How to become a counselor in these simple steps | What to know

How to become a counselor

Counseling is the right field to get into. If you feel a calling to the counseling field, continue reading. Are you thinking about a counseling career? We will teach you all about counseling, what you can earn in this field, and the steps to become a counselor.

What is a counselor?

What is a counselor?

A counselor offers guidance to anyone that needs help with mental health issues. Counselors are often known for their encouragement for patients to express how they feel.


There are many different types of counselors. There are school and career advisors, rehabilitation counselors, mental health advisors, and private practice.

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Counseling has different branches to it. There is mental health counseling, school counseling, rehabilitation counseling, and the list is endless.

School counselors have different roles based on the school they work in. High school advisors are educators that promote the students’ success.


High school counselors work with the teachers and parents and collaborate to improve their strengths and weaknesses. They are getting them ready for the world and being an adult.

Student Counselors

Student Counselors

The main goal of a student counselor is to improve student outcomes. No matter what age. They want the students to be the best they can be. They find tools to aid them in doing so.

School counselors also provide support for students. They are a safe place for students. Listening to student concerns is a vital part of a school counselor’s job.

School counselors help with the bullying and social pressures that kids are getting. Having someone to talk to is what students need sometimes, and advisors give that to the students.

Rehabilitation counselors help individuals with disabilities. Some patients have mental and physical disabilities. Advisors aid them in getting jobs that fit their disability.

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Rehabilitation counselors are very helpful in non-profit sectors as well. It takes a particular person to be a rehabilitation advisor.

Mental health counseling is another branch in this field. It is tough for families, and it can put a lot of strain on marriages.

Mental health advisors treat routine mental health and severe mental illnesses. Being a mental health advisor is not the easiest of jobs. These advisors deal with a lot of stress, and it takes a mentally healthy person to work in this area.

Mental health counselors may be required to get a certified mental health license in some states. Researching what is required in your state as far as exams and other requirements are highly suggested.

Mental health advisors can work in prisons, drug rehab facilities, hospitals, or own private practice. Some also work in residential treatment facilities for those who suffer from substance abuse issues.

Many patients are angry, depressed, and violent, as a mental health counselor. Being prepared for the kind of patients you will have is suggested.

Steps To Become A Counselor

Steps To Become A Counselor

To become a counselor, you have to be 18 years old. Counselors are to have an excellent moral character too.

A Master’s degree is required from an accredited university. There are 405 colleges and universities that belong to the council for accreditation in counseling. These schools have excellent accredited programs in counseling fields.
Being a counselor requires a counseling degree. Education requirements for becoming a counselor consist of a Bachelor s degree and a Master s program degree.

Counseling is a branch of Social work. Applying to a liberal arts university or college is suggested. Becoming a board-certified counselor requires two degrees.

Once you have completed your Master’s Program degree, you must pass the national counseling exam. This is a requirement by the national board for certified counselors.

There may also be many opportunities for internships after graduation as well. It is advised to begin looking for internships. Becoming a counselor also requires that graduates complete a practicum and internship hours. These hours are to be done in a clinical field.

Practicum requires 100 to 300 hours. Counseling students work alongside licensed advisors in their field. Students will be a part of meetings and get to experience counseling sessions.

An internship is a way to gain experience in the field as well. You will be working in the counseling environment, and the knowledge you will gain will help you become a better counselor.

All states require the National Counselor Exam ( NCE) to be licensed for counseling. The licensing process can take up to three years. This exam is a measure of how well you understand the field you are going into.

Can I be a counselor without a degree?

Can I be a counselor without a degree?

To become a counselor, it is a requirement to have a degree. Licensure requirements vary by state, but counseling will need a license to practice.

Counseling requires a license and two degrees. You cannot practice counseling without the correct certifications.

Many advisors have a doctoral degree. It is not required, but if you would like other counseling jobs, it is of suggestion.

Every state may have other requirements for accreditation of counseling. States may have you take your exam every three years or every ten years.

Do counselors make good money?

Counselors make about $56,000 per year. Some sources discuss how much advisors make per year. Having your practice is an excellent way to increase your pay too. There is more involved with having a private practice. However, you can choose your patients and be your boss.

School advisors make around $56,000. This is the average for those working in schools that are state and locally funded.

A licensed mental health advisor averages around $58,000 per year. Marriage and family therapists average around $50,000 per year.

How much do counselors with experience make per hour?

On average, counselors can make around $15.00 per hour starting. This hourly wage can increase to about $38.00 per hour. Hourly pay for advisors can vary based on the state, experience, company, and more. Mental health counselors make about $39.00 per hour.

What is the highest paid counseling job?

What is the highest paid counseling job?

Several counseling jobs pay very well. Being a Psychiatrist is an excellent way to get paid a higher wage as a counselor.

They make $200,000 per year. It is a requirement to be in school for 8 years.

Many advisors have gone into the Sports Psychology field. On average, they earn $60,000 per year.

Marriage counselors are earning on average $59,000 per year, and this branch of counseling is multiplying. More and more couples are going to marriage counseling these days.

Family counselors average $50,000 per year. Grief counselors are averaging about $42,000 per year. These are all averages and can fluctuate based on location.

Is there a demand for Counselors?

There is a demand for counselors.

There is a 25% increase in the demand for counselors. This rate is growing, and the need for advisors is very high.

With the pandemic and ever-changing political climate in the U.S. alone, people require counselors. Whether they are depressed from being inside or have substance abuse problems, the rates are snowballing.

With new laws in place, the demand for drug abuse advisors will increase quickly. There are new laws regarding court-mandated rehabs instead of going to jail or prison.

Rehabilitation of drug offenders is on the rise, and counselors are needed in this area.

Now, judges are sentencing drug offenders to rehab and counseling instead of going to jail. Stats show that rehabs are more helpful to offenders than going to jail multiple times.

Is counseling a stressful job?

Is counseling a stressful job?

Counseling can be a stressful job. Every job can be stressful. Helping others solve their problems is stressful and draining.

Often, the counselors cannot take their advice and do the same. Sometimes being a counselor is depressing. Feeling like you have not helped your patient can put a lot of stress on someone.

Counselors take on everyone’s stress and problems. They have a tough time not forgetting their patient’s problems.

A lot of counselors get down when they cannot help their patients overnight. Counseling is gradual, and no one will be fixed in one session.

Final Thoughts

A career in counseling can be rewarding. It is stressful, like any job. If you want to save lives and be a vital part of someone’s life, counseling could be excellent for you.

Counseling is not easy and requires six years of education from college and grad school. Counseling is a role that can help change someone’s life forever.

This is a great career if you are ready to help others overcome their problems and live a better life.

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