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Ace Ultra cannabis cartridge reviews

/ 08:08 AM July 14, 2021

Ace of Spades Ultra is a company that specializes in making electronic vapes or, as they like to call it, “Ultra Vapes.” They offer many different flavors, including Bluberry, Pina Colada, Orange Express, and more!

Ace of Spades Ultra signifies a high-end lifestyle with excellence, quality, luxury, and taste. They can better explain this lifestyle by using cannabis: living the finest life possible while constantly striving to improve. Ace of Spades Ultra is still working hard to develop the highest-quality and most diversified cannabis products they can.

They can manufacture some of the world’s most refined oils because of their exclusive genetics and high standards, as well as all of the people who share their mission. So if you’re looking for a great vaping experience without all the bad stuff, then check them out. Here, this article will dive into the different strains Ace of Spades offers and what each is about.


Ace of Spades 7 Different Strains

Ace of Spades 7 Different Strains

  1. Godfather OG – Indica
  2. Blueberry – Indica
  3. Pina Colada – Indica
  4. Granddaddy Purple – Indica
  5. Jack Herer – Sativa
  6. Durban Poison – Sativa
  7. Orange Express – Sativa

What are pre-filled THC oil cartridges?

A vape cart is a glass cartridge containing a gram or half-gram of cannabis oil pre-filled inside. Cannabinoids and terpenes derived from cannabis are present in this oil in varied combinations. Most oil vape carts are heavy in THC, but more and more THC-dominant vape cartridges are hitting the market.

Vape cartridges and vape pen batteries function together. The vape battery will power an atomizer in the cartridge, which will heat the oil and activate its chemical components. The effects of cannabis are then produced by inhaling the vape smoke. In addition, some vape batteries offer several features that allow for temperature control and dose management.


Pre-filled THC Oil Carts Benefits

The terpenes from certain strains and a high concentration of Delta-8 THC make up these pre-filled vape carts. This blend is designed to provide a smooth, tranquil, and relaxing experience with a pleasing flavor. Furthermore, the product’s flavors are organic and natural.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vape Cannabis Cartridges

With pre-filled THC oil carts, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


  • Portable
  • Easy to Take on the Go and Feel the effects whenever you like
  • Different Options to Choose From
  • Different Strains to Pick for Specific Effects and Flavors


  • A learning curve for beginners with understanding THC oil, battery life, size, and features

With online articles like this one, it should be sure to shed some light on whatever questions one may have.

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Godfather OG – Indica

Godfather OG - Indica

For those of you who love to snuggle down in the evenings and enjoy a movie or two before retiring for the night, we recommend something more calming so that your favorite series won’t have any closeups of terrified people running scared from unknown supernatural forces. The award-winning Godfather OG is a cross between Ghost OG and SFV Kush. Engineered to be potent like its namesake, this indica style cannabis Delta-8 THC strain will make you feel unbelievably relaxed with its powerful effect.

  • Pros: Great for insomnia and sleep problems
  • Cons: It has a spicy flavor profile that can be different from other strains
  • Good For: Relaxation, Focus, Euphoria, Happy, and Sedating

Description: Godfather OG is the go-to strain for consumers looking to relieve insomnia and pain. It features a spicy, kushy flavor profile with subtle grape undertones that provide an immediate euphoric rush and extreme relaxation leading to sleepiness.

Blueberry – Indica

Blueberry - Indica

It’s a berry good time with Blueberry! This lively indica is an easygoing hybrid that has sweet, blueberry flavors and long-lasting euphoria. The high is calming while improving your mood to let you enjoy the little things in life… whether they be activities or simple pleasures like appetizers or reading by the fire.

  • Pros: Won the award, “High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Indica in 2000.”
  • Cons: Primarily used for pain and stress
  • Good For: Energy, Relaxation, Euphoria, Pain, and Focus

Description: Blueberry is a marijuana strain created by crossing Purple Thai with Thai. It won the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Indica in 2000. Described as having sweet flavors of fresh blueberries mixed in with relaxing effects that produce long-lasting euphoria, many cannabis Delta-8 THC consumers use this strain to help fight against pain and stress.

Pina Colada – Indica

Pina Colada - Indica

This relaxing cannabis is perfect for those looking to wind down after a long day. Though you will feel relaxed with this strain, don’t expect to be in a deep sleep as your thoughts and worries will be far from forgotten. Pina Colada is best for those looking for relief or relaxation among the tropical lands of their imagination!

  • Pros: Sweet-smelling fruit flavor that’s good for unwinding
  • Cons: Pina Colada is more for relaxing and unwinding after a busy day, rather than an energy boost like the Orange Express
  • Good For: Stress, Relaxation, Calming Euphoric

Description: Pina Colada is a tropical and delicious strain of marijuana that has been made by crossing Trainwreck with Hawaiian. This potent, long-lasting weed will be sure to please your taste buds! It will be a high that has you feeling relaxed but not too sleepy to enjoy fully.

