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Most beautiful birth flowers by month

/ 10:26 AM October 14, 2021

Do you know what the most beautiful birth flowers by month are? Do you know what your birth flower is?

We have the most beautiful birth flowers by month in this article. If you have no idea what your birth flower is, we have that information for you.

Flowers hold a lot of meaning to some of us, and they are great substitutes for us when sometimes we do not have the words to express our feelings.


Why are we talking about birth flowers by the month then? Birth flowers can also lift our spirits, and we can also use the birth flowers to build a garden for ourselves or someone we love.

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What are birth flowers?

What are birth flowers?

Not many of us know what our birth flower by month is. You might be wondering what a birth flower is?

Most of us may know what our zodiac sign is and what it may tell us about ourselves, but many do not know about birth flowers.

Birth flowers are similar to the zodiac in that they tell us about our birthdays and reveal different things about us.

Birth flowers date back to the Romans and their traditions. Also, birth flowers were a symbol, and birth flowers played a part in determining your personality.

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What is every month’s flower?

What is every month's flower?

Everyone has a birth flower by month, and we have every one of the birth flowers for you to read more about.


January’s birth flowers are carnations and snowdrops. Carnations are strong blooming flowers that can withstand cold winters and brighten up the gloomy winter days of January.

Carnations can bloom in cold weather, and if the temperature is above freezing, carnations can survive. These flowers are a symbol of admiration, love, and distinction.

Snowdrops are also January’s birth flower, and they bloom in the winter months as well. These flowers bloom from January through March.



February’s birth flowers are violet and primrose. Violets are a beautiful purple flower that symbolizes modesty, virtue, and faithfulness. Violets have been known as a declaration of being loyal or true to another.

Primrose is a pale yellow flower that is from Europe, and it is edible as well. Primrose represents young love.


If your birth month is March, your birth flower is the daffodil. Daffodils are cheerful, and this flower signifies the first month the spring.

These are perfect flowers to signify early spring and new beginnings as well.

Daffodils represent unparalleled love and show us that the sun is always around when people you love are in your life.



April’s birth flowers are sweet pea and daisy. Daisies represent love, innocence, and purity. There are five types of daisies, and their petals can be white or pink.

Daisies represent powerful love, and sweet pea flowers represent blissful pleasure. They smell great and sweet.


If you were born in May, your birthday flowers are Lily of the valley and Hawthorn. Lily of the valley has several white dainty blossoms, which signifies sweetness, motherhood, and humility.

Hawthorns are special flowers that have a white or pink flower that blooms on a plant. These are used as filler in bouquets.



The month of June’s birth flowers is the rose and honeysuckle. Red roses are especially beautiful in the summertime, and their dainty white blossoms are over 100 types of roses.

Roses are a symbol of devotion and love. The different colored roses mean different things, red means love, and yellow roses mean friendship.


July’s birth flowers include Larkspur and water lily. Larkspurs come in several colors, including indigo, purple, and pink. Pink represents someone who is inconsistent and white ones symbolize happiness.

As a whole, this flower signifies positivity and love. Meanwhile, water lilies are a different kind of flower that is similar to a lotus.



Gladiolus and poppies are August’s birth flowers. The gladiolus is a symbol of the strength of character, remembrance, and sincerity.

The poppy is known for its bright red colors, and it represents imagination.


The morning glory and aster are the birth flowers for this month. Asters are known as starworts or frost flowers, and they represent love, affection, and wisdom.

The morning glory shows unrequited love.



October’s birth flowers are marigold and cosmos. The marigold’s petals match the leaves in the fall.

They symbolize fierce love, passion, and being creative.

Marigolds have been known to hello heal skin problems and inflammation.

Cosmos represents tranquility and peace.


November’s birth flower is the chrysanthemum. This flower is bright and is often called a mum as well, and these flowers symbolize honesty and loyalty.



December’s birth flowers are Narcissus and holly. Narcissus represents good wishes, hope, and wealth. Holly is the perfect birth flower for December because of the holidays, and Holly represents defense and protection.

How do I find my birth flower?

Finding your birth flower is quite easy. Look up the month of your birth, and you will know what flower is your birth flower.

If you want to find out where you can find the actual flowers in the world, there is always a google search. However, we suggest a florist or flower shop.

Certain floral shops have a wide variety of flowers in different colors at any time of the year.

Finding your birth flower is a fun experience, and you can learn a lot about yourself and your personality too.

What do flowers say about your personality?

What do flowers say about your personality?

The ancient Greeks felt that a birth flower said a lot about someone’s personality. Once you find out your birth flower, you will read about the personality traits that each flower represents.

The language of flowers is beautiful and amazing. When you have flowers, typically, you do not have to say a word.

Simply let the flowers and their meanings represent the emotions that you are feeling. Flowers are the easiest way to express your true feelings.

To Sum It All Up

Birth flowers are special to everyone, and they symbolize so many feelings, emotions, and personality traits.

Knowing your birth flower is quite a great thing to tell yourself more about yourself and your personality traits.

Once you find out your birth flower, you will be understood more about your actions and feelings.

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