Nikeland - What to Know About the Fitness Brand's Metaverse Project

Nikeland – what to know about the fitness brand’s Metaverse project

/ 08:34 AM December 08, 2021

Here’s what you get when you combine Nike and the Metaverse: Nikeland! The popular fitness brand is dipping its toes into further digital transformation by bringing its products into the Roblox gaming platform. Nike hopes to draw in the future athletes with this move, but will it succeed? That’s what we’ll check out today!

Even if you’re not interested in video games, the metaverse, or fitness goods, you should still stick around. Nike’s strategy proves that the world is truly adopting tech, even more, so you must find your place in the changes taking place. Fortunately, I’ve covered this trend numerous times so that I can serve as your guide into this new normal!

We’ll start by talking about Nikeland and how it works. Then, we’ll discuss why Nike pursued this bold move. Next, we’ll zoom out from this virtual world to see what it means for our real world. You will have to find a way to adapt to these changes, and I have the tips that can help you.

Nikeland, according to Nike.

This is Nikeland.

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On November 18, 2021, Nikeland launched its immersive 3D space in the well-known gaming platform Roblox. Nike listed five things you should know about its virtual world:

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  1. Nike created this bespoke world based on its real-life headquarters. The Roblox community can compete in various mini-games, such as the floor is lava and dodgeball. Each player will have a space to customize their mini-games. The Nikeland tool kit lets creators make new mini-games.
  2. Nikeland uses real-life movements to encourage visitors to become more active. For example, players could move their mobile devices and bodies to perform in-game moves like speed runs or long jumps.
  3. Nike provides a digital showroom in its world of fun. It allows Roblox players to put the hottest Nike products on their characters, such as the Air Force Fontanka and the Air Max 2021.
  4. Everyone can enter Nikeland for free to introduce more people to sports. Moreover, players earn Gold Medals and Blue Ribbons for completing challenges like building their yard and exploring the open world. Gold Medals lets players unlock new swag for their avatars, while the Blue Ribbons lets them buy materials for their yards.
  5. Nike’s goal of inspiring movement and pursuing the future of sports experiences continues this December at Nike’s House of Innovation in New York City. Visitors can use a special Snapchat lens on the kids’ floor to see it turn into an augmented reality version of Nikeland.

Nikeland proves everything is going digital.

This is Nikeland.

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I’ve seen Nikeland in action and it seems like it needs a few improvements. The main issue I have is that it doesn’t involve a lot of body movements right now.

The Nike merch in the game gives you character certain abilities, such as jumping higher or running faster. Players activate them on smartphones by shaking the device.

It involves even fewer movements on PC because you press the “H” key instead. At the time of writing, that’s the extent of the physical activity you’ll do when playing Nikeland.


The project just launched, so it will probably improve as time passes. Still, it’s a clear sign of the worldwide digital transformation happening right now.

Nike CFO Matt Friend said that “Digital is increasingly becoming a part of everyone’s shopping journey.” This explains why the fitness brand made a digital version of its world headquarters.

He added, “… we are well-positioned to reach our vision of a 40%-owned digital business by fiscal 2025.” Nikeland is just the start of this new strategy!


What comes to mind when you hear the word “Nike”? It’s usually their latest shoes and the great athletes wearing them. You probably don’t expect it to be part of a video game.

Yet here we are, talking about Roblox and Nikeland! It’s apparent that everything is going digital, and you should try it as well. How can you pull it off, though?

On a side note, you might want to try Ring Fit Adventure for a more physical video game experience. You can play it on the Nintendo Switch and the new OLED version.

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How can I adapt to these trends?

Look beyond the doom and gloom of COVID, and you’ll see so many great changes happening right now. Let’s look at work-from-home jobs as an example.

Some people dislike it because they want social interaction in their jobs. They see it as a sad way of earning money since all you do is stare at a screen.

On the other hand, certain folks see it as a great way to achieve work-life balance. You see, WFH jobs don’t have to be done at home. If you want to work while at the beach, you can!

It opens a lot of roles that they usually won’t be able to enter. If your dream company offers a remote job, that might be your chance to achieve that goal!

Times of uncertainty can be a period of opportunity if you know how to look. Here are my tips so you can identify them yourself:

  • Study the trends – Nikeland isn’t the only trend happening now, but it can be overwhelming to follow them all. Fortunately, you won’t have to do all the heavy lifting because you can find so many free online resources right now, like this article!
  • Learn new skills – You cannot rely on the stuff you’ve learned in school anymore. The world is changing fast, so you will need to work with a new set of skills and mindsets. Identify your old skills and look for ways to make them work on computers and the internet.
  • Get online classes – If the free websites aren’t enough, you might want to try an online MBA or other courses. Note that you should plan this carefully because it will take time and money.
  • Apply for remote work – WFH roles let you earn more money while learning new skills. You might even find a new career path!

Final thoughts

Nikeland is Nike’s attempt at digital transformation because it seems that the world is doing the same. It’s a bit odd seeing Nike and Roblox together, yet here they are.

You have to ask yourself what you will do now that you’re faced with these changes. Whether you like it or not, these will impact your daily life.

You may sit by and wait for the world to change around you, or you could become part of that change yourself. The choice is yours, but the world will not wait for your decision.

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