Best Contact Centers - Lead Generation and Virtual Assistant Services

Best Contact Centers – Lead Generation and Virtual Assistant Services

/ 12:22 PM February 18, 2021

As your business expands, you’ll eventually need the best contact centers in the world. You’ll have a larger customer base, so your company should be able to address their concerns. You must have a dedicated team that can provide real-time solutions. Usually, they’re the ones answering phone calls regarding client issues.

Nowadays, call center solutions are not enough due to the ever-improving software solutions. Instead, companies rely on call centers to provide customer solutions. These facilities have advanced features beyond regular live answering call center services. These may include virtual assistants, live chat, email correspondence, and many others.


What Are The Best Contact Centers?

best contact centers

Major companies have a proprietary call center equipped with the latest software solutions. They provide all the additional features you need for an enhanced customer experience. In contrast, your fledgling company may not have the resources for additional facilities. Fortunately, you may outsource all these call center services to the best call centers.

Overview Of Top Companies

  1. Apex Call Centers – Overall Best Contact Center
  2. BPO Relations – Friendliest Agents With High English Proficiency
  3. LeadAdvisors – Best Contact Center For Lead Generation
  4. Teletech – Best Innovations In Customer Experience
  5. Sykes – Best Holistic Solutions
  6. Intrado – Best Cloud-Based Solutions
  7. Conduent – Best In Serving Various Industries
  8. Concentrix – Best In Future-Proofing Businesses
  9. TeleDirect – Best In Reliable Contact Center Needs
  10. XACT – Best In Domestic-Based Outsourcing

1. Apex Call Centers – Overall Best Contact Center

Apex Call Centers

If you want to expand globally, you need to connect with several nations. Apex Call Centers have the manpower you need to spread your business operations worldwide. It’s the best contact center with agents that speak 25 languages. These include English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Swedish, and more!

More importantly, Apex Call Centers maintain high metrics from their employees:

  • Customer satisfaction = over 85%
  • 1st call resolution = over 80%
  • Average speed to answer within a minute = 80%+
  • Call abandonment = -5%

Of course, the automated chat takes care of simpler tasks. If needed, agents take care of concerns needing human interaction.

Moreover, Apex is the best contact center service that provides these BPO solutions:

  • Data Entry – Apex could perform the tasks you need in the best way.
  • Order Processing – The company employs experts for this function.
  • Accounting Call Center Services – Apex has accountants that can crunch your numbers despite extreme pressure.
  • Medical Billing And Coding – Apex may perform this task after you provide proper business documentation.
  • Legal Outsourcing – The company employs a huge team of legal experts. They can thoroughly perform legalese tasks on time.
  • Loan Service – Apex ensures interest and other fees and files are updated on time.

2. BPO Relations – Friendliest Agents With High English Proficiency

BPO Relations

This is one of the best contact centers that Filipinos power. The Philippines is the 3rd largest English-speaking nation, so agents from the country are highly fluent. What’s more, they are naturally warm and compassionate. This enables them to connect with your clients much better than most call centers.


BPO Relations can help with more BPO services like:


  • Live Transfer Campaign – The company can facilitate lead generation as well.
  • Data & Research – BPO Relations can gather and organize the information you need, from recruitment research to human resources.
  • Inbound & Outbound Calls – It’s one of the best contact centers with the friendliest virtual assistants. They can quickly build trust with your customers.
  • Document Collection – The company makes sure no time is wasted on pending or missing documents.
  • Back Office Support – BPO relations can handle the mundane tasks for your back-office work.

3. LeadAdvisors – Best Contact Center For Lead Generation


Nowadays, marketing heavily uses lead generation for marketing. Customers must show interest at every stage of your sales funnel, and your marketing team should monitor every step. Fortunately, LeadAdvisors has the experts you need to manage your marketing. Their teams could handle that aspect so that you can concentrate further on your business.

They can make your digitals ads as well as your landing pages. Also, they could ensure your brand tops search engines using search engine optimization (SEO).

LeadAdvisors agents perform these other tasks as well:

  • Call & Email – As one of the best contact centers, it allows communication via phone and email.
  • Appointment Setup – The company can contact your clients to set up meetings.
  • Document Collection – LeadAdvisors virtual assistants can follow up on incomplete proposals and find missing documents.
  • Assign Reoccurring Tasks – LeadAdvisors can regularly perform other tasks, such as email correspondence, invoice management, and document preparation.

