How to Induce Labor Naturally | Key Tricks and Tips

How to induce labor naturally

/ 09:25 AM August 17, 2021

You don’t want to end up undergoing the C-section or cesarean delivery, so you might be on a hunt for some natural ways to coax the baby out on time and induce labor, then rupture the amniotic sac.

Whether it’s just a week until your due date or it’s two weeks before your expected delivery date, it’s best to let Mother Nature decide when your baby will come out.


What are some methods to try to induce labor naturally?

What are some methods to try to induce labor naturally?

Although non-medical techniques show promising results, the safest and most reliable methods to induce labor and uterine rupture involve medications advised by healthcare professionals.

Here are some of the methods drawn from reviews of childbirth experts. Before trying any of these, it’s best to consult your ob-gyne first.

Schedule an acupuncture treatment

This is a method that has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years already. Since it was believed that Acupuncture could balance the chi or vital energy within the body, thus it can stimulate hormone changes and affect the nervous system.

In some parts of Asia, this method is used to induce labor. Though some studies show that it’s effective if you’re 40 weeks of pregnancy or less. As per research, its main benefit is increased cervical ripening.

Get some exercise

Get some exercise

For some, this wasn’t effective enough to induce labor, but it’s proven to give straight to your body as you prepare before you start labor. Aside from boosting your heart rate up, it also helps relieve stress from your labor pains. Going for long walks is still advisable as it’s a great form of exercise.

Have sex

Some may be hesitant about this method, especially if you’re coming close to your due date. But it might change your mind to know that during sexual activity, your orgasms release oxytocin that can help jumpstart uterine contractions.

Also, the prostaglandin hormones found in semen can help ripen the cervix of pregnant women.


This is also the most recommended method by midwives and doctors as it is proven to induce labor faster. Just make sure your water hasn’t broken yet if you’re planning to try this.

Consume little amounts of Castor oil

Consume little amounts of Castor oil

Like the sex method, consuming 1-2 ounces of castor oil boosts prostaglandin release that can help ripen the cervix and aids the uterus to contract. Drinking just a little amount can help induce labor.

Ask for your doctor’s advice before drinking too much of this can cause diarrhea, eventually leading to dehydration. Most experts also advised taking this after the 38th week.

Try nipple stimulation

Nipple stimulations can induce labor as they can also stimulate oxytocin production. Oxytocin is the hormone that brings about uterus contraction and breastmilk production.

The same nipple stimulation will help your uterus return to its original size if you plan to breastfeed. Aside from the mentioned benefits, this method can also reduce your chances of postpartum hemorrhage.

Eat Spicy Food

Eat Spicy Food

We all know that nothing links the stomach and the uterus, but this method is popular. Although as experts advise, no particular type of food can bring about contractions and induce labor.


If you’re planning to try this method, we strongly suggest you take instructions from acupressure professional. As practitioners believe that acupressure can help induce labor, it can also help reduce pain during labor and delivery.

Apply Evening primrose oil

This herbal supplement comes from the evening primrose plant and can help to induce labor. Evening primrose oil has components that your body converts into prostaglandin. Prostaglandin lightens the cervix and gets it ready for labor. Some use the oil and apply it to the vagina, while others opt to take capsules orally.

Ingesting Dates

Eating dates are advisable during the last weeks of your pregnancy, as research shows it can boost your cervical ripening and dilation during labor. It’s also an effective way to decrease the use of Pitocin during labor.

Red Raspberry leaf tea

As first-time mothers or not, this tea is a healthy drink both for your baby and you. This herbal tea has calcium and iron that are really useful pre and post-pregnancy. Some assume this can bring about spontaneous labor, and it’s safe to drink during pregnancy.

Foods to induce labor

Foods to induce labor

Alongside some methods to help you induce labor, some foods were known to jumpstart your labor. Here’s a list of foods that can aid to induce labor:

  • Cream Cheese – The website of Eric’s LA Patisserie in Massachusetts
  • Licorice root – too much of these can result in premature labor, so consult your doctor first
  • Maternity salad at Caioti Pizza Cafe in California – people have been ordering these for decades to induce labor
  • Pineapple – The bromelain or enzyme found in pineapple can soften your cervix and kickstart your labor

Inducing Labor FAQs

Is it possible to induce labor naturally?

Although there’s no concrete evidence that supports this claim, it might work. But to avoid any health risks, consult your doctor first. Inducing labor naturally also depends on every pregnant woman, as the outcomes are different in pregnancy.

A mother who has a history of fast and easy labor and deliveries can still have fast delivery on the next pregnancy.

How long does it take to induce labor?

As mentioned a few paragraphs ago, there are different methods to induce labor, and you can try a combination of these methods. It can only take a few hours to as long as 2-3 days to induce labor. Again, it varies depending on your body.

If it’s your first pregnancy, it might take longer, or if you are not yet on your full term of pregnancy. One good thing about inducing labor is that it reduces your risk of high blood pressure as you undergo labor and delivery.

Key Takeaway

Most prego people are ready to have their babies out at 39 weeks or 40. Each has their own choice if you want to undergo and induce labor, or you’ll wait for your body to go into labor naturally.

But before you go ahead and try any of the methods listed above, consult your health care provider first and ask for any possible risks, whether you’ll be doing it the natural way or the one with medications. It’s still best to let your body decide and start contractions on its own while you wait for a few more days or weeks.

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