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Top Lizzo songs ranked

/ 10:40 AM October 18, 2021

If you’re looking for a good time, Lizzo songs have your back. She’s been producing upbeat music since her debut album in March of 2018, and there are plenty of catchy tunes to choose from. For those who just can’t get enough, this list will help narrow down the top Lizzo songs ranked that’ll put you in a good mood. Enjoy!

Lizzo’s Top Songs of All Time

Lizzo’s Top Songs of All Time

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Lizzo is a fun-loving singer and rapper with an infectious energy that captivates the crowd. She’s performed at festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Outside Lands Music Festival, Sasquatch! Music Festival and more. She was also one of Grammy’s most nominated artists of last year.

She was recognized for Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year, among the others. Her debut album “Lizzobangers” debuted on the Billboard 200 chart at number 4 in June. Let’s take a look at some of her best hits so far.

  • Tempo
  • Juice
  • Truth Hurts
  • Good as Hell
  • Batches & Cookies
  • Boys
  • Jerome
  • Worship
  • My Skin
  • Fitness
  • Rumors


One of our fave collaborations of all time, Lizzo with music extraordinaire Missy Elliott. This was Lizzo’s biggest partnership with the producer and rapper, and their pairing took this song to a whole new level.

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With the combination of the hip-hop queen’s badass vibe and Lizzo’s confidence, this single from the album “Cuz I Love You” will boost you up with its upbeat jams. This album bagged the award Best Urban Contemporary Album at the Grammy Awards last year of 2020.



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As one of the best Lizzo songs, the single Juice lifts the listeners’ confidence. While also sending out messages of body positivity and self-acceptance. While the song screams empowerment, the groovy bassline and guitar tunes highlight her confidence. The way Lizzo projected the song shows she’s a boss, and so are you.

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Truth Hurts

While this is one of the best Lizzo songs that hit it huge, its highlights on popular platforms made the song even bigger. This upbeat jam was featured as a TikTok meme and in the Netflix movie Someone Great. This catchy song is confident and funny, making it just the perfect music for the movie.

Albeit all the popularity, let’s not forget how this single ‘Truth Hurts’ also made it to number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. This post-breakup hit is just what you need for that feel-good vibe.

Good as Hell

Good as Hell

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

In 2019 this song made its way up the charts. If “Truth Hurts” is Lizzo’s first biggest hit, this song is what added fuel to her fire. Everyone just can’t get enough of the song’s danceable track.


Which makes Lizzo noticeable to more people in the music industry. It was also a part of major label ep coconut. As one of the best Lizzo songs ever, this marked her way to ultimate stardom.

Batches & Cookies

If you’re up for some intense verse, this song is for you. This single is from her studio album Lizzobangers 2013. While this song is a bit on the tough side as sung with fellow artist Sophia Eris, her skills as a rapper arise on this song. Although Lizzo has now focused more on R&B and pop, this best Lizzo song reminds how versatile she is.


Whether you’ve heard of this as a trending song on TikTok or online, this is one of the best Lizzo songs. This track correlates to almost all as it empowers individuals with their crushes. While this shows Lizzo’s flirty side, this funky vibe also depicts her relationship with men. She’s clear with her vibes on the song as she mentioned, “From this Black girl to the world, I want you to identify with my story no matter what you like in yo’ holes.”


While Lizzo shows up her relationships with men in “Boys,” “Jerome” is a subtle reminder of red flags. As one of the best Lizzo songs, it’s reminding the listeners that no matter who your partner is, there’s no reason to put up with any emotional issues or baggage.

This slow jam showcases her impressive vocals. And hey, it’s just the right mix! It isn’t to a ballad like “My Skin,” but it’s also not like the thumping “Juice.”


As one of the best Lizzo songs, this single was included in the Weight Watchers campaign featuring one other than Oprah. Listen in awe with Lizzo’s other side. This song will soothe your soul. Although it still has the same feel-good vibes as her other song, you’ll get mesmerized with her impressive vocals here.

My Skin

Although Lizzo was known for her upbeat tunes, she’s still in perfect tune when she slows down. From her second album Big Grrrl Small World, this ballad song deals with racism and fat-shaming. As one of the best Lizzo songs, this tackles learning to accept yourself as a whole. With the lyrics saying, “My brown skin, You can’t take it from me,” it’s a strong message to learn to embrace who you are.



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As one of the best Lizzo songs, this one grazed the Twitter world with its “#Fitness.” Lizzo freely said that is her Declaration of Independence. No wonder many look up to Lizzo with her inspiring songs.

Most of them focus more on themselves regardless of what you are or what situation you’re in. This song is inspiring both to those who love working out or just starting their journey to fitness. This is your perfect workout jam!


Well, the rumors are all true! This one-of-a-kind collaboration of two great rappers and artists will have you at the edge of your seats. As one of the best Lizzo songs, this new song was with the ultimate performer Cardi B. Together with Atlantic records, Lizzo released this song on August 13 of this year.

The music video that comes along with the song created a buzz with its Ancient Greek theme. While this cheeky and uptempo song will get you all kickin’, its pop tune still kept up with Lizzo’s song style.

What song did Lizzo get famous for?

As a Detroit native, Lizzo started as the singer who plays the flute and raps. She has appeared in several movie commercials and trailers. Lizzo’s first success came with the recognition of her song “Cuz I Love You.”

It was even included in the ever-famous Coachella. The album was her breakthrough in the music scene, followed by an expansion of hit after hit until she reached the stardom where she’s at now.

Key Takeaway

Lizzo’s lyrics and music videos are a refreshing change from the mainstream, and she is unapologetic in her message of self-love. The best Lizzo songs offer an alternative to the typical pop tunes we all know too well, without sacrificing catchy melodies or danceable beats. If you haven’t already heard of this rising star, it’s time that you get on board with what will surely be one of your favorite artists soon!

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