How to increase AirPods' battery life | AirPods Battery Life 101

How to increase AirPods’ battery life

/ 07:53 AM April 11, 2021

If you are an iPhone user, you must agree that nothing feels more despicable than the decrescendo beeps and boops of your AirPods. It gives you the signal about the imminent death of the battery, and AirPods battery life is the lifeblood of AirPods, let alone the ongoing music session that you love at the moment.

Checking the battery life is critical to stay up-to-date on the remaining AirPods battery life, but it’s pretty taxing for iPhone users to figure that out. As an iPhone user, you must be well-conversant with that.

How to see your Airpod battery life

Going with wireless earbuds is fantastic, convenient, and trendy. It keeps you at bay from the tangled up of snagged wires of your headsets and earphones.

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The primary battery life of Airpods lasts for about five hours of listening, and after that, you to put them back right in their case to charge them. The case drains out of power after 24 hours, making it crucial for you to get it charged from the main plug.

The time you put the AirPods in the case is when you can’t listen to the music, and you wouldn’t want to sit and wait for the AirPods to get enough health before you resume listening to your favorite songs podcasts, or audiobooks.

The thought may have popped up in the back of your mind many times if there is any way to kill this waiting time and make it worthwhile? Know that. You’re not alone; who thinks so!


In this article, we will walk you through some of the tried and tested tips and tricks to maximize the battery life of your AirPods.

Six Tips & Tricks to Maximize Your AirPods Battery Life

Six Tips & Tricks to Maximize Your AirPods Battery Life

Read on the following most accepted and exercised technique to extend AirPods battery life and hours of talk time.


Carry the Case

No matter where you go and what you do, make sure to keep the case with you and put the AirPods Pro inside the case while not using them. It will keep the AirPods charged, safe, and secure. Returning the earbuds to their home helps them prevent any damage or loss.

If you make it a habit, you’ll have a fully charged batteries widget every other time you feel like listening to music or making an extended phone call.

Avoid Playing with the Case

Some people are prone to play with the case while listening to music or doing nothing. They keep opening and closing the case, which is expected to drop down the case battery life. Avoiding this habit will extend your AirPods battery life a provide you ample time to keep listening to the favorite music without worrying about putting the case on the main plug to charge.

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Avoid Temperature

Extremes of temperature, be it hot or cold, leave an adverse impact on the AirPods battery life.

The long-term damages that direct sunlight causes to the battery life cannot and must not be overlooked. Keep your earbuds case in a place that keeps it safe from direct exposure to heat or cold temperature. Minor negligence, at times, translates into a catastrophe, so be careful and show utmost care and attention to your Apple products and other gadgets.

Use one Earbud at a Time

Use one Earbud at a Time

If you use one of the earbuds at a time instead of both, it will increase the battery life by 100 percent. Moreover, when the battery life of one AirPod drains out, you may put on the other one and keep it in the case to refill its energy. So, you will never have to stop listening and won’t have to wait, not even for an iota of time.

Another benefit of applying this rule in your life lies in staying aware of the vicinity’s happenings. When your ears are busy listening to music while driving, cycling, or walking, you don’t hear what’s happening around you, which may even lead to an accident. Thus, putting a single IOS device doesn’t only provide extra listening time but also enhances the life of your Airpods and saves you from any unforeseen incident.

Lower Your Volume

With a lower volume level, you can get longer battery life. Playing the songs at a low level doesn’t only improve the AirPods battery life but also saves your ear from noise pollution. Health technicians recommend not to listen to music at a high level as it can damage your listening ability of the ears.

Avoid Unnecessary Use of Smart Features

Avoid Unnecessary Use of Smart Features

There are several innovative features available on your AirPods. They look fantastic and handy, but needless usage can wear your battery life out. Turning off the automatic ear detection and double-tap features can save the AirPods battery life significantly.

Apple AirPods have accelerometers and other hardware that enable them to respond to a double-tap, and you can customize these features to suit your preferences for improved sound quality.

Some Additional Tips to Increase the Battery Life of Your iPhone or iPad

  • Using Wi-Fi instead of cellular data increases the iPhone’s battery life
  • Keep your Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi turned off while not using
  • Close the apps which are not in use at the moment
  • Keep the brightness on a moderate level to enhance the battery life
  • Avoid moving backgrounds; it looks nice but eats away the battery of your iPhone
  • While recharging a dead battery of your iPhone, make sure it’s at least 30% charged before using
  • Using a trickle charger stops and there is a green status light it means the wireless charging case reaches 100%, helping your battery live a longer life
  • Keep your iPhone updated with the latest software for better performance
  • Avoid using cheap chargers

Wrapping Up

Full AirPods are one of the most popular accessories of the iPhone, and it has made life much easier, convenient, and effortless for its users. However, when the battery wears away, it leaves the user annoyed and exasperated when you are on the go. To keep all the frustration at bay, follow the above-listed tips and tricks to fall even deeper in love with your AirPods.

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