4. Teletech – Best Innovations In Customer Experience

4. Teletech - Best Innovations In Customer Experience

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Started in 1982, Teletech is one of the best contact centers that has expanded to 6 continents. Moreover, the company prides itself on its Omnichannel CX technology.

This helps their clients reach customers using various types of media. In turn, they enable other clients to expand their reach and increase sales.

Teletech Omnichannel CS provides the following call center services:

  • Contact Center Software – With its Humanify technology, Teletech provides personalized experiences centered around customers.
  • Journey Orchestration – It’s one of the best contact centers that offer personalized call center services using proprietary technologies.
  • Messaging – Teletech’s TTEC Humanify platform enables clients to meet customers anywhere at any time.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – The company’s solutions integrate and optimize customer data to analyze customer behavior.
  • Systems Integration – Teletech is one of the best contact centers with over 20 years of experienced with multi-vendor technologies.

5. Sykes – Best Holistic Solutions

One of the best contact centers has served multiple Global 2000 companies: Sykes. The company’s goal is to help people in every interaction. They enable brands to concentrate on their specializations by taking on their other tasks. Sykes does this by providing a wide range of call center services:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Transaction Handling
  • Training
  • Delivery Models
  • Engagement & Coaching
  • Remote Work
  • Risk Management

It proudly offers a well-rounded customer experience driven by engagement and loyalty. Sykes believes companies should connect using all media channels, so its agents can help with:

  • Customer Experience Analyses
  • Intelligent Customer Experience Innovations
  • Multi-channel Solutions
  • Self-service
  • Chat Support
  • Social Media Care

6. Intrado – Best Cloud-Based Solutions

6. Intrado - Best Cloud-Based Solutions

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If you need the best contact center with cloud-based capabilities, check out Intrado. The company offers proprietary software that enables teamwork no matter where or when.

For example, Hoot Meetings is Intrado’s next-gent online meeting tool with a seamless and user-friendly experience. Intrado’s solutions include the following call center services:

  • Marketing
  • International Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Investor Relations
  • Emergency Response Communication Technology
  • School Communication powered by SchoolMessenger
  • Telecom call center services via Flowroute
  • Patient Engagement Technology via Televox

7. Conduent – Best In Serving Various Industries

With 25 years of experience, Conduent deserves to be one of the best contact centers. It has served multiple Fortune 500 companies and various industries.

The company improves other businesses based on several metrics:

  • Reduces 30% of call center inquiries
  • Cuts call handling time by 20%
  • Increases cost savings for print & mail by 10-25%
  • Boosts conversion rate by 20%

Also, Conduent provides the following call center services:

  • HR & Learning Solutions
  • Document Management
  • Casualty Claims Solutions
  • Procurement, Finance, and Accounting
  • Legal Solutions
  • Financial Industry Solutions

8. Concentrix – Best In Future-Proofing Businesses

8. Concentrix - Best In Future-Proofing Businesses

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At first glance, the Concentrix homepage looks quirkier than its competitors. However, it just follows the company’s drive for bold and unique innovation. Nevertheless, Concentrix earns its spot as one of the call centers. It provides the technologies its clients need to stay ahead of competitors.

The company promotes an evolving workforce to give a better customer experience. It does this by providing the following solutions:

  • Automation, Innovation & Optimization
  • Engagement Services
  • Revenue Growth
  • Content Moderation
  • Business Messaging

9. TeleDirect – Best In Reliable Contact Center Needs

If you need straightforward customer service outsourced, check out TeleDirect. The company proudly stands on its adaptability, reliability, quality, and capability.

As one of the best contact centers, Teletech provides the following call center services for big and small businesses:

  • Capable Call Center Services – Various business sectors use Teletech’s platform to stay on top of customer service.
  • Flexibility – The company has offices in Sacramento, CA, and growing Texas, Georgia, and other states. They enable Teletech to meet their clients’ needs.
  • Excellent Customer Service – Its domestic-based team can provide new customer service platforms and call center improvements.

10. XACT – Best In Domestic-Based Outsourcing

10. XACT - Best In Domestic-Based Outsourcing

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It’s one of the best contact centers that provide clients with exact direction and insight. XACT uses these to improve customer satisfaction in other businesses.

