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Best puzzles for adults to challenge your brain

/ 07:06 AM January 23, 2022

What are some great and brain-challenging puzzles for adults? Playing indoor games can be as interesting as being active in field sports. Instead of flexing your muscles, you get to stretch your brain some extra this time.

Puzzles for adults serve you with a challenge that helps boost your IQ. The reasoning skills you gain from puzzles for adults can help you make better strategic moves. A little exposure to a puzzle is not just a game but a chance to get smarter.

Puzzles for adults let you engage in critical thinking. They improve the use of fine motor skills. By principle, puzzles for adults vary in functionality. While some help builds images that suit spatial thinking, others challenge your calculative abilities. However, when choosing a puzzle to solve, you want to consider getting the right challenge for you and not just a kid’s digest.

Things to Consider when Choosing Best Puzzles for Adults

Things to Consider when Choosing Best Puzzles for Adults

A good puzzle game for adults will serve you entertainment assorted with a seasoning of focus. Stimulating your cognitive skills is worth that smart choice.

Consider the following when choosing a puzzle game:

The cleverness of a puzzle’s core mechanics

Take, for a common example, the jigsaw puzzle. More puzzle designs are made for kids.

Core mechanics of some jigsaw puzzles for adults help develop the brain logic for makeshift componential fixing skills, and it helps kids build crafts in a DIY manner. Some puzzles for adults help to make moves strategically. For example, word puzzles for adults like Crossword and Scrabble help you develop an instant response mechanism.

To find a word that fits in, you have to rummage your memory locus at a fast rate.

What is the number of pieces?

It all comes down to interest, the intricacy of logic, the number of people, and puzzle-solving skills. Depending on the number of pieces to be put together and the required pathways, some puzzles for adults may take a whole day while trying to solve. On average, most puzzle solvers usually take 3-4 hours to solve one 1000 piece puzzle when done on a stretch. You may not want to exceed this limit to get a good task for your brain when opting for the best puzzle game for your brain.

What is the difficulty?

Most puzzle games try memory focus, problem-solving capability, speed, and accuracy.

Solving these puzzles helps adults maintain a more youthful mind and sharpen their brains. The more difficult the puzzle is, the more interesting and stimulating it is right from the start. An easy-peasy puzzle would only form a habit of deciphering the puzzle each time it is unraveled; it does not challenge the brain as much.

Adult puzzle books are beneficial for brain health – they also provide a form of imaginative imagery for entertainment, which is especially lacking in most adults.

5 Best Puzzles for Adults on Amazon

Choosing the best puzzle game is an arduous task when you don’t know what’s specific about every available one in the market. The specifics range from focusing on improving your memory and adding more logical knowledge to widening your imaginations and improving your information processing skills.

Out of the available ones, here’s our top pick;

Buffalo Games Jigsaw Puzzle – Cinque Terre

Price: $14.95

This jigsaw puzzle 1000 piece has a picture guide as a template for the puzzle arrangement.

The puzzle specifications include the following:

The finished size of 26.75 x 19.75 inches makes it a wide view-field that is beneficial enough to solve adult puzzles. This allows a giant structure to be hewn out of smaller pieces to make a complete diagram. The beauty of this is that it helps to improve the thinking faculty, sorting skills, and assembling. It also motivates the reward center of the brain.

The puzzle is not clueless. This proposes an organized task to the brain. This makes it healthy for the brain to execute the task based on the target. It includes a bonus poster for a guide in solving the giant puzzle.


  • It portrays a clever distribution of pieces when put out of the array.
  • Pieces fit firmly into congruent parts (without stickers or adhesive gums), which easily hints at the assertion of composite pieces.
  • It is easy to disassemble.
  • The bits and pieces fit together perfectly.


  • It takes a long time to solve.


CubicFun 3D Puzzle – Moveable Notre Dame de Paris Church

Price: $50.99

This is a masterpiece of a Paris landmark building puzzle. Its model provides a kit for a Challenge French Cathedral Brain Teaser. It’s an architecture building puzzle with 293 Pieces.

The latest brand, you have an Upgrade and Creative Moveable Wall. The masterpiece is a cathedral structure with a blueprint found in the puzzle box. It works on a principle like that used by builders and engineers.

