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Best trades jobs – highest paying jobs without a degree

/ 08:22 AM October 22, 2021

People often give trades jobs a bad rap, but it’s not a healthy mindset during these times. Contrary to popular belief, trade careers are as important as college-level jobs, if not even more. They perform jobs that maintain society running properly, such as plumbers and electricians. What’s more, you could earn much more from them compared to jobs that require college degrees.

If you got laid off or haven’t found your first job, you might want to expand your options. You need less time landing these jobs than those that require college graduates, and they can help you earn income while you look for the jobs you prefer. Maybe you’ll find your new trade job to be your passion and stick with it!

There are so many other reasons you should think about taking trades jobs, and that’s why we will dive deeper into these reasons. Then, we will show you some of the positions that may skyrocket in demand soon. More importantly, we will show you some of the highest-paying options to help you find the right job.

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Why should I consider trades jobs?

This is a person with a trades job.

Do you find it strange to even think about getting a job in the trades? Well, the biggest reason why you should comes from a similarly weird phenomenon!

We’ve seen many people lose their jobs and close their businesses due to the COVID lockdowns. Yet, that gave them time to reflect on themselves.

They realized that they could not bear returning to their usual 9-to-5s anymore. Those who switched to work-from-home roles didn’t want to come back as well.

Thus, the Great Resignation spread across the world. In April 2021, the US hit a record 2.8% quit rate that made up 39% of the jobs lost because of COVID.

This left so many skilled trades jobs unfilled, but most applicants still wanted to take the ones that needed a college degree. It was because of the misconceptions surrounding them:

  • Intelligence – Some people think that trades jobs don’t need a lot of brains. Yet, many tradespeople studies for two years and then spend more time as apprentices. They develop a wide range of problem-solving skills and others to help in their roles.
  • Low pay – Contrary to popular belief, some trades jobs pay more than $50,000 a year. For example, a respiratory therapist could earn roughly $61,330.
  • Gender – Others assume that trades work is just for males, and this cannot be farther from the truth based on an example from CNBC’s “Great Resignation” YouTube video. It featured Jessica Thomas, who became a longshorewoman, and she earned double her past salary by loading and unloading cargo ships.

What’s more, you can complete job training in two years. You have a good chance of landing a job in the trades, and they could provide competitive pay. This may be a good time to apply!

The best trades jobs for 2021

This is one of the best trades jobs.

The numerous vacancies of trades jobs are a big deal because these roles perform important roles. Let’s take an electrician as an example.

If the wiring at your home is faulty, it’s often a bad idea to fix it yourself. You could make the problem worse or get injured if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Electricians have the skills needed to get your electricity running again. Without them, you probably won’t be able to turn the lights on again.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics understands how important trade jobs are. That’s why they estimate that many of these roles will have higher demand. Here are our top picks:

  1. Dental Hygienist
  2. Construction managers
  3. Aircraft Mechanic
  4. Electricians
  5. Computer user support specialists

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#1. Dental Hygienist

This is a dental hygienist.

You could earn $83,258 a year.

This isn’t just another way to call a dentist! As the name suggests, dental hygienists focus on cleaning your teeth. Unlike dentists, they’re not doctors, so they cannot treat diseases.

The industry topped the list of those that have the highest risk for COVID. Yet, less than 1% of dentists tested positive for the virus because they seriously followed the safety guidelines.

As you can see, it topped our list of high-paying trades jobs. You will only need two years to complete the training, but you must pass the National Board Dental Hygiene Exams.

#2. Construction managers

You could earn $76,980 a year.

Who knew you could find one of the highest-paying trade jobs in construction? Yet, you could earn almost 75 grand every year by managing projects in that industry.

What’s more, they negotiate changes to those projects when needed. They watch over every part, pay for staff, and oversee the purchase of new materials and land.

You may become a construction manager after two years of vocational schooling. Then, you must get certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

#3. Aircraft Mechanic

This is an airport runway.

You could earn $67,117 a year.

The COVID lockdowns took down global trade and travel, and this was why we didn’t recommend buying Air Canada stock. Yet, its price is starting to soar again, much like the airline industry.

That’s because many countries are trying to reopen their skies. Aircraft mechanics play a huge part in that because they will be in charge of getting planes off the ground again!

You could get a two-year program for this at various trade schools like the MIAT College of Technology and PIA. Check the FAA website for more information.

#4. Electricians

You could earn $55,985 a year.

We keep mentioning electricians because they will become more important soon. For one, winter is coming, so we may see more electrical systems failing soon.

Also, people have been buying, selling, and building homes like never before due to the COVID housing demand. Certain people have to install and repair the wiring for those properties.

You will need to attend trade school and get an apprenticeship to become a licensed electrician. Taking a four-year degree isn’t needed, but it could boost your career prospects.

#5. Computer user support specialists

This is a help desk analyst.

You could earn $44,035 a year.

They’re otherwise called help desk analysts or call center agents. Yet, they share the same primary task: guiding clients in fixing hardware and software issues while they’re on the phone.

For example, they’re the ones who will give you troubleshooting tips if your Roku TV has problems. Chatbots can also help, but many people still prefer talking to a real person.

More companies outsource their call centers, so this trades job is available even if you’re outside the US. Trades schools like Pierce College and ABM College provide training for this.

How do I pick the right trades job?

This is an office desk.

College degrees, MBA programs, and trades schools can open more career paths. Still, the one you will take will begin with your goals and start with this before picking a trades job.

You cannot take all of these options at the same time. If you choose one, you’re leaving the others behind. Also, it becomes harder to get a job if you keep hopping from one to the next.

Pick the ones that suit your interests. Then, you must learn more about your chosen options. Here are the other factors you should check when picking a job in the trades:

  • Timing – How many years can you give for studying? Most of these trades programs last two years, but some people don’t even have that much time. If you’re one of these people, you may want to learn skills on the internet, such as coding with Python.
  • Cost – Trade schools often charge nearly $20,000 a year, while community colleges only require $7,000. What’s more, you could get a scholarship or student aid to lower the costs further.
  • Online classes – Many places around the world are still on lockdown, and that’s why people in those areas may prefer taking online education. While you could take such classes for trades jobs, it’s not feasible for others. For example, you cannot fully learn how to be an aircraft mechanic from online classes alone.

Final thoughts

The world is about options nowadays, so you shouldn’t just look at jobs requiring college degrees. Trades jobs can be as lucrative, and they are in huge demand nowadays.

If you’re having trouble planning your career, you’re not alone. After all, the pandemic made strange and drastic changes to our lives, and you might still be reeling from their effects.

Perhaps you should take this quarantine as a time to reflect. Take a long hard look at your current situation to see where you want it to go. Click here for tips to maintain mental health.

Note that this article is for educational purposes. It’s up to you how you’ll plan your career and research the options yourself based on your short-term and long-term goals.

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