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All Slot Games Are Not Equal

/ 01:56 PM January 23, 2021

One hundred seventeen thousand six hundred forty-nine ways to win, with special features such as bonus games, bonus rounds, and unlimited multipliers! It’s no wonder Megaways slots have become popular among players and found in all the best online casinos.

With no paylines, Megaways slots stand out from regular three and five-reel games. Their innovative format is dynamic and ever-changing, allowing for the possibility of massive wins on every spin.

The developers of Megaways wanted to take online slots to a new level and dramatically change the face of slots for the punters, and they’ve done this. You can click here for more information on the best Megaway slots for January 2021.

The Developers

Big Time Gaming, a software company based in Sydney, Australia, developed the Megaways mechanics. In 2011, the company had the vision to transform the nature of online slots and give players a new experience with big potential winnings. They built on earlier slots’ success, such as the 243 ways mechanics, by generating an advanced Megaways version.


Big Time Gaming changed the perception of online slots with their first games like Bonanza, White Rabbit, and Extra Chilli. These games created a stir in online casinos worldwide and have become some of the most popular games available.

BTG patented the software and has since licensed other gaming studios to create new slot games, with a broader range of games available. Today, Megaways slots are found in every online casino, with a new game coming out every week. Blueprint Gaming was the first developer allowed to have access to the reel modifying system.

All Slot Games Are Not Equal

What’s the Buzz All About

With no paylines, how does it all work? We could get very technical here, but Megaways is simply a random reel modifier mechanism that generates a random number of symbols with every spin, creating thousands of winning options. They are usually in a six-reel format, with some five-reel games, and then other games have an added reel of four symbols.

With every spin, you can have two to seven symbols on a reel. And by multiplying these, you will increase your winnings. The result could be 2x3x4x4x3x2 or 7x7x7x7x7x7. The dynamics can be confusing for a newcomer so let us look at these combinations in the following example.

2 symbols on reel 1 = 2

3 symbols on reel 2 = 6 (3×2)

4 symbol on reel 3 = 24 (6×4)

4 symbols on reel 4 = 96 (24×4)

3 symbols on reel 5 = 288 (96×3)

2 symbols on reel 6 = 576 (288×2)

Megaways mechanics offer thousands of combinations, and you probably won’t hit the top payout on every spin. With every turn, you will have a different outcome. Here’s an example of the largest possible combination.

7 symbols on reel 1 = 7

7 symbols on reel 2 = 49 (7×7)

7 symbols on reel 3 = 343 (49 x 7)

7 symbols on reel 4 = 2,401 (343 x 7)

7 symbols on reel 5 = 16,807 (2,401 x7)

7 symbols on reel 6 = 117,649 (16,807 x7)

The reason Megaways are so popular and different from other slots is because of the possibility of big wins and multiple winning combinations. Most of the games have a high to medium volatility with a higher than average RTP, making it very attractive for serious gamblers.

Pros and Cons of Megaways Slots

It all sounds fantastic and too good to be true, but there are pros and cons with every online game.

Megaways slots offer an exciting and thrilling experience, but it can be confusing for the newcomer. Although, once you have grasped the concept, you are in for some fun. So, the idea is to give them a trial run. Several casinos allow you to do this with their casino bonuses.

The good news is that there are more winning combinations, but hitting those big wins is a little more challenging.

The games have a medium to high volatility, which takes time for bonus rounds to kick in.

Bigger maximum payouts are desirable but don’t expect to hit the top 117 649x on every spin.

In Conclusion

According to news reports, online slots are a growing trend and will become more prevalent in 2021.

There are huge advantages when playing Megaways slots with all the bonus features and exciting combinations. These slots have changed the face of online slots with their superb design and dynamic, action-centered gameplay.

As they have a higher than average RTP with high volatility, they are more suited to seasoned gamers. Newcomers should take the opportunity of trying the games by using casino bonuses and offers to try for free. Once you understand the mechanics, it is action all the way.

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