Granddaddy Purple – Indica

Granddaddy Purple - Indica

Granddaddy Purple provides a potent mental high that can help soothe any stresses or aches in your mind and body while also having a mellow effect. Its sweet, silky taste will have you tasting every bit without being overbearing – just what we need on those lazy afternoons when we are stuck indoors! This is the perfect strain for anyone looking to chill and get away from it all. This is the perfect strain for anyone looking to chill and get away from it all.

  • Pros: Great for relaxation and euphoria
  • Cons: This strain is mainly to chill and less to focus or boost energy levels
  • Good For: Uplifting, Euphoric, Stress, Relaxation, and Pain

Description: A California staple inherits a complex grape and berry aroma from its parent, while Big Bud passes on the large compact bud structure. Granddaddy Purple can be pulled off the shelf if consumers look to combat pain, stress, insomnia, appetite loss as well as muscle spasms. These potent Delta-8 THC effects are detectable in both mind and body with cerebral euphoria mixed with physical relaxation resulting in floaty thoughts or fixed for the duration of GDP’s effect depending on what is needed by you.

Jack Herer – Sativa

Ace of Spades Ultra Jack Herer - Sativa

Jack Herer is a soaring, pine-scented cannabis strain that has captured its quality and potency awards. As Jack bursts into the air when you inhale, it smells like freshly cut wood and stumps fires at camp with beautiful green foliage to complement its resinous buds. Named after the marijuana activist Jack Herer, the marijuana activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

  • Pros: Award-winning strain
  • Cons: More of a pine smelling strain rather than sweet-smelling
  • Good For: Talkative, Euphoric, Focus, Happy, Energetic, and Uplifting

Description: Jack Herer is a breathtaking, pine-scented cannabis strain that has captured its quality and potency awards. Jack Herer’s rich genetic background produces several different plant variations, with each phenotype bearing its features and effects.

Durban Poison – Sativa

Ace of Spades Ultra Durban Poison - Sativa

Durban Poison is a can’t-miss Sativa with energizing highs that will leave you feeling happy, uplifted, and inspired! Stick around in work mode (or play mode!) for longer than usual with our wonderfully sweet Durban Poison! When it’s time for some creative thinking, Durban Poison will spark your motivation — making it easy to develop new ideas.

  • Pros: Pleasant aroma and elevated mood
  • Cons: Keeps you busy, less for someone looking for relaxation
  • Good For: Uplifting, Energetic, Happy, and Euphoric

Description: Durban Poison is a pure Sativa that originates from the South African port city of Durban. It is well-known around the world for its pleasant aroma and energizing, elevating properties. Durban Poison makes it easy to stay productive through busy days or explore your creativity when you’re feeling in need of an energy boost!

Orange Express – Hybrid

Orange Express - Hybrid Ace of Spades Ultra

Orange Express is the energizing Delta-8 THC strain energetic and uplifting, with a transcendent head high. This hybrid delivers potent antioxidants so you can have an overall good outlook – it tastes like bright oranges without any harsh burnt flavors, making it the perfect way to get ready for your productive afternoon or creative escape.

  • Pros: Energizing high can keep you focused
  • Cons: Powerful strain, more for pros less for beginners
  • Good For: Upwinding, Stimulating, Euphoric, and Uplifting

Description: This potent blend delivers a long-lasting energy high that’s ideal for productive afternoons and creative escapes. This strain produces powerful, cerebral effects that are uplifting while also producing an energizing high, which can help you get through the day with ease!

What’s the Difference Between Indica and Sativa?

Botanists employ physical distinctions in plant strains to identify them, such as variances in height, branching patterns, and leaf form. The terms “Indica” and “Sativa” are derived from this.

Shorter than Sativa plants, Indica plants have a woody stem rather than a fibrous one. Plants that are indica grow faster than those that are Sativa.

There is substantial debate about what produced the physical distinctions between the strains. Some academics believe these variances result from humans breeding various types, while others believe they develop adaptations and geographic isolation.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying

  1. Variety of Options – Before purchasing any vape or ultra vape, you may want to consider the different types of options available. This could go for the style of vape, the flavor of strain, or even if you prefer Indica vs. Sativa.
  2. Purity and Potency – It’s important to know where your product is coming from. Their laboratory is operated by highly trained scientists and engineers who use cutting-edge technologies to raise the bar for testing. With Ace Ultra Cannabis Vapes, they make sure to test for a full panel of 66 analytes to exceed competitors’ standards. In addition, Ace of Spades uses an ultra-careful terpene preservation procedure to produce an unsurpassed oil in terms of consistency and potency.
  3. The Reputation of the Brand – Reliable brands to buy from are among the most important key factors when buying cannabis products. Ace of Spades Ultra goods is created and developed with a luxury twist for the best flavor and overall satisfaction. Their products are a reflection of their tried-and-true methods and passion for what they do.


With a vape, you can get the same effects as smoking. This is great for those who don’t want to be exposed to carcinogens or smoke from cigarettes. Vaping has become so popular that there are now tons of different products on the market with many flavors and types of strains to choose from. Ace of Spades Ultra hopes this evaluation has assisted you in determining which Ace of Spade’s strains are best for you.

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