How to Pay off My Student Loans Fast | Easy To Follow Method

How to Pay off My Student Loans Fast

09:30 AM March 17, 2020

Once in a while, taking up a loan is the best option we are left with. This comes with anxiety about how it is going to be paid back most, especially when there is no clearly defined map to balancing the account deficit and can’t help to start stressing on how to pay off student loans fast.

How to Pay off My Student Loans Fast

how to pay off student loan

The case of a student loan is not any different.

It could be worse, owing to the fact that a student has limited time to work and is expected to focus on studying.

Getting down the hill of a financial deficit for a student can be a quicker process if there is a concrete debt repayment strategy.

Here are some practical steps to paying back student loans fast.

1. Earn More Than the Least Amount Payable

This is one of the best ways to pay off student loans as it’s quite basic and straightforward.

When you have an inflow that is more than the minimum payment, you can always make the payment you have and supplement the payment.

To make this effective, you should have automated the payment process via your bank account.


That way, you won’t be tempted to pay less than intended whenever you receive your paycheck.

2. Do the Calculation and Get to Know Your Payoff Date

pay off student loans

One of the basic steps to managing the financial debt of any type is to find out when you are going to be free from its clutches.

Sadly, most people don’t even have an idea when exactly they will get off their current debt web.

If you are able to figure out when exactly you are going to be free from the clutches of debt.

Then, you can work out a financial plan that will help you hasten the recovery process.

One straightforward way to do this mathematical exercise is by using the national student data system to access every federal loan belonging to you.

3. Merge and Refund

This is a very useful measure if you want to pay off your debt in no time.

By default, you are to pay a set interest on your loan while you do the refunding.

However, when you merge up the payback process, and you refinance your student loans at a faster rate, the interest rate will also reduce automatically.

It can be fascinating how loans go down in no time, and you also avoid extra payments when you adopt this tip.

Also, making this move will put you in a position to get a combined loan with one monthly payment.

If you have multiple student loans at a time and you can’t deploy the merge and refund tip on all of them.

Then, you should give priority to the ones that you can decrease the interest rate.

4. Use Unexpected Cash Falls Wisely

There is no denying the fact that now and then, we receive a bounty we didn’t work for.

At times, when this happens, it is not expected.

Extra money can come in the form of lottery winnings, an inherited property, a bonus from the government, and many other possible forms.

If you are fortunate enough to receive a cash windfall when you are right in the middle of a student loan, the best thing to do is to use it as a merge and refund tool and directing them to loans with the highest interest rate.

True, you will surely be tempted to spend it on other expenses.

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5. Take up Loan-Offsetting Jobs

loan offsetting jobs

You are probably not even aware that there are jobs that offer a certain sort of relief to student loan applicants.

This is known as “public service loan forgiveness” and “teacher-student loan forgiveness.”

With this program, a part or even the whole bunch of your student loan debt can be taken care of when you take up some jobs like public service or teaching.

It is quite exciting if any of the available jobs are actually, what you love to do as the loan will come across to you like free cash or being paid to do what you like.

You probably would not mind taking more federal student loans and make a loan payment using this route.

You can lookout for a guide to public service loan forgiveness and teacher loan forgiveness to get more details on loan forgiveness programs.

6. Cut Down on Your Budget

cutting budget to pay student loans

It is the way to go if you find it hard to increase your income while you are dealing with a student loan and you want to save money to pay off your loan.

Limiting your budget might be a bit difficult, but it is not impossible. It is not uncommon for people to trim their budgets heavily when settling debts.

To be effective in this wise, you have to redefine your needs and wants carefully and stick to your needs as much as your budget will allow you.

Alcohol consumption, regularly eating out, cable TV subscriptions, and all other unnecessary expenses should be cut out.

This is so you can get your student loan payments sorted within the shortest possible time.


Student loans can be a lifesaver in some instances.

However, settling student loans can be a lot of headaches, considering the fact that the payment method typically charges the highest interest rates.

A good number of students are not qualified for high-paying jobs that will get them settled in no time.

It can be even more frustrating for students who are studying more time and energy-demanding courses as they will definitely have limited time to do part-time jobs that should help them offset their loan before the due date.

That notwithstanding, you will definitely find a few of the tips in this guide applies to you no matter what your condition may be as a student trying to offset your loan within the shortest possible time.

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