Easiest Ways on How to Send a Fax Online I Business

Easiest Ways on How to Send a Fax Online

/ 10:34 AM March 16, 2022

A lot of individuals still make use of fax to communicate; therefore, it is essential to know what a fax is and how to send online fax messages.

How To Fax Someone Without A Fax Machine or Phone Line?

How To Fax Someone Without A Fax Machine or Phone Line?

A specialized fax machine—or even a phone line—is no longer required to send fax messages.
Thinking of the best way to fax something, you can do that online for free.

Many web providers give you the liberty to send a fax for free to any dedicated fax number you specify. As long as it is within the minimal number of pages provided by the providers, you are willing to accept ads or their logo on the cover page. If you would like more pages than what was given or would want to avoid ads and logos clutter up your fax, you would often have to pay to use their services.

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This might be a per-fax fee or a monthly subscription, with many companies offering a 30-day or 60-day trial period.
If you do not have a soft copy document, you can fax your hardcopy by scanning it first. An all-in-one printer, a scanner, or even scanning mobile apps on your mobile phone can accomplish the task of scanning efficiently. You can save the scanned document on your smartphone or computer in a PDF or Word document format.

The scanned document can be saved as a PDF or TIFF. PDF files are preferable if you want to share an electronic copy of the document easily.

How To Fax Something To A Recipient’s Fax Number?

How To Fax Something To A Recipient’s Fax Number?

There are international, area, or country dial codes, and they must always include the “+” sign. It is also compulsory to add the codes when sending faxes to specific individuals through the intended recipient’s information.
Ensure that any part of the fax number, spaces, dashes, or even hyphens should be omitted.
When sending faxes, the following are required:

  • Abroad– From the United States to Shanghai, for instance
  • Locally– From one US state, like New York to another, like Nevada.

You can carry out fax transmission Via email through the following process:

1.Put in the recipient fax number followed by the email as seen in this sample format [email protected] when you want to send fax messages through email.
You have to change the numbers with that of the recipient.


2. You can enter up to 200 recipient numbers, each with the same format and separated by a semi-colon (;).

3. For instance,
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];
You can also use a computer or mobile device to send a fax. The above mentioned process applies to Windows XP, Vista, and 7, as well as Mac OSX, Linux, Androids, and iPhones.

  • Install a fax service on your computer or mobile device or visit a website.
  • Open the program you want to use.
  • Select the document that has to be faxed.
  • Create a cover page that goes over the top of the document.
  • Choose the option “Fax.”
  • Fill in the recipient’s fax number.
  • You will see a send button on the drop-down menu; tap send.
  • Wait for a confirmation message.
  • Input the confirmation code.
  • You can send a new fax or exit the software.

The Best Online Fax Service Providers

The Best Online Fax Service Providers

The best and most affordable fax service providers are listed below:


For a lot of individuals that prefer no logo or ads on their cover sheet, GotFreeFax would be enjoyable to send a fax on any device, including your smartphone.

Absence of ads, logos on your fax, and cover sheet. You get to send a fax to any state in the US and Canada.
There is, however, no fax-receiving functionality.

You can send a maximum of two free faxes of about three pages per fax for a day. If you want to send more than the maximum of three pages, GotFreeFax offers pay-per-fax service to you–98 cents for ten pages, $1.98 for 20 pages, and 2.98 pages for 30 pages. The service also prioritizes your delivery and uses encryption.


  • No logos or ads to clutter your fax.
  • Affordable fees


  • The number of free faxes is limited.
  • Certain settings are lacking for you to receive faxes with this.


eFax offers you 14-days free trials for incoming and outgoing faxes alongside a free fax number. You have the choice to receive or send faxes using your email like Gmail or Yahoo mail or an online faxing site. eFax also lets you sign your faxes.

During your trial period, you can send and or receive faxes of about 150 fax documents on your computer or mobile phone.
eFax has several plans you can sign up for to send a fax. For instance, the Plus plan is $14.13 per month and billed annually, or the Pro plan, which goes for $16.63 per month and is billed annually. Immediately your trial period is over; you can gain access to your online portal and receive or send documents through your portal and mobile Fax app as soon as you get a plan.


  • It is perfect for small volume requirements.
  • You can select your number.


  • The subscription pattern is expensive.
  • For a tier that is paid for, the setup cost is $10.

RingCentral Fax is a Power User

For sending sensitive faxes regularly, RingCentral Fax is perhaps the best choice, and if you also work for a company, it is also ideal. They have highly efficient security features and support multiple users with separate fax numbers.

t includes all of the functionality you’d expect, as well as integrations. It offers all of the features you’d expect, including Outlook, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box connections, as well as a toll-free phone number. It also contains several security measures that might benefit organizations or individuals exchanging sensitive data.

If you only need to transmit a few faxes, one of their low-cost options is available–after a month or two, simply cancel.


  • Amazing security features.
  • Support multiple fax numbers for different users.


  • Very expensive upfront subscription.
  • Lacking digital signature feature.


FaxZero can send free faxes to many foreign destinations, including the US and Canada. You simply have to enter the text you’ll like to fax, upload a document, or a PDF file.

Unfortunately, there is no feature to receive a fax with this free software.
Fax zero services are, however, restricted to three pages for each fax and free five faxes every day. On the cover page, advertisements are placed. If you are not satisfied with three pages, you can transmit a fax of about 25 pages with no ad on the cover page for $2.09.


  • Very ideal for individuals that fax infrequently.
  • Microsoft Word documents can be sent directly as faxes.


  • Ads are placed on the cover page.
  • No receiving fax features.

The Benefits Of Sending Fax Online

If you are looking for a very efficient way that is durable, cost-effective, time-efficient, and also a quickly accessible fax transmission option, then a fax machine using the online fax method is the best.

Fax machines consume a lot of fees– alongside constant maintenance. It is also not an option when your fax machine breaks and you want to deliver time-sensitive materials. However, sending fax online is more satisfactory, especially when you want to send a brief message quickly. You could use a mobile fax app or a website to sign, send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Using an online fax service also give extra advantages that are unmatched by even a standard fax machine, and they are as follows:

Affordability: You do not have to spend money on fax maintenance or even get supplies if you use an online tax service. You get to fax any message from anywhere with online fax and good Internet. Most online fax services are available on the desktop and even your mobile phone.

Accessibility: Sending a fax is easy with just your Internet and your device instead of a fax machine or a phone connection.
Storage: you can store your fax safely on different compatible cloud storage platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox for as long as you desire.

File-Sharing: For files too large to be sent by email, you can obtain local and toll-free fax numbers, as well as a slew of other useful features and benefits.


Fax machines are a throwback to the 1980s. However, a lot of business offices, Small companies, and corporations of considerable size still send faxes. And why is it the case? Let’s say you’d like a copy of your doctor’s most recent lab results given to you. Your financial analyst may also ask you to send fax messages authorizing a certain transaction. Email is insecure, and snail-mail is inconvenient. As a result, we’re left with the fax machine, which is decades old yet still functional.

Although Fax machines are very important elements of business communication and provide a handy way to send and receive faxes; nevertheless, they cannot compare to the ease and convenience of the modern online fax service.

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