What’s more, it’s one of the pioneers of the work-from-home model during the 2000s. They also built their Home Program from scratch and made it better over the years.

Here are the solutions you can get from XACT:

  • Customer Assistance Desk
  • Chat and Web Support
  • Telephone Answering Services
  • Support and Service Dispatch
  • Outbound Response/Survey

What Are Contact Centers?

What Are Contact Centers?

People now have access to multiple kinds of media such as Facebook, SMS, and Whatsapp. The internet brought technologies beyond the telephone like iOS and Android mobile devices.

As a result, businesses must be present in these new types of media to connect with customers. Consequently, call centers became the new practice for businesses.

As we’ve mentioned, these provide more features than regular call centers. These additional call center services include:

  • VoIP Telephone Answering Service
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Live chat
  • Direct Interface for Websites

The best contact centers use the best contact center solutions to help the needs of other businesses. These call center software may include the following:

  • ZenDesk Talk
  • Genesys Cloud
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics

Key Features

A call center also has key features that set it apart from typical call centers. These enable the company to perform better overall:

  • Advanced Call Routing – This maximizes the amount of fielded calls and customer satisfaction. Automatic call distribution also has features similar to the best call center software. It also has computer-telephony integration and interactive voice response (IVR), call recording, CRM integration, and predictive dialers.
  • Modularity – Contact centers enable your customer service team to work as a team for better performance. Scripts – These help the handling of customer interactions. However, the best customer support teams must know how to improvise when necessary.
  • Real-time Reporting – Contact centers track customer satisfaction and agent performance. The analytics involved are complicated, so companies should select the ones that match their business goals.

Types of Contact Centers

Types of Contact Centers

Just like businesses, call centers aren’t identical to one another. The best contact centers perform at a level superior to other competitors.

Moreover, contact centers can be classified according to the software they use. This affects the quality and the types of call center services they provide:

  • Hardware – These are enabled by physical servers found within business premises. The company needs enough office space and technology to contain and maintain its servers.
  • Cloud-based – A cloud provider hosts the online server that filters all inbound and outbound communications. Cloud contact centers are similar to other types, but their call center services, like cloud-based calling, are more accessible.
  • Hosted – An outside company provides these. The best contact centers enable other companies to minimize expenditures for superior inbound call center services.
  • Virtual – This kind of contact center works remotely so that agents can provide virtual receptionist call center services. It gives comfort and flexibility to the agents while also reducing business costs.

Why Do You Need Contact Centers?

Why Do You Need Contact Centers?

Your company needs more as it expands. For instance, you’ll need larger sales teams to call client phone numbers and serve as telemarketers. In response, you should have a call answering service that can handle more phone calls. You’ll gain more customers, but your business should be ready to take care of their concerns.

This will require a lot of funds and time to hire your teams and acquire the necessary technologies. That’s why you should outsource your needs to the best contact centers. They provide the latest software solutions and the workforce you need. Outsourcing allows you to gain these functions for less time and lower costs quickly.

Customers still prefer speaking with an agent rather than automated alternatives. They want another person to guide them through their issues and concerns. The best contact centers provide that human touch to client interactions superbly and efficiently. Their latest technologies facilitate the customer relations work of their excellent agents.

What Are The Best Contact Centers?

What Are The Best Contact Centers?

Your company deserves the best for its long-term growth. That’s why you should outsource your business needs to the top-tier contact centers. These have the latest technologies your company needs to expand. In turn, they could help improve your brand by adding more inbound call center services.

In contrast, some of the best contact centers can improve your existing inbound and outbound call center services. They do this by integrating new technologies into them. Moreover, they have dedicated experts that can handle your business needs. Some may even provide teams that speak foreign languages.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, we’ve just listed the best contact center services according to our criteria. However, your choice should match your business needs and goals. They have more services than inbound call centers and outbound call centers. The best contact centers that have the essential phone systems and the latest tech.

For instance, you may search for more choices online, such as RingCentral contact center. Read their websites carefully to learn more about how your brand can benefit. Afterward, contact your chosen company directly for further assistance. This will allow you to coordinate with the company and find out more details such as strategies and pricing.

Updated July 15, 2021
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