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What are Dapper Dino NFTs?

/ 10:16 AM September 17, 2021

Whether you are a dinosaur aficionado or you’re just curious about their histories, you have to get yourself familiar with Dapper Dinos NFT. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s a new project that involves digital dinosaurs as the traders in Ethereum. Dinos are dapper too!

While the masterminds of this NFT are two parents, the whole Dino concept is rooted in their kids’ fascination with the different species of dinosaurs. Hence, they aim to start an NFT project to save dinosaurs through the crypto marketplace.


Aside from the Dino Dappers’ creators who call themselves Dino dads, credit also goes to other team members who designed the dinosaurs. They’re active and present on the official site, and they use the code names Philosoraptor and CG.

The Dinoverse of NFT

Launched recently, Dapper Dinos is an NFT – Non-Fungible Token that deals with virtual dinosaurs. While the context came from the dinosaurs to behave a dapper identity, it also shows that Dinos are also smart. And in this NFT, they are well-dressed too. Ethereum blockchain has backed the team and has created a squad of 9,999 generated dinos in the system.

For a change on Dino’s conception, Dapper has cool and distinct features like Spiffy, Dapper, Crisp, Nifty, Snazzy, Elegant, Fly, and Dashing. The variations range depending on the Dappernomics scale.


In their Dinoverse, users can breed Dino Eggs and Dinos and trade them through NFTs. Users can also obtain distinct Dinos and choose the value depending on the Dappernomics Scale. The dinosaur’s worth depends on their accessories. Say, for example, Dashing Dinosaurs who wear cheetah tracksuits are more worthy than the Dapper dinosaurs who wear scarves.

Dapper Dinos’ virtual space is known as the Cretaceous Park, and it can be built in the Dinoverse. Their world is free of meteors to eliminate the idea of extinction. Moreover, the Dapper Dinos’ team is still adding challenging and critical situations like upcoming comets.

While the developers are yet to release new exciting ideas and add-ons, they’ll also launch more dinosaur species like Pterodactyls and Plesiosaurs with varying diets.

For the last 12 days, the Dapper Dinos team has been actively posting updates on Twitter. They have shared relevant information about this NFT project. Along with its pre-launch last September 15, 2021, the Dapper Dinos team also announced the dates of their initial launch. To get the latest information, you can visit Dapper Dinos’ Twitter page for their latest airdrops.

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