The Notre Dame is a challenging 3D puzzle that makes it more realistic than a 2D diagram on a sheet of paper. Also, it helps to heighten your craftsmanship as an adult. It works well for kids, too, depending on your kids’ ages.

The 293 pieces may take an average of 6 hours and more for assembling. However, all pieces fit together precisely when done. It helps to achieve a great sense of accomplishment once completed.

The new technology upgrade of the Cubic-Fun 3D puzzle has a wall that can be unfastened to allow the interior of the entire church to be seen.

As soon as the whole structure appears all set, it’s a tower that you can’t stop admiring. You can’t shift your gaze from the awe-inspiring rose windows. It makes you feel as if you were in Notre Dame de Paris.


  • It is a perfect gift idea for adults while also having their families in mind (Adults and kids find the puzzle interesting).
  • It helps to improve spatial thinking, assembling, and logical reasoning rapidly.
  • The final cathedral tower can serve as an aesthetic object on office desks.


  • You have to invest some time and patience in the puzzle. Trying to force two pieces to interlock components might spoil the show.


Brain Teaser Puzzle with an Unlock-Interlock IQ Test Wooden Toys

Price: $22.99

This is more of an assembly and disassembly puzzle type. It consists of a wooden 3D brain teaser toy puzzle. The making of the toys (like wine barrels originated from ancient China). It is called Kong Ming Lock. It’s an interlocking wooden game with interesting logical thinking and is perfect for developing brain spatial organization. Its 3D Unlock Interlock Puzzle Magic Ball Brain Teaser Toy puzzles for adults.

It has a variety of frameworks of metal coils that are smooth. Its metal framework does not hurt – it has no sharp edge.

The coils are used for endless play without getting hurt. The links are made from heavy-duty stainless steel that doesn’t easily bend or break even when thrown or stepped on.

Players can’t force them open, so there is no chance of cheating while fixing the interlocking pieces into positions.

It appears to be easy ordinarily by the looks, but it could be somehow more challenging than putting 1000 pieces of a 2D diagram puzzle together.


  • It’s a 3D brain teaser that you can take anywhere.
  • It is compact and lightweight – easy to handle.
  • It doesn’t take much time to solve.
  • Kids love it and can solve the puzzle too


  • It has to be kept away from the floor. It can be misused by kids if not supervised.


Ravensburger Greenhouse Morning Puzzle for Adults

Price: $15.99

This greenhouse 3D bestselling puzzle brand is sold worldwide. The Ravensburger is the German-origin bestselling puzzle brand worldwide.

You have 500 pieces of Ravensburger jigsaw piece puzzles for adults on this puzzle board. The pieces are crafted with premium quality and are durable, unlike what the appearance portrays.

It is easy to assume that the pieces are pro-glare. However, all Ravensburger puzzles for adults have cleanly separated pieces and fine linen-structured, museum-quality paper. This paper provides a glare-free puzzle image that sorts into a greenhouse template.

It helps the brain to appreciate structures and the science behind the build of the greenhouse. You have plants and gardening items, e.g., flower vases and other appreciable greenhouse items. It’s good for lovers of gardens.


  • It is a glare-free puzzle image.
  • Also, it’s is easy to assemble. The trick behind the assembling of the resembling pieces is fun.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry about.
  • The Ravensburger unique soft click technology means pieces fit accurately and make a soft click sound when matching the pieces correctly.
  • It comes with a jigsaw puzzle board that makes puzzling easy.


  • Pieces might not click into position when placed together. Ensure that the pieces fit into place without force. The semblance in pieces can be misleading sometimes.


Perfect Family/Date Night Gradient Jigsaw Puzzle

Price: $19.99

This 500-piece puzzle lets you play smart and smoothly fix missing pieces into position. You move from image sporting points on Saver Sheets. It has a hanger that includes putting the sheet away when not in use.

This puzzle engages your mind. If you imagine a picture of being at work, you should solve this from scratch. This serves as a beneficial game to a family who likes engaging in a group challenge to a leisure time.


  • The saver sheet/board is lightweight and ready to move about
  • With the use of a hanger, it fits a decorative for your wall space
  • You can play with your family.


  • It is made of cardboard material. It easily wears out if not kept well.


Final Verdict

Puzzle games look almost similar when you have a fat number of brands to choose from. Having an idea of the number of pieces and the logic behind every puzzle helps you choose the most suitable puzzle brand for you.


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