Why You Should Start Online Grocery Shopping | What to Consider

Why Should You Buy Groceries Online?

Online grocery shopping has been a convenient way of having all the stuff you need at home with just a click of a button. The evolution of technology has given us such convenience that it makes us more efficient in our daily jobs, tasks, and other plans that we have for the day. So in this article, we will be providing you some reasons why you should or should not buy or do your groceries online.

What Are Online Grocers?

Doing online shopping has never been so easy. Many online grocers, like Instacart, appear everywhere to provide solutions to people who need assistance, especially for the family’s home essentials.

Different supermarkets now offer online shopping options given the current situation and provide the utmost convenience in the comfort of their own homes.

They are called online grocers. Supermarkets or stand-alone stores that have e-commerce platforms that let their customers do their shopping or groceries online.

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Advantages of Online Grocery Shopping

So what advantage does online grocery or shopping provide for their customers? There’s a lot to mention. Because you can do everything online. Grocery shopping is one on the list when you are a home base tech person doing most of your things online.

Here are some great benefits of buying your daily household needs online.


Why Buy Groceries Online?

As years passed, many inventions and innovations are being discovered to provide us the best convenience we need in life. From technology to lifestyle, and even food. These all make our day-to-day life a lot easier. And that is why doing groceries and shopping online have been a trend for most of us these days.

Providing ease and comfort on the most tiring chore that we all need to do — grocery shopping.

Doing grocery online has been a trend. It has been accepted and done by many because it saves people so much time, money, and the effort of searching for the things you need to buy. Not only that, but it also lets you multitask on different things both at work and at home.


All you need to do is go through your phone or laptop, choose the things you need to buy, and have those delivered right to your doorstep. That is the most convenient thing you need, especially now that you also need to consider avoiding crowded places to avoid being infected by the ongoing pandemic.

No More Traffic or Parking Hassle

Not only that, it can give you so much convenience when it comes to picking your grocery items section by section. But it also saves you a lot of gas, parking fees, and less time off traffic as you get used to buying things and delivering those right at your doorstep.

You will then appreciate the little things that doing your groceries online will be beneficial for you.
Saving gas due to the heavy traffic and the hassle of searching for that perfect parking spot will surely make your day worth it. In addition to that, no more long lines of waiting at the counter to pay for your items bought.

With just a click of buy now or add to cart button, you will then know how much time, money, effort, gas, and other resources you have saved doing everything online, plus the convenience of having your grocery delivery for free when you reach a certain amount.


online grocery shopping

One primary concern of online grocers is the freshness of the food that they are ordering online. It is a crucial factor since we all want our food to be fresh the way it is supposed to be.

But, worry not! Because most online grocers already took note of that primary concern and have made a way of providing the utmost freshness your food and you deserve.

Some of the food you order online is either packed in a special container or stored in freezing storage before delivering or picking them up in-store, like ice cream. It is called flash freezing.

Since orders online are being of prioritization to fulfill customer’s expectations, specific processes are of consideration by groceries and supermarkets to maintain the freshness of the food and goods you order.

Disadvantages of Online Grocery Shopping

We have tackled most of the considerable advantages when doing groceries online.

Let’s now talk about the cons or the disadvantages you should consider before trying it out or directly clicking everything you want online and adding them to your cart. As it’s not always purely beneficial to grocers, here are some things you need to put in mind.

You’re Not the One Picking the Groceries

in store shopping

A tiny problem with buying things online is that you don’t get to pick the specific product you want personally. For example, the box of your favorite cereals doesn’t seem to be in perfect shape or condition when delivered—or picking the newest stock that was on display.

There are still issues regarding that. Since you are only selecting items virtually, you never get to feel or touch the product before adding it to your cart, especially if you are a traditionalist grocer and want that sensational feeling and smell of the product before buying.

Also, when a particular item is out of stock, you can’t decide directly which items to replace or be as a substitute to the item that is not currently available.

Online, you can only see and believe that everything will be the same as how you imagine them to be. Even though this is an issue for online buyers, it is still a best practice to always check the groceries that you buy online upon delivery.

And if ever a problem occurs, call out immediately to the store and report any unwanted, deformed, expired products delivered. For sure, they will replace or refund it if possible.

Less Beneficial Towards Local Grocers

Although the benefits of online grocery shopping are for the vast majority, it impacts most local grocers since they are small scale businesses. As supermarkets and big groceries get their supply from large scale food producers.

Small scale farmers and food growers are having a hard time competing with their prices, as they have to be somehow on the same page as to how big manufacturers position their products.

Local grocers can’t afford to compete with big manufacturers as they only deliver a small number of products to local groceries and supermarkets. These stores then feature products with a high inventory level and can suffice buyers’ growing demand online.

Can Be More Expensive

Another disadvantage of doing your groceries online is that it can be more expensive. Compared to what you usually pay for when in local groceries, prices can differ depending on the demand, quantity, and many factors.

Even location is also a factor. Because you are doing your buying online, if your option is to have a contactless delivery, specific fees can be of addition to the final amount when you check out. You call this the delivery fee.

It is a major factor contributing to how much your final bill will be. Another factor that makes your grocery delivered more expensive has a personal shopper. A personal shopper is the one who will do the shopping for you with a corresponding fee as well.

The good thing about this is that most online grocery stores offer free delivery when you reach a certain amount or value. And of course, the location of the delivery will be considered.

It is an excellent way of giving more to consumers and letting them try and shop at your store once again. Fear not, there are many ways to save money while shopping for groceries online.

Final Thoughts

online grocery shopping

Overall, there is no harm in trying new ways where it will benefit you the most. There may be pros and cons, but you as an individual know what gains and risks you will be having at the end of the day. Times are changing, and so are we.

We need to adapt to new habits and technologies that are more convenient in a lot of ways. We need to be ready for the outcome and always be of preparation for changes that are continuously happening around us.

Doing online grocery nowadays is the best suggestion to considering that we still have the pandemic going on. Safe practice of social distancing and avoiding crowded places is a must to ensure safety for you and your family.

As they call it, this’ new normal brought a whole new light on how we do things from before. And we must learn to adapt and appreciate the value it got us. These changes are now being essential to our daily lives, and it provides us the best comfort that would fit our situation currently.

And not until this pandemic is over. We have to constantly find new ways how we can live more conveniently and comfortably.

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