Best Lead Generation Companies to Help Increase Your Traffic (2021)

Best Lead Generation Companies

09:33 AM March 12, 2020

How do the best lead generation companies create a strong following for your brand? It starts with lead generation services that entice people to visit your website. Doing this organically is time-consuming and draining, thanks to changing consumer demand and brand loyalty tactics.

Many marketing and sales teams hire lead generation companies to extend their customer reach and keep the sales pipeline flowing without slowing to a trickle. With so many lead generation companies out there, we’ve narrowed it down to the four best companies that will give you the best results in record time.


What are Lead Generation Services?

What are Lead Generation Services?

It can be difficult to pinpoint just what lead generation services are because there are so many different strategies that “guarantee success.” Simply put, lead generation companies make consumers interested in a business’s product or service through various strategies. They are called leads.

Taking an interest in a business product can come in many shapes, from answering an online survey to signing up for an email newsletter. After a communication channel is opened, the business can engage with the lead to close a sale.

In essence, they are trying to convert you from visitors to customers.

These services fall under the big umbrella of advertising, but lead generation companies are different in gathering b2b leads, updating them, and giving you access to that data and databases. Another method that distinguishes them from advertising is using non-paid resources like organic search engine results and customer referrals.

Gone are the days when salesmen knock on your front door to sell you a product. Today, things are done more discreetly and organically.

Top Lead Generation Companies

Best Lead Generation Companies

With so many lead generation services and strategies, it can be hard to find the right lead generation company for you.

However, we narrowed it down to the best companies whose services make them stand out from everyone else.


Lead Advisors – Small Business Lead Generation Company

Best Landing Pages for Lead Generation


Lead Advisors is a leading company in funnel lead gen services for any midsize and enterprise business or eCommerce. They generate high-quality leads by optimizing your sales and marketing efforts.

Optimized custom eCommerce websites

Lead Advisors develop an effective plan that puts the sole focus on improving your revenue and cost per acquisition (CPA). Brands can become the best in their industry with the help of Lead Advisors, who builds a full strategy for you through effective marketing like blogging and social content pages.

They can generate quality leads through the use of targeted Google advertisements. Other online platforms like Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. If there is an opportunity, Lead Advisors will seize it to give you optimum results.

They review your audience demographic through the sales funnel strategy, getting down to the basics of your audience’s age, gender, location, and relationship status. This basic understanding of your audience will help capture their attention in future campaigns.

Search engine optimization services 

search engine optimization seo

In today’s digital age, search engine optimization (SEO) is fundamental to success. It is the lifeline of online marketing, and this B2B lead generation company recognizes that.

Lead Advisors has a wide array of SEO services ready for your company. They can perform on-site SEO analysis, making your content accessible on search engines. Because they know what search engines like Google look for, they can build informative content through target keywords that will bring readers to your brand.

Another important service they have is a link-building strategy, which builds your internal link profile. Executing this strategically will give you the authority on the subject and a good reputation in the online sphere.

Enterprise Call Center

LeadAdvisors can help you connect with customers, without the hassle of directly cold calling, on a range of inbound and outbound marketing through call center services. They have extensive experience in various airlines, small businesses, travel, banking, and more. Call center solutions can help you attain business objectives and stay ahead of the competition. Some great reasons to use contact center solutions are:

  • Reduce Labor Operation Cost – Save up to 70% on hourly wages while also reducing operational overhead costs
  • Increase Efficiency and Capacity – Increase revenue with a higher workforce capacity while maintaining full personnel and processes.
  • State of the Art Infrastructure – Their contact centers have robust IT infrastructure and secure network systems.

Content Management Automation

LeadAdvisors also specializes in content management automation. Content Management Automation is the process of where content is of modification, management, and creation all on a feature of automation. This creates a higher efficiency in not only your workflow but also your workforce as a whole.

Google Analytics Integration

Setting up Google ads is great, but it means nothing. There’s no way for you to monitor your progress. Lead Advisors understands the power of reporting and analytics. They will link your Google ads account with Google Analytics to measure your advertising campaigns’ success better.

It is essential to get Google Analytics and Google Ads conversion tracking installed on your website. These tools are of utilization to optimize your account as it allows us to see what campaigns, ads, or keywords are converting.

Email marketing and Drip Campaign Strategies

email marketing and drip marketing

A drip campaign is when existing content is automated and sent to your list of qualified leads. Drip campaigns are popularly done through emails and media channels, exposing the same people to your brand multiple times. This effort will hopefully bring them to the sales cycle.

When contact is familiar with a brand, it increases the chances of eventually purchasing your product. Lead Advisors will take this task and do it for you.

This is what makes them one of the best lead generation companies.

