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Small tattoo ideas for the undecided

/ 07:21 AM August 19, 2021

Do you need some small tattoo ideas? Getting a tattoo is a way to express yourself, and it is difficult to get the perfect tattoo for yourself and then decide where you want the tattoo.

Tattoos are very popular in our culture, and it seems you cannot walk down the street without seeing someone who has a tattoo. Forty percent of millennials report that they have at least one tattoo.

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo and are on the fence about it, we have some helpful information for you before you make your final decision. Looking at some small tattoo ideas is a great way to start.

First, you should decide what size tattoo do you want. There are many small tattoo ideas if you want something small. Once you have made that first step, you can think about ideas and whatnot.

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Are tiny tattoos a good idea?

Are tiny tattoos a good idea?

You are thinking about getting a tiny tattoo but are unsure of this decision. Tiny tattoos are great for those who want a tattoo but have a job that does not allow tattoos, or you are trying to get a job, etc.

Before you decided to get a tiny tattoo, we have some information on small tattoos or tiny tattoos. Small tattoo ideas may be your best bet if you want something that you can conceal easily.


A tattoo is permanent if it is a small tattoo or a huge one. If you want a tiny tattoo, always keep this in mind. Make sure you know what you are getting into before you get a tattoo.

With small tattoos, if your artist makes one mistake, it could affect the entire tattoo and end up looking bad. When considering any small tattoo ideas, keep that in mind before you decide on one particular tattoo.

If you want a small tattoo, make sure the tattoo artist will design it for you. Some artists will not do small tattoos, and this is because many of them have a specialty that they do. Small tattoos may not be in their niche.


Tattoo Artists are There to Help

Many tattoo artists will give you several small tattoo ideas or show you a book of their work. This book may have some great small tattoo ideas in it.

If you do not see what you would like, chat with the artist and see what small tattoo ideas you come up with.

Small tattoo ideas usually require fine lines, and these may not always be perfect. This could cause your tattoo to look uneven and strange.

The fine lines may also fade faster, which means you would have to go back and have the tattoo artist go back over the tattoo.

If you have some small tattoo ideas, remember that you will have to be gentle with them if you get one. You should not wash it often leave it alone. Small tattoo ideas are great. However, there may be certain soaps or lotions that could cause them to fade.

If you think you still want a tiny tattoo after this information, you should go for it. Now to figure out what tattoo you want. Also, have you ever wondered if tiny tattoos will stand the test of time?

Do tiny tattoos last?

Do tiny tattoos last?

All tattoos fade, and they will get blurry as time goes on. Also, our body’s immune system will slowly remove parts of the ink on the skin to allow white blood cells to replace them.

There is nothing we can do about that. This is our natural way of fighting off diseases and infections.

It will not fade as quickly as greys and other light colors if you have a solid black tattoo. These may fade fast if you have tattoos on your fingers, feet, knees, and elbows.

These areas are hard to heal, and the skin will regenerate quickly on these parts. Therefore, getting a tattoo on any of these parts is a bad idea.

Are you ready for your tattoo? Have you decided what you want and where? We have some cool small tattoo ideas that could help point you in the right direction.

Great small tattoo ideas

Great small tattoo ideas

There are a lot of different designs for small tattoo ideas, especially tattoos for women. One of these might be your next tattoo. These tattoos can go anywhere on the body, and you never know.

  • Meaningful Tattoo: Small tattoos can send out a powerful message, and many women choose a meaningful tattoo to show what they have been through in life. The hand or inner wrist are the best places on the body.
  • Butterfly Tattoo: Butterfly tattoos are very popular for women. The butterfly shows transformation, nature, and freedom.
  • Small Tattoo Ideas Design: Small tattoos have cute designs if you do not know what tattoo you would like. Some of them are very playful and can reflect your personality.
  • Heart Tattoo: Heart tattoos are very popular, especially for women. Hearts are feminine, classic, simple, and represent love. Hearts can represent romantic love, family, friends, or even grief.
  • Lion Tattoo: Lions are representations of strength, courage, self-confidence, and being fierce. Lions also represent being optimistic, passionate, and that you are spontaneous. If your zodiac sign is a Leo, you may have a lion tattoo.
  • Lotus Flower: The lotus flower represents beauty and purity. If it has open petals, it means expansion of the mind and soul. The lotus flower is a great choice for a small tattoo idea.
  • Cat Tattoo: If you want a small tattoo, a cat tattoo is a great choice. It is cute and playful but also mysterious. This tattoo can represent your pet or maybe that you have nine lives.
  • Sun and Moon Tattoo: Sun and moon tattoos are very popular, especially for couples or best friends. Siblings, quite possibly twins, have these tattoos as well. They show that these two are opposites, but they work well together. The sun and moon represent harmony.

Other Ideas

These can also represent your personality and both parts of it. The design may also mean a passage of time or the life cycle. It is up to your interpretation.

  • Star Tattoo: The star tattoo is extremely popular for women. The star represents light in the dark. A string of stars can show a journey that the tattoo owner has been on in their life. There are many meanings that this star tattoo could have.
  • Rose Tattoo: The rose tattoo is very trendy and wanted these days. The floral design is very classy and modern. The little roses can be placed anywhere and look great too. Everyone loves roses. Now you can get one on your body.
  • Phoenix Tattoo: The phoenix is a very well-known symbol. It means transformation and rebirth. Many people are drawn to this message, and many get this tattoo based on their life experiences.
  • Flower Tattoo: Flower tattoos, such as sunflowers, are very popular as well. They have vibrant colors, and they stand out. Flowers have a lot of meaning, no matter who you are.
  • Finger Tattoo: Finger tattoos are growing very popular these days, and you can get any design you want, as long as it fits on your finger. They can be meaningful or represent a specific idea or person. The options are endless.
  • Good luck: There are many tattoos you can get that would mean good luck to you. Animal tattoos, in general, are popular, but the elephant tattoo shows an example of good luck, prosperity, and wisdom.

Another good luck tattoo is the four-leaf clover. This tattoo is also very popular with everyone.

  • Minimalist Tattoo: The minimalist tattoo is growing in popularity. These tattoos use pure black ink with no shading. They are better when they are small in size. This gives the tattoo a unique design.
  • Geometric Tattoos: Many tattoos are starting to be geometric in shape. These tattoos are versatile and can go over old ink and give it a futuristic look. Some people use the geometric tattoo with a flower to change it up a little.


To sum it all up, tattoos are becoming more and more common on everyone. The tattoo industry has seen a major spike in business since states have opened back up from the pandemic.

Small tattoo ideas are growing in popularity, and the small tattoo seems to be very trendy these days. Most tattoo artists can help you with a small tattoo idea also.

If you want a tattoo, always make sure you are ready to commit to it and make sure that you are aware of the facts about tattoos before you get one.

Once you have picked one out, you can go to the local tattoo artist and get a tattoo. If you cannot decide, tell them your small tattoo ideas. Remember it’s permanent, and make sure you want it. If you do not want the tattoo, it is okay just to look at everyone else’s.

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