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Best Medical Face Masks Reviews On Amazon

Wearing a mask is necessary as it’s an integral part of disease control and prevention. It has always been the case since Louis Pasteur discovered the air presence of bacteria in 1861. Wearing a mask has seen its emergence during the outbreak of the 1918 Spanish flu. It has been effective in slowing down the spread of illnesses such as the common cold in Asian countries for ages.

In our present situation, when there is a global pandemic, there should not be a question about it. However, with various masks online, we must discuss the benefits and differences among these products.

Medical Face Masks

This is a personal protective equipment that covers both the nose and mouth of whoever wears it. The device’s main objective is to stop respiratory droplets from being passed on to and from the wearer. They can be flat or pleated with some looking like cups and are secured to the head by ear loops.

The history of the medical mask dates back to early modern Europe as a practice against contagious diseases. From looking bird-like as worn by plague doctors of the time, it has since evolved. At the same time, still proven effective at preventing bacterial and viral transmission through breathing.

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Surgical Masks

These cloth face coverings create a barrier between the wearer and possible contaminants in the work environment. Especially worn during surgery, these prevent the spread of potential infection to patients. It keeps people involved safe by catching bacteria in aerosols and liquid droplets from the wearer’s nose and mouth.

These were created from fabrics that allow air to pass through while filtering bacteria and viruses. It is meant to keep the patients and immediate environment safe from substances expelled by the person wearing it. It’s often put on during the length of time of a particular medical procedure. It needs to be thrown out immediately after the usage for infection control.

Disposable Filter Masks

It is generally designed to filter out varying sizes of hazardous particles inhaled in the air. It’s intended to be used only once. Disposable masks with insertable filters are the better option for people who aren’t working in health care. Filter inserts give additional protection that’s both efficient and convenient.


Disposable respirators are meant to keep the wearer safer from harmful substances in the immediate area. It must be worn and then taken off in a sterile environment. It also needs to be put on at all times the person is in a possible contaminated location.

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Disposable Filter Face Masks vs. Surgical Face Masks

A disposable face mask with filters seems to be the same as used during surgeries or other medical procedures. At the same time, the two have entirely different functionalities. The kind with disposable filters keeps the person safe from possible harmful particles created by the immediate environment.


Surgical masks are created to keep the mucus or saliva of the wearer from infecting the work environment. It also lowers the chance of blood or other bodily fluids getting in essential workers’ nose and mouth.

Another difference is that the ones with disposable filters seal tightly to the face. In comparison, the surgical ones are more loose-fitting.

Benefits of Face Masks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises the public to wear a cloth face covering. This is to prevent the spread of respiratory infections. It is especially true in public settings where distancing measures cannot be strictly followed, like in mass transportation or grocery stores. They help protect both you and others against viral illnesses.

Is A Certification of FDA Important for Masks?

The Food and Drug Administration certifies medical devices once they validate the benefits outweigh the risk of said device. It means manufacturers must be able to prove their product is safe and effective for their intended use.

Masks are checked for flammability, fluid resistance, and both bacterial and particulate filtration efficiency.

Best Face Mask Reviews on Amazon 

Annor Disposable Face Masks

Best Face masks

Price: $5.94

Key Feature

The name of the brand is ANNOR and is blue. It’s a normal-sized disposable face mask and weighs 0.4 pounds.


This product is excellent for everyday use and can be worn while working or doing daily activities. It’s breathable at the same time offering reliable protection. It’s lightweight compared to standard cloth face coverings. It still is of good quality as it has three layers present in it. The mask is comfortable in terms of use because of a nose clip to keep it in place. A snug fit is achieved by adjusting the nose piece and twisting the ear loops once.


It’s mainly for members of the general public. The certificate included in the package states it’s not intended for hospital staff use. It also provides good packaging as it allows masks to be pulled out one at a time without touching the front. It gets delivered quickly, and it serves its purpose and a reasonable price for a pack of 50.


Huheta Disposable Face Mask

Best Face Masks

Price: $4.79

Key Feature

The name of the brand is TATUBE, and it comes in only one color. It comes in a pack of 1 with 50 counts in it.


It provides highly-efficient protection by isolating the face from particles in the air and screening droplets, dust, and smog.

The nose support made of plastic wire is used to seal it around the nose area of your face. It’s easier to breathe through than woven cloth masks.


It gets delivered within the promised timeframe. A tracking number is provided to assure the buyer of its delivery status.

The masks are made in China and overall looks to be well made. The seller takes precautions with disinfecting the product before it arrives. Each box has a certificate of inspection that says it has a shelf life of three years. It’s a satisfactory product which is reasonably priced.


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