DeHealth - The First Healthcare Platform Of The Metaverse

DeHealth – the first healthcare platform of the Metaverse

/ 09:29 AM January 24, 2022

The Metaverse has a lot of potential because DeHealth will soon mix it with healthcare. Its whitepaper describes it as “a new web 3.0 protocol architecture for a future standard of big medical data-driven ecosystems.” In other words, DeHealth will use technology to provide easy access to healthcare services for billions of people worldwide.

Nowadays, you can read so many articles that talk about how the Metaverse and cryptocurrency are changing the world. You’ll see that these are affecting with various aspects of daily life, so they will likely shape the future. In response, you must learn all that you can about them. Fortunately, you can start now by reading more about the DeHealth platform below!

I will explain how the DeHealth HLT network uses blockchain to improve healthcare services. Then, I will talk about DeHealth’s latest plan to start a Metaverse platform. I will show the potential benefits and risks of using this healthcare platform. I will also go through the other ways the Metaverse helps with other fields.


How will DeHealth merge healthcare and blockchain?

This is the DeHealth logo.

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Its founders saw various problems with how the system right now handles healthcare data. These issues come up because the professionals handle them by hand.

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They store the data in old storage systems, and some of them might be on paper. As time passes, they gather so much info that it can be hard to trace their sources.

That data is valuable for healthcare firms because they could use that for research. In turn, they could improve personal health and make treatments more effective than before.

Sadly, it can take a long time for these companies to share their data. They have to check if there are any errors, but the system might have to perform the same steps repeatedly to do so.

As a result, the research takes a long time to get going. The DeHealth HLT network plans to change all that with its cryptocurrency network. It’s a crypto token that’s built on the Binance Smart Chain.

Unlike other cryptos, it will use a proof-of-authority (PoA) model. Bitcoin and the others use proof-of-stake and proof-of-work, so anyone can pitch in to run the networks.


DeHealth will choose the companies and people who will confirm actions on its network. After that, it will use various machine learning models and APIs to fetch health data.

That way, patients, hospitals, and even healthcare smart devices can quickly access the info they need. They will need to hold HLT tokens which serves two purposes:

  1. Paying for transaction fees on the DeHealth public network.
  2. Using the APIs to access the medical data.

At the time of writing, the private sale for HLT tokens is over. If you’re a “key opinion leader or smart investor,” you may join the DeHealth whitelist to purchase these coins.

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How will DeHealth use the Metaverse to improve healthcare?

This is the DeHealth app.

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DeHealth, a system for Web 3.0 driven healthcare solutions, is entering into a strategic partnership with InnMind,, a leading European community-driven ecosystem, to make this all possible.

The medical data-driven future standard ecosystem teamed up with MyVoice to ensure people have control over their medical data. DeHealth’s recent plan is the biggest one, though.

On December 23, 2021, It announced that it would create a Metaverse for healthcare. DeHealth aims to connect doctors and patients using this virtual space.

DeHealth saw how useful Telehealth was during the COVID-19 pandemic. It allowed people to consult a doctor despite not going out because of the lockdowns.

Soon, this company may take the service to the next level. Instead of meeting face-to-face with one doctor, it could help people consult with several, like in a hospital.

The DeHealth HLT Network will go public by Q3 2022. Meanwhile, it will release the initial version of its Metaverse later this year.

What are the potential benefits?

This is a person on a TeleHealth consultation.

If done right, DeHealth could bring new features to healthcare. This could improve the field the way the Metaverse will let remote workers do more.

For example, it may open roles that were only doable in the real world. If you can meet co-workers in a virtual world, you might be able to manage them as if you’re meeting them face-to-face.

Similarly, a doctor could meet a patient and perhaps check up on them in ways that were just possible in real life. This new tech world may enable them to cross borders.

Let’s say you need a doctor on the other side of the world. If you can’t go there to meet face-to-face, you could just do it in this new tech world.

What’s more, easy access to health records is important nowadays. That’s why it’s not just the British-based company DeHealth that provides such services.

For example, Siloam Hospitals in Indonesia make it easier for locals to access their health info. Of course, DeHealth’s tech world would be much bigger than mobile service.

What’s more, we can also look at using a PoA network as a good idea. It might be cool for strangers to help run bitcoin networks, but a healthcare system needs far more quality.

That’s why DeHealth will choose the people who will help run its network instead. That way, it can ensure that the whole thing keeps working properly.

What are the potential risks?

DeHealth’s plans may have some issues, though. It also has a bad side because it puts the control into the hands of a few people. We could start by looking at its PoA network.

You will have to be sure that these folks will always act in the interest of patients. Also, letting people sell their health data in a digital economy might cause problems too.

Anna Bondarenko, the co-founder of Dehealth, said that HLT would allow people to sell their impersonal medical info by themselves.

The people joining the network should know how it will use their info. If not, they might share stuff that could cause even bigger problems.

Of course, we will only see how this will pan out once DeHealth launches. Until then, we just have to wait while other “meta” trends are happening in other fields.

The Metaverse is expanding into everything

We’ve connected everything to the internet. Now, it will reach its next level by turning into the Metaverse. Since the world is connected online, “meta” will soon change things in our lives.

I talked about DeHealth and using “meta” to change healthcare. Also, I mentioned some ways it will change our offices. Yet, you may see its impact on the following:

  • Online learning – Kids have continued studying with the help of online classes. This new tech world could allow them to do more with it. For example, students could go on a field trip even in places too far, such as another country or even outer space.
  • Video games – Nowadays, people can earn money by playing NFT games. This tech world will allow them to enter those games as if they’re real places.
  • Investing – Believe it or not, people are buying “meta” real estate! They believe that its value could go up to sell it later in the long run.
  • Shopping – More brands are hosting stores in this new tech world. For example, Nike opened NIkeland on the popular online game Roblox.

Final thoughts

That’s all there is about DeHealth at the time of writing. As I said, this is just one example of how the Metaverse is changing the world right now.

The best thing to do is learn all that you can about it. That way, you can find a way to make it work to your advantage. It will come no matter what, so it’s up to you how to respond.

You can start by reading more Inquirer USA articles. Those have more details about the Metaverse and updates on everything else happening in the world!

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