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Keto diet menu – beginner’s guide

/ 07:20 AM June 06, 2021

In the modern era, when we talk about weight loss, the keto diet comes to mind. Keto diet, for some, is just another way of losing weight, but for most, it has become a lifestyle.

With the growing number of health-conscious people globally, more and more people are opting for this diet. Positive reviews have been posted about the keto diet plan as well. Some claimed to have lost weight, and for some, it helped in improving their overall health.

If you are one of those who want to hop onto this bandwagon and do not know where to start from, this is the right post for you to read!


Who Should NOT Do A Keto Diet?

Who Should NOT Do A Keto Diet?

Before we discuss the easy keto diet menu for beginners, let us start by talking about whether you fit the criteria to follow this diet or not.

Generally, ketogenic food fits all but in these three situations. You may want to consult a professional:

  1. If you are diabetic
  2. Taking medication for high blood pressure
  3. Breastfeeding

If you are not prone to any of the above, then it is safe for you to read.

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What Is A Keto Diet?

What Is A Keto Diet?

Under a ketogenic diet, you have to consume three types of food:

  • High in fat – 80% of your calories daily
  • Fewer grams of carbs (carbohydrates) – less than 5% of your calories daily
  • Moderate protein – 15% of your calories daily

The natural process of the keto diet is known as ketosis. Usually, when the carbohydrates of your body break, glucose is produced. In keto, however, you will be consuming fewer carbohydrates, which means that your body will be looking for other energy sources.


That other source, which your body will utilize, is fat. This fat then floods the liver and is converted into ketone bodies that the body relies on for energy. This helps to burn fat, assisting in weight loss.

What Foods Can You Consume on The Keto Diet?

What Foods Can You Consume on The Keto Diet?

A primary keto diet menu will target food dishes based on the following list:

  • Fish: salmon, mackerel, and herring.
  • Dairy: yogurt, cream, and butter.
  • Eggs: organic eggs, boiled eggs, and pastured eggs.
  • Cheese: mozzarella, cheddar, cream cheese, and goat cheese.
  • Meat: pork and grass-fed beef
  • Nuts: almonds, peanuts, and walnuts.
  • Poultry: chicken and turkey.
  • Seeds: pumpkin seeds and flax seeds.
  • Avocados: whole can be consumed as a side or a snack.
  • Oil: avocado oil, olive oil, and coconut oil.
  • Vegetables: mushrooms, eggplant, peppers, broccoli, onions, tomatoes.

What Foods to Avoid in Keto?

Certain food items should be strictly avoided in a keto diet meal plan. These foods might consist of sugar levels higher than that allowed in keto.

Here is a list of food items that should not be consumed:

  • Sugary foods: candies, desserts, cakes, pastries, ice cream, cereals, and sweetened yogurts/syrups.
  • Beverages: soda, flavored juices, and all sweetened drinks.
  • Fruits: mangoes, grapes, bananas, and pineapples.
  • Savory products: salad dressings, ketchup, tangy sauces.
  • Natural sweeteners: maple syrup and honey.
  • Starchy foods: bread, pasta, chips, fries, oatmeal, muesli, potatoes, and rice.

In this article, we have created a clear picture for you of products that can be consumed and that should be avoided. Food items along these lines should be kept in mind when planning out your daily diet meals.

If you wonder what you can substitute your daily meals with to make them ketogenic, you can pick any of the above and incorporate it into your routine with the right carb count.

One important tip for beginners is that processed foods, such as fast food and packaged foods, must be avoided at all costs.

Additionally, there have been many keto snacks that have been launched. These products include keto cookies, low-carb chocolate bars, unique keto bars, and sauces.

What Beverages Can You Consume in A Keto Diet?

What Beverages Can You Consume in A Keto Diet?

We have talked about different substitutes that can be consumed in an ideal keto meal plan. Now we will discuss what beverages can be consumed while you are on a keto diet.

As we have made clear that flavored and sweetened drinks should be avoided, so what can you consume instead?

  • Water: a perfect drink to keep yourself hydrated without gaining those extra pounds.
  • Unsweetened coffee: black coffee with heavy cream and no sugar is a good choice.
  • Green tea: a drink with many health benefits.

What Is A Typical Keto Diet Menu for Beginners?

What Is A Typical Keto Diet Menu for Beginners?

If we talk about a keto diet menu for beginners, we can find many recipes on the internet. These keto recipes are not the typical bland diet food but delicious and flavorful dishes.

Below are some options you can consume daily for an effective keto diet. If you follow these low-carb options consistently, you may reach your goal in no time.

