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Bathmate Hydromax Review: Why It’s the World’s Best Penis Pump

/ 10:02 AM January 11, 2023

A vacuum pump isn’t meant only for those who have erectile dysfunction. Many people include penis pumping in their daily routine for penis enlargement and to improve their overall sexual health.

If you’ve researched penis pumps, there’s a good chance you’ve come across Bathmate penis pumps. Unlike regular air pumps, these hydropumps use water to create a vacuum within the device to provide safer and more convenient pumping.

And, of the best penis pumps in the world, the Bathmate Hydromax is number one. This article will discuss the key features and benefits of using this Bathmate penis pump and what makes this bestseller the preferred choice for beginners and experienced users.


What makes Bathmate penis pumps the best choice? How efficient is the Bathmate Hydromax penis pump? Does it work? What results does it deliver, and can you find one that suits you? Keep reading to find answers to all of these questions and much more.

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About Bathmate

About Bathmate

Bathmate was officially launched in 2006 and is the leading penis pump manufacturer in the world. Since its inception, they’ve sold over one million high-performing hydro penis pumps worldwide.

What makes Bathmate pumps unique is that they’re medically certified, fully tested, and made to provide a safe pressure level to give you the best gains and prevent any major injury to your penis. So if you’re looking for a natural alternative to pills, the Bathmate Hydromax pumps can do wonders for you.

Bathmate currently has three ranges of penis pumps, including Hydro, Hydromax, and HydroXtreme series. These series contain penis pumps that can fit various sizes, from up to 5 inches to over 9 inches.

Bathmate Hydromax Overview

Bathmate Hydromax Overview

With over one million units sold worldwide, there’s a good reason why Bathmate Hydromax is the most popular penis pump in the world. Hydromax is a major upgrade from the original Hydro series, designed for simple and effective use.


The Bathmate Hydromax is a water-based penis pump that adds 35% more pumping power and performance while making it more comfortable with an all-new convenient valve. It can deliver an instant boost in penis size that can last several hours.

You can also include it in your penis enlargement routine. Many guys use a combination of Hydromax and Jelqing to increase the longer-lasting size. This water-based penis pump is generally safer than any other vacuum pump and stimulates the penis for an increased sex drive.

Hydromax is perfect for developing stronger erections and real confidence, whether you’re new to penis pumping or want to take your pumping sessions to a new level, with an outstanding 92% of users reporting real gains. The Hydromax series contains the best penis pumps that fit just about anyone with an erection length between 1 and 9 inches.

The Bathmate Hydromax is available in different sizes, so you can pick the model that’s best for you:

  • Hydromax3: This premier micro penis pump best suits those measuring up to 3 inches.
  • Hydromax5: This penis pump is suitable for people measuring between 3 and 5 inches when erect. This model is excellent for starters.
  • Hydromax7: This bestseller (most common size) is a powerful penis pump that creates lasting gains for those measuring between 5 and 7 inches.
  • Hydromax7 Wide Boy: This Bathmate penis pump is all about girth and is suitable for those measuring over 6.5 inches in circumference.
  • Hydromax9: Designed for larger users, the Hydromax9 is ideal for those between 7 and 9 inches.


  • Improved performance
  • Proven lasting improvements for better sexual power
  • High-quality fabrication
  • Tested through 10,000 cycles
  • 60-day full refund policy

How Does the Bathmate Hydromax Work?

Like other Bathmate penis pumps, the science behind the Hydromax is very straightforward — it pumps out water from the penis pump to create a vacuum, and the pressure increases the blood flow into your penis, giving you harder erections and more intense orgasms.

Before we go into the details, let’s look at the components of the single best-selling penis pump in the world — the Hydromax Series.

The Chamber

Made from durable aerograde resin, the chamber gives this Bathmate hydropump its shape. It’s a cylindrical covering that narrows into a pointy tip outlet, designed to accommodate different penis sizes. Your penis remains here during pumping.

The Pump

The pump is situated at the tip of the tube. As you push the tube against your pelvic area, it begins to disperse little amounts of water to create a pulling pressure against your penis. The pressure acting on your penis is determined by the amount of water expelled. This pump is completely hand-operated, giving you control over the pressure level.

The Comfort Ring

The comfort ring can be found at the penis pump’s opening, where you insert your penis. It acts as a soft seal between the penis pump and your skin, creating a tight vacuum. This seal is designed for maximum comfort against your skin and testicles.

The Valve

The valve allows you to control the pumping pressure and power applied to your penis. It works together with the pump and comfort ring for a convenient pumping experience.

Now, let’s look at how Hydromax works. Bathmate pumps generally use hydraulic pressure, unlike regular vacuum pumps, which use air pressure that may have side effects and result in unintended injuries.

Water acts as the medium in Bathmate products, providing a safer and more controlled environment for penis enlargement. Arousal in men stimulates the nerves around the penis to increase the veins and muscles in the penis.

The relaxed tissues increase blood flow into your penis to give you an erection. Filling the Bathmate pump with warm water before putting it on will create a safe vacuum around your penis, creating pressure to increase its length and girth.

Penis pumps are recommended to treat erectile dysfunction in men and straighten the penile curvature in those with Peyronie’s disease. Though initial growth may be temporary, consistent use of Hydromax pumps will increase your blood vessels and blood flow into your penis to give you stronger erections that will improve your sex life.

How to Use the Bathmate Hydromax

How to Use the Bathmate Hydromax

Hydromax pumps are simple to use in the shower or bath — all you need to do is fill them with warm water, insert your flaccid penis, and push the soft comfort ring against your body to create a good seal.

Then pump out water to build the vacuum pressure until you feel the effect of the Bathmate on your penis. Use the Hydromax for 3 minutes at a time with rest, 3 times daily, for maximum gains.

