What to Do When You’re Bored - 26 Fun Activities to Try!

What to do when you’re bored – fun activities

/ 08:21 AM August 28, 2021

If you feel like nothing can pull you out of your boredom, think again. We get how low-spiriting it can be to be stuck indoors due to some pandemic protocols. With the emergence of the Covid-19, social distancing even adds up to the factor of why you’re bored. But fretting over it would just stress you out, increasing your level of boredom more.

Fun Activities to Do

Fun Activities to Do

Fret no more. We got you on this! When even deep breathing doesn’t help anymore, you have to engage yourself in certain activities to help you pass the time quickly. Below, we’ve rounded up time-quickening and spirit-motivating ideas on what to do when you’re bored!


Compile a playlist of your favorite songs from high school.

Go on a trip down memory lane and try to remember the songs that played on your first prom night or the first band concert you’ve been to.

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Watch a popular classic movie.

You can never go wrong with the classics. It’s about time to check what The Godfather craze is about.

Make yourself a signature cocktail.

Make yourself a signature cocktail.

Let out your bartending skills, even if it’s just simple mixing, and prepare an indulging drink.

Treat yourself to a mani-pedi day.

Color those nails and give them a manicure and pedicure while at home.

Try a new video game.

If a console isn’t available, there are tons of websites online with free games to play and download.

Attempt on learning a new language

If you don’t have any foreign language books at home, you can always try the free apps on your mobile phone. Duolingo is a very interactive app you can download. It might be useful on your next out-of-the-country trip.


Read a book

Read a book

Whenever you’re bored, you can always check your library collection at home. You can also watch the movie adaptation if there’s any and compare.

Organize your pantry

First, de-clutter, then clean and organize your pantry. Throw out all the junk and any unhealthy food stock that can ruin your diet.

Enjoy a bubble bath

Fill that tub and enjoy some me-time. A bubble bath is a good idea for unwinding. Light some candles with calming scents to boost your zen experience.

Create a family scrapbook from old photo albums

Dig in through those old snapshots and make a collage. Turn it into a memorable scrapbook that you can show at your next family gathering.

Play your favorite board game from childhood

Play your favorite board game from childhood

It’s time to get those boxes of board games out and bond with friends and family. It won’t just pull you out of your boring, state but it’ll also bring some good childhood memories back.

Plan a living room makeover

Turn that living room into a cozier abode by just fixing and adding a few things. You can always get inspiration from Pinterest for ideas. Even just as simple as changing the color theme will bake a big difference to the normal look of your living room.

Pamper yourself with a soothing face mask

Treat your skin and put on a face mask while you binge-watch your fave series or while reading a book. Your skin deserves pampering too.

Create a music video playlist

You can do this on your TV or mobile phone. Having an organized music video playlist will save you time in searching when you’re bored and feel like watching your fave music videos.

Organize your make-up station

Organize your make-up station

Your make-up stash might need some decluttering. Check if there are expired stocks that need to be thrown out and replaced with new ones. Clean your makeup brushes and any beauty blenders if you have any.

Go and experience a virtual tour.

Surprisingly, there are popular museums that offer virtual tours. You can do this even if there’s no museum near your place. If you haven’t been into one, this is a great experience when you’re bored at home.

Watch something unique on YouTube.

Type in happy birthday plus your name on YouTube’s search bar. Even if it isn’t your birthday yet, you’ll love watching those strangers sing a birthday greeting to you.

Exercise on deep breathing

Even if it seems like it won’t help you in your boring state, paying attention and practicing deep breaths can help relax your mind. Thus, it can help change how you feel. Remember that boredom is just a state of mind.

Start journaling

Start journaling

Nowadays, journal writing doesn’t only include your day-to-day activities. Journaling now is associated with health and wellness. You can write all your thoughts, whether negative or positive.

Then you can assess after. Some also write their everyday goals as it’s said to be an effective tool in manifesting. If you’re bored, jot down thoughts and goals.

Arrange your closet

Organizing your wardrobe will take up a lot of time when you’re bored. Arrange it by color. It’ll help you feel relaxed. It’ll also help you see all that you have, and you can even find that cute top you’ve been searching for for a long time..I

Try an online workout.

Whenever you’re bored, make your time worthwhile by working out. Instead of stressing out on how time would pass quickly, watch tutorial videos of workouts. You’re not only escaping your boredom, but you’re also helping your health.

Draw your future tattoo idea

If you already have one and plan to add another, your own design can be more personal than looking through designs on the internet. Use your imagination and draw stuff that personally correlates to you.

How to fix boredom

How to fix boredom

When you’re bored, it’s your subconscious telling you to do something you can enjoy or stop whatever you’re doing. It’s also a warning that you’re not purposely engaged with the world. But you can still feel bored even when doing your job or any meaningful activities.

1. Change your routine

The reason you’re bored is that you’ve been doing the same thing over and over for quite some time. We’re guessing you have a daily routine that hasn’t changed for years. It’s finally time to break that routine and tweak it a little.

Try adding something in between your usual routine. By doing so, soon, you’ll find your rhythm.

2. Do something new

Whenever you’re bored and feel like that book on the shelf is calling you out, do yourself a favor and read it. Also, you can try doing something you’ve never done before.

A new recipe, perhaps? Or join the craze and learn that trending dance in TikTok. Trying out new things doesn’t just relieve your boredom. Connecting but helps you build new knowledge and develop new skills.

3. Gratify yourself with guilty pleasures

Gratify yourself with guilty pleasures

It’s okay to soak in at your social media for hours if this is what’s available for you at this moment. Sometimes your meaningful hobbies can exert too much of your effort. Why not balance it out by indulging in little pleasures like binge-watching a series. If it feels like too much pressure, think of those guilty pleasures as your much-needed mental recharging.

4. Revive your connection with others

Aside from it can take your time when you’re bored, connecting with others can be rewarding. You can do this virtually if you’re at home. Contact long-lost friends that you haven’t reached out to for the past years.

You’ll be surprised how many changes have happened in their lives. When you’re washing the dishes or preparing food, call up a friend or close relative. It’s always nice to talk to someone and relive memories.

Key Takeaway

Never limit yourself from doing something just because you’re bored. Your free time doesn’t mean you’ll sulk yourself into boredom. But instead, move and get inspired trying out what’s on the list above.

There’s a lot you can do. If working from home limits you from getting out, you can always manage your time wisely to meet up with colleagues or friends.

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