08:15 AM June 08, 2021

Online betting is considered the future of the betting industry. These sites have tons of great features and advantages over brick-and-mortar facilities, which is why so many players are registering at these sites. The process of registration is very simple and lasts just a minute. All that is required from the players is to supply the betting site with some basic information about themselves.

One of the countries where the online betting industry has penetrated the most is the USA, which is quite bizarre. The regulations for this industry are extremely of complication. This is because as a federative country, the government has allowed the states to have the autonomy to regulate online sportsbooks. With that being said, we wanted to take a closer look at this case. See what the future holds for betting sites.

After all, the stats never lie and they show that betting is quite popular in the USA. In October 2020, an estimation of $3 billion was of wager in a single month by Americans. Not only that, but New Jersey even set the national record for sports betting. This is for five consecutive months after bagging $996.3 million in bets.


Are Betting Sites Legal in the USA Now?

As we stated, each state has the autonomy to regulate the online betting industry as they please. That is the reason why online betting is legal in some states, but illegal in others. That is what makes the regulation of these sites in the country so complicated.

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The states that have legalized online betting in the USA are Colorado, District of Colombia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Players from all of these regions can wager on sports online without having to worry about anything.

One thing that they must keep in mind is that they always need to search for trustworthy and reputable betting sites. The best way to check whether an online sportsbook is trustworthy is to check its license. Safe Betting Sites has the list of all the best licensed betting sites in the USA and it is worth checking out.

Which States Are Most Likely To Legalize Betting Sites?

The good thing about the online betting industry is that the USA has had a more open approach to this industry ever since 2017. The reason for that is because even though online betting was illegal in many states, the industry was not of regulation that well. Also, the players were able to access offshore sites without facing any repercussions.

Speaking of the recent liberal approach, there are several states that are extremely like to legalize online betting soon. Some of them are likely to regulate this industry by the end of 2021. North Dakota, Wyoming, Arizona, Texas, Kansas, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine are the states that are to legalize online betting in 2021 or 2022.

Online betting in Louisiana, North Carolina, Virginia, South Dakota, and Washington is already legal but has a pending status. Similar is the case with Iowa. As for the rest of the states, there are a total of 10 that will look into regulating this industry from 2023 forward.

The future of online betting in these 10 states is still uncertain. Also, as they haven’t made any initial interest in regulating this industry.


How Will Betting Sites Be Regulated?

When it comes to the regulation, it is likely that each state will have its own regulatory body. This is what will be in charge of licensing online sportsbooks and overseeing that they are working according to the laws. Betting sites that are of license by those authorities will take advantage. However, offshore sites that are licensed by international regulatory bodies will also be free to offer their services to the players.

One thing that players will need to remember is to always access betting sites that are of an official license and goes through regulation frequently. More so, they need to have a proper security system to keep them safe. The SSL security protocol is the most commonly chosen security system by online sportsbooks.

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As you can see, the future of online betting in the USA is looking bright. The government has become very lenient towards these activities and has shown some interest in legalizing them. After all, the USA is one of the most sought out markets for online betting due to the love that the residents have for this activity.

A big majority of the states have already legalized or plan to legalize online sportsbooks soon. Due to the popularity of online betting, the economy of every state will have a massive boom. This is through tax money and numerous employments.
The analytics show that 80% of the states are very likely to legalize online sports betting. Especially, in the next couple of years.

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