8 Best home gym ideas for that creative workout space (2021)

Best home gym ideas for that creative workout space

/ 08:10 AM July 16, 2021

On a scale of 1 to 10, at what rate can you commit to working out? Juggling your time in between taking charge of the household, caring for your children, and workloads, you’ll probably say you’re at 5 or 6 at max.

Even with numerous reasons why it’s almost impossible to squeeze in time for exercise, you know you just need to find time and read through the home gym ideas. You have many great options of exercises that will suit you, even if you have target areas you would like to focus on specifically.

Studies show the heaps of benefits working out can give you. You have many great options of exercises that will suit you, even if you have target areas you would like to focus on specifically. From mood improvement, restful sleep, and stress reliever, these are just a few of the benefits you can reap out of exercise.


What should I put in my home gym?

What should I put in my home gym?

Never miss out on an opportunity to break out a sweat. If you have space, even just a small one, a home gym is a great health investment. If you’re already convinced, let’s get your checklist prepared with the essentials you need for your home gym ideas and their main target points.

  • Kettlebell – strength training
  • Dumbbells – biceps and legs strength
  • Rings – bodyweight and gymnastic exercises
  • Pull-up Bar – for building arms, back, and shoulder muscles
  • Yoga mat – for your HIIT and Yoga sessions
  • Medicine ball – core strength exercises
  • Jump Rope – cardio exercise
  • Stereo/Speaker – for that adrenaline pumping good workout tunes
  • Barbell – upper body strength
  • Plyo box – gluten, quads, hamstrings toning

How Do You Make a Good Home Gym?

How Do You Make a Good Home Gym?

We don’t want to be a pushover and tell you to do it every day, a few times a week is a good start. No time? Let’s bring the gym to your home with many home gym ideas that are easy to set up. Setting a home gym might just be the motivation you needed to get your lazy bodies moving.

No need to have a big workout space. Even a small nook in the living room or a part of your basement or garage will do. Let’s bring these home gym ideas to life, read through as we’ve rounded up the easy to assemble home gym ideas.

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1. Small living room exercise nook

Only got a small space? This home gym idea is quite easy to set up. You have 2 options to choose from, either bring that boxing class to the confines of your living room or turn it into your HIIT area.


If you go boxing, all you need to do is hang a punching bag and provide seating space for when you need to rest. You’re all sweaty, so you don’t want to mess with your living room couch.

For your HIIT exercise, install wall-mounted shelves for your toning accessories. But if you live in a rental and don’t want to bug your landlord into making holes on the wall, you can position a rolling cart where you can put your toning accessories.

2. Garage gym area

A bunch of interior design ideas is available online to transform your garage into a workout room. If you are a cross-fit enthusiast, you can turn your garage into a cross-fit haven. First off, lay some old gym mats or even your kids’ used mats on the floor for cushioning. You can also hang steel beams for strength training.

For a more focused strength and core workout, hanging gymnastic rings on those steel beams is also perfect for this home gym idea. If you are the laid-back type and you want your workouts simple, a quality yoga mat and a set of dumbbells would fit perfectly in your garage-turned exercise arena. There’s also enough space for your treadmill in case you go for cardio exercises.

3. Bedroom nook gym

No reason can ever hinder you if you are motivated. Even a small corner in your bedroom can be your workout area. Another excellent home gym idea is to use a small space in your bedroom if you live in a small apartment. Setting up 1 cardio machine or yoga mat won’t eat up a lot of space.

You can design it to be hidden on those lazy days you just want to cozy up in your bed. A curtain room divider is a great idea to get that corner gym all organized. Plus, you can close it for a cleaner look. For muscle relief, add up a foam roller to ease that soreness after your exercise routine.

4. Home Yoga Haven

Stretch out all those down dogs at the comfort of your home. This is a home gym idea that’s less space-consuming as you would only need a small space enough to fit your yoga mat. Or, you can turn the space of your home into your yoga studio. We suggest you mount a big mirror to see your form better when doing yoga.

You can go all out by placing a big carpet for a more yoga studio vibe. If you’re a minimalist and prefer to keep it simple, blissful white walls with a huge mirror and a chair is your best bet. Just add a rolling unit for storage.

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5. Attic Gym Area

5. Attic Gym Area

Attics can sometimes seem useless, but not for unused stuff or souvenirs that you keep on boxes to stock them forever. You might overlook it, but it has great potential, particularly a good home gym idea. Just a few dust cleaning here and there can transform this spacious area into your exercise room.

First, make it well-lit, as we all know how attics can get a tad bit darker. With space you have here, placing an exercise bike and a treadmill is possible. You can also include some weights and install the TV on the wall. We bet there’s even an extra space format when you need to do some yoga sessions.

6. Basement Home Gym

If you prefer a spacious home workout area, reconstructing your dark basement to be your home gym is a superb home gym idea. Since it’s the basement, you can use an industrial theme for the gym design.

Make sure it’s well-lit and use bold paint color to accentuate the industrial theme. Also, it works best in a dark room. You can place two exercise equipment here and wall mount pull-up bars for strength workouts.

7. Home Rock-Climbing wall area

Wall climbing is a form of exercise that both adults and kids can enjoy. Just make sure that the area under the walls is safely padded. You know for sure the kids can’t resist this. Don’t have any extra room left?

You can creatively install those rocks on the wall going up. So basically, it’s beside the stairs. You can empty that space before the staircase for mounting the rocks. Your garage is also an option for a muscle-engaging rock climbing wall.

8. Hallway Gym

You might miss this spot, but it’s spacious enough to be your home workout area. It’s also a good spot for your HIIT and yoga classes. Sort out the area, and once clear, you’re all set to a position with cycling and cardio equipment in places.

It won’t hurt to add a roll-up cart in the corner for dumbbells, lightweights, and resistance bands. This home gym idea will work best with a little motivation by filling the wall with an inspiring quote.

Is a home gym worth it?

Is a home gym worth it?

If you have a very tight schedule and you can barely squeeze in a workout time, then absolutely yes! Imagine the advantage of having the chance to work out and exercise whenever even just for half an hour.

Count how many calories that’ll burn up. Also, consider the monthly gym subscription if you can’t fully commit. You’ll be paying for something you don’t use much. If you’re thinking about the space, there are great home gym ideas that will fit your preferences.

Key Takeaway

Incorporating exercise can be a tedious task for many of us. With the busy schedule and whatnots, working out can require a lot of effort. But with the helpful home gym ideas, you can’t reason out anymore.

It’s no secret that exercising a few times a week is mentally and physically healthy. Now, go and look for available spaces in your home for that gym set-up and break out a sweat!

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