Keto Breakfast

For early morning breakfast, you can have eggs. Eggs can be boiled or pastured according to your preference.

Alongside eggs, you can add some bacon-fat fried. If on some days, you do not feel like having bacon, you can substitute it with chicken sausages or a cheese omelet.

A side of beans or green vegetables (broccoli, spinach, etc.) can be served.

Keto Lunch

For a proper keto meal, you would want to consume something filling. The main dish can revolve around beef, turkey, or chicken. A side of vegetables can be consumed, such as spinach, mushrooms, or any other vegetable along the line of keto.

If you want to add some flavor to your chicken, you can marinate it with yogurt and keto-friendly herbs.

Keto Snacks

Snacks are usually something light. You can make your chicken salami sandwich with cheese and keto yogurt. Some nuts such as walnuts or almonds can also be consumed.

Keto Dinner

For dinner, try not to eat something heavy as it takes time for food to be digested. You can opt for fish or chicken curry as a main course.

The curry will only be made of keto-approved ingredients such as turmeric, cumin, oregano which can be added for flavor. Salads can also be kept as an option for dinner with goat cheese, tomatoes, cabbage, and soya sauce.

These are just examples of what can be consumed under each meal for keto. Keep a strict check on the products and make sure whatever you consume or add in the recipe are all keto-friendly.

What is A one-week Keto Diet Menu for Beginners?

What is A one-week Keto Diet Menu for Beginners?

If you are still confused and indecisive about what you eat throughout the day, we have got you covered. Here we have a sample one-week plan for all the beginners of the keto diet.

This sample menu can then help you pick the right choice when planning your keto meal in the future.

Day 1

  • Breakfast: two scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese and spinach.
  • Lunch: ham topped with blue cheese, 2 cups of mixed green vegetables, half avocado, and a half cup of sliced cucumber.
  • Snack: a keto-friendly peanut butter snack bar.
  • Dinner: baked fish sauteed in butter, with a side of broccoli.

Day 2

  • Breakfast: a sauteed mushroom or sausage scrambled egg, made in butter or coconut oil.
  • Lunch: a fresh tuna salad with tomatoes and green vegetables.
  • Snack: red bell pepper 1 cup sliced topped with ranch sauce (2 tbsp).
  • Dinner: roasted chicken with a creamy cheese sauce and broccoli or cauliflower sauteed in butter.

Day 3

  • Breakfast: spinach and cheese omelet.
  • Lunch: grilled chicken with a side of tomato, avocado, and spinach salad.
  • Snack: fresh strawberry shake without sugar.
  • Dinner: Sauteed beef with vegetables.

Day 4

  • Breakfast: spinach and cheese omelet with a side of fresh avocado and cheese salsa.
  • Lunch: a chicken bowl with broccoli, carrots, spinach, cauliflower, and a heavy cream sauce with herbs.
  • Snacks: half zucchini with a jack cheese sauce.
  • Dinner: a bun-less hamburger topped with tomato, avocado, lettuce leaves, and jack cheese. All of these should be taken in small amounts.

Day 5

  • Breakfast: Egg served with a baked avocado.
  • Lunch: chicken with Caesar salad.
  • Snacks: sugarless caramel shake.
  • Dinner: pork chops with a bowl of mixed vegetables.

Day 6

  • Breakfast: red bell pepper with a spinach, egg, and cream filling.
  • Lunch: tuna salad with celery, pickle, and only two tablespoons of mayonnaise.
  • Snack: strawberry shake with honey for sweetness.
  • Dinner: a sausage and mushroom salad mixed with onions, red bell pepper, spinach, and blue cheese.

Day 7

  • Breakfast: pumpkin and flax seeds pancakes.
  • Lunch: grilled chicken breasts, topped with a homemade Italian dressing served with a side of radish.
  • Snacks: snap peas with cheddar cheese.
  • Dinner: baked salmon with broccoli marinated with chermoula.

Useful Information

Water Consumption

Water Consumption

Remind yourself to drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water daily. It is suitable for hydration, and water consumption does not have any adverse effects on keto. This may also speed up your weight loss process.

Hence, we will highly recommend you carry a bottle with you at all times.

Keto Flu

Keto flu is part and parcel of a keto diet. This does not mean you are doing something wrong; it is just a procedure where your body adapts to keto.

You might feel weak and lethargic for a couple of days and then get back to normal. What you can do is consume enough salt with your food.


The tips and tricks above will surely help you embark on your keto journey. A sample diet plan is also provided for guidance and the dos and don’ts of the diet.

Set your goal and work towards it. Try not to lose focus and stay on track. You will then conquer the hard part of the keto diet and adjust to this new lifestyle.

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