Operating the Valve

You can move the black pip at the top of the valve by pressing it inwards towards the right or left, where it should “click” to close the valve. Only use this closed position when filling the penis pump with water in the shower.

At other times, keep the black pip open to ensure the hydropump operates correctly.

Using Hydromax in the Shower

Here are the steps:

  1. Relax for a few minutes in the shower.
  2. Use your finger to put the black pip in a closed position and take out the comfort insert to avoid trapped air, then turn the hydropump upside down under the shower until it’s full of water.
  3. Reposition the comfort insert.
  4. Insert your penis into the hydropump up to your pelvic area with the black pip in the closed position. You can position the tip facing downward or upward, whichever is comfortable.
  5. While you’re in a comfortable position, create a seal against your body. Ensure your testicles are out of the way.
  6. Angle the penis pump slightly upwards, push the black pip to a central position to open the valve, and start pumping.
  7. Ensure the black pip remains open during the pumping session.
  8. Pump gradually and evenly until the bellows stay depressed, which indicates that the device has attained optimal vacuum.
  9. Check that you’re following the recommended instructions for use.
  10. To remove the device, release pressure by pushing the valve inward to trigger the quick-release mechanism, then take off the hydropump.

Using Hydromax in the Bath

  1. Relax for a few minutes in the bathtub.
  2. Take out the comfort insert and fill the Hydromax with warm bathwater.
  3. Put the comfort insert back in.
  4. Ensure the black pip is kept open and insert your penis into the hydropump up to your pelvic seat. Depending on your comfort level, position the tip either downward or upward.
  5. Seal the device against your body, ensuring your testicles are well clear and you’re in a comfortable position.
  6. Angle the penis pump slightly upwards and start pumping, ensuring the black pip is open as you pump.
  7. Pump gently and evenly until the bellows stay depressed to indicate that you’ve reached optimal pressure.
  8. Confirm that you’re following the recommended instructions for use.
  9. To remove the device, release pressure by pushing the valve inward to trigger the quick-release mechanism, then take off the hydropump.

Bathmate Hydromax Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bathmate Hydromax Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The Hydromax is a perfect penis pump that delivers real hydropump power. This best-selling range of Bathmate hydropumps is preferred by most users and has many amazing reviews after delivering great results.

Feedback from a survey carried out on 12,000 Bathmate customers in early 2020 showed that 80% of users experienced either lasting or better erections or both after using the Hydromax for 2 months.

Overall, 81% of Bathmate users reported longer and stronger erections. Of those, 70.6% reported having experienced better erections, while 79.4% noted increased confidence overall. Check out more Bathmate reviews to know more about the survey.

Outside of this survey, many people share positive reviews about their experience using Bathmate Hydromax penis pumps, especially Hydromax7, which is the most common size. Amazon customers in the UK who bought the Hydromax7 (formerly known as Hydromax X30) rated the product 5 stars among 37% of users and 24% as 4 stars.

A top review noted, “I’m almost an inch thicker after adding more than 3/4 inches in length in just 50 days. The best thing is that the effects last nearly the entire day, over 12 hours, and I have experienced increased stamina that allows me to go much longer without ejaculating.”

In the US, several users note stronger erections, increased sex drive, and an overall improvement in their sexual health after using the product for at least 2 months. There’s no shortage of positive Hydromax reviews on the internet.

Is the Bathmate Hydromax Worth It?

Bathmate Hydromax delivers results that resonate with many users across the globe. And it’s not only about an increase in size. Satisfied customers have noted that Hydromax penis pumps offer a range of other benefits that make it the leading male enhancement product.

Benefits of Using Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pumps


Bathmate products offer a comfortable usage experience that keeps users coming back. Conventional vacuum pumps often have uncomfortable parts and accessories. Bathmate Hydromax is designed to give maximum comfort whenever you use the device.

Quick and Lasting Results

With many air-pumping devices, users must keep them on for a long time before seeing noticeable results. However, Hydromax provides real results almost immediately, lasting several hours.

You’ll most likely experience noticeable gains within a few minutes of using this product. The long list of great reviews on and off the Bathmate website shows that people are experiencing great results using Bathmate hydropumps.

Users report an average lasting duration of more than a few hours, meaning you can use your penis pump, step out with your date, and remain confident that your gains will be there even after you both return. Plus, you can try this natural method by clicking here.

Increased Libido

An increase in sex drive is one benefit that applies both ways. Users can gain more confidence knowing that their penis can completely satisfy their partner. The effects for the partner are obvious — they’ll experience more pleasure and even beg for more!

Safe and Secure

There is a real risk of injuries to your penis while using vacuum pumps. And just because many people accept this risk to get a chance to increase their size doesn’t mean it’s okay to overlook it.

The Hydromax is specifically designed to give a comfortable experience without any injuries. The water provides a cushion for your penis, and its other parts ensure the device delivers safe pumping each time.

The Bathmate Hydromax Guarantee

The manufacturers remain confident that users will have the best experience while using their hydropumps. For this reason, they have provided several assurances to their customers.

As part of their service value, Bathmate offers a 2-year warranty and free worldwide shipping (with expedited options) on all products purchased on their website. They also offer a 60-day risk-free guarantee, meaning you can return the Hydromax within 60 days if unsatisfied and still get a full refund.

In addition, all Bathmate pumps are medically approved, FDA registered and inspected, and ISO-certified. 

Where Can I Buy Bathmate Products?

We recommend buying Bathmate Hydromax pumps directly from their website – These products are also available in various stores that sell sex toys and on Amazon for UK customers.


Bathmate penis pumps are an effective range of products that can replace traditional vacuum pumps. If you’re looking for real pumping power, you should choose the Hydromax series.

No matter your size, you will find the right one. So, don’t wait — get a Hydromax penis pump today!

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