Check Out LeadAdvisors Now – the Philippines and Global - the Philippines and Global

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Founded in 2017, iProfit Social focuses on the profitability of Instagram by tapping Instagram influencers and brands.


influencer marketing

Partner influencers have access to a dashboard to track their account growth and manage campaigns in real-time. This lead generation company also optimizes the partner influencer’s Instagram page to make it more attractive for brand partnerships.

For instance, these influencers then become part of an exclusive high-quality network. This network is where they can grow and learn.


Brands will benefit if they turn to profit in social profit. This is because they will have access to their influencers’ network, leading many of their followers to land pages. As decision-makers, brands can also find the right influencer for their brand to optimize their marketing campaigns.

Marketing automation

In addition, Instagram marketing services from profit social provides a service that generates social traffic on Facebook through big brands that advertise for them, such as Fila PH, Lazada, and Nike PH.

Check out iProfitSocial Now

Alliance Telenet – Outsourcing and Telemarketing

Alliance Telenet - Outsourcing and Telemarketing

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Alliance Telenet is the sister company of BPO Relations, and they specialize in providing you with end-to-end business solutions through outreach and telemarketing services.


Alliance Telenet can relieve your organization by answering your overflown marketing calls, taking care of your B2B appointment setting needs, and around-the-clock task management features.

Digital Solutions

digital solutions

Aside from that, they supply other services like digital solutions made up of website developers, graphic designers, marketing consultants, and customer profile service professionals.

Your team will help you define and build the right digital vision and online marketing for your business.

The Value of People

People at Alliance Telenet know the value of having a passionate leader and cultivating a positive work environment. They strive to take care of their employees to ensure a healthy professional culture, making them one of the top lead generation companies out there.

Check out Alliance Telenet Now

Lead Generation Strategies

lead generation company strategies

The lead generation process and companies have various ways to qualify leads, from paid ads to media posts. We’re breaking down the different strategies to ensure success in today’s digital age.

Website Forms

Lead qualification can happen through website forms. Website forms are popular for digital magazines and news websites because they can be integrated naturally into the web theme and design.

They can be as simple as registering for more free content or asking for feedback on an article you just read. Sometimes, businesses attract leads by giving a freebie in exchange for answering their forms.

Once they hold on to your personal information, especially your email, they can send you special promos, discounts, and other content that might help them convert you into a sale.

Social Media

social media lead generation strategy

The game of advertising and marketing drastically changed when social content rose in popularity. More and more people are spending their days on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This makes it a hotspot for marketing teams to turn users into potential customers.

Social media makes it very easy to guide readers to action like a purchase or a registration. All it takes is a crafty post, alluring visuals, and the right timing to lead almost anyone to your company’s website. The top lead generation companies will take advantage of media and continue to expand on their ways to attract more customers.

Google Ads

Google is the most used search engine, so running targeted ads using keywords can catch the attention of a potential lead while they’re browsing the web. After they click on the ad, it will redirect them to your landing page, where additional strategies can convert them into a successful sale.

The best part about Google ads is that you only have to pay if you click on an ad. This helps businesses kick off their content marketing campaigns on Google and boost sales.


woman telemarketing

Contrary to popular belief, telemarketing can still be an effective strategy according to lead generation companies. There’s a secret to becoming a telemarketing pro and finding enough leads.

It’s all about working hard on your target audience and making sure you’re creating a conversation rather than just a presentation. This way, it becomes a two-way street, allowing you to engage with the potential lead.

While the quality of the call is important, one must not ignore quantity. It’s a simple truth that the more phone calls you make, the higher the prospects are closing a sale.

Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are the most intimate and personal form of reaching out to a person. This is because you are delivering it straight to their inbox.

The content on email newsletters varies. Turn a visitor into a subscriber by including links to blog posts they might have missed throughout the week or exclusive discount codes for them. These small actions can create a large impact on turning passive users into loyal customers.

Not all lead generation service companies are the same. And yet, here are the companies performing on their A-game to generate sales, spread brand awareness, and gather data.

Generating Leads with Sponsored Content

Generating Business Leads with Sponsored Content

If you’re a new startup or small company trying to generate leads and grow your customer base, you’ve probably already noticed it’s not always easy.

When you have limited marketing dollars at hand, how do you choose the best return on investment (ROI) opportunities for your spending? For example, should you be investing in social media ads, branded content, or should you focus on audience building through content creation instead?

Using sponsored content can help your website get higher rankings than it would normally. The idea is that if you publish something on your site with the right keywords, it may appear in search engine results for those keywords when someone searches for them.


Above all, companies like iProfit Social succeed by focusing their lead generation efforts on one media page rather than covering all the bases. On the other hand, Lead Advisors dominates the industry by mastering the digital needs and success strategies.

At the end of the day, brands have different needs. The top lead generation companies have succeeded in the industry by identifying market demands and catering their services.

Updated on August 23, 2021

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