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Bathmate Hydropumps Review: A Natural Alternative to Pills

/ 09:15 AM January 10, 2023

Are you looking for a more natural solution to erectile dysfunction? Bathmate Hydropumps may be the answer for you.

These devices use water pressure to create a vacuum and increase blood flow to the penis, which can help men achieve and maintain an erection.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using a Bathmate Hydropump, and some of the most popular models on the market.

We will also compare these pumps to other methods of treating erectile dysfunction, such as medication. So, if you want a safe and effective method to improve your sexual health, keep reading!

Why Use a Vacuum Pump for Erectile Dysfunction?

People who experience erectile dysfunction (ED) may be willing to try anything to restore their sexual function, such as prescribed medicine or surgery.

While medications like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are among the most popular ED treatments, they can have some side effects, such as headaches, stomachaches, and flushing.

A penis pump or vacuum pump is one of many natural ED treatments, mainly used when the cause of erectile dysfunction is insufficient blood flow.

When using a penis pump, the device sucks out the air around the penis, letting blood flow into the penis to cause an erection. They are also relatively easy to use, making this solution to erectile dysfunction accessible.

A 2013 research review suggested that the use of penis pumps for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is typically safe and effective, especially when combined with erectile dysfunction drugs.

Additionally, over time, it can reduce the use of these pills and ultimately reduce exposure to their side effects.

A penis pump can provide long-term results and harness the body’s mechanism to produce a drug-free erection, providing a “natural” solution.

Bathmate uses water (hydropump) as a more powerful and lasting option over conventional pumps, leading to more effective results.

About Bathmate

About Bathmate

Officially launched in 2006, Bathmate is the world’s leading penis pump brand, with global sales of over one million units.

The brand began in 2004, when Bathmate’s Chief Designer, John Oakes, invented a hydrotherapy penis pump meant to help out a friend with erectile dysfunction.

Seeing that it yielded positive results, he invented the world’s first-ever penis hydro pump design, particularly in water, to create safe hydraulic pressure around the penis.

Since its launch in 2006, the Bathmate collection has evolved to include two new product ranges with more than ten powerful options, like the HydroXtreme11, the largest penis pump in the world.

Overview of Bathmate Products

Simplicity is essential when looking for a penis enlargement device. It must be easy to use and clean, without multiple operations or complex parts. Bathmate products deliver on all these. Using the device in warm water and the bathroom makes it much easier to clean straight away from the pump instead of allowing it to sit.

While in the bath or shower, fill your Bathmate with warm water and insert your flaccid penis. Create a solid initial seal by pumping the unit against your body to ensure the pump doesn’t come off. Continue pumping to displace the water within the device.

You’ll notice that you’ll become erect as blood begins to flow into your penis after only a few minutes of using the vacuum. Maintain the pressure for about 3 minutes, and then release the water. Rest for a few minutes and massage your penis to lose your erection. You’ll need to do this for two more sessions.


  • Convenient and safe hydro pumping
  • Proven lasting improvements in sexual power
  • Soft seal and durable plastic material
  • Strong erection and sexual stamina
  • 60-day full refund policy

Bathmate Hydropumps Review

By using a penis pump, there are certain areas people generally want to see real gains, such as their penis length, erection quality, and overall sexual experience. Bathmate offers unique hydropumps designed to give actual results as you use them conveniently in the bath or shower.

Bathmate devices are hand-made by skilled and passionate individuals in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. They employ only materials of the highest quality, including quality stainless steel, skin-safe silicone, and durable polycarbonate.

Hydromax Review

Hydromax Review

Let’s talk about the world’s most popular range of penis pumps — the Hydromax series. It delivers real hydropump power, with 35% more power than the regular hydropump, giving unprecedented results.

The Hydromax range of penis pumps delivers convenient power and performance. The water-based penis pump design makes it easy to use daily in the bath or shower, offering real improvements within a shorter period.

Bathmate’s Hydropumps use water for penis enlargement, and the Hydromax generates even more suction power thanks to its uniquely designed bellows pumping system that gives you faster and better magnification. Now, let’s check out the specs.

The Hydromax is quite bulky and has an extra-sturdy plastic case which significantly reduces its chances of breaking if it falls. This penis pump is also latex and phthalate-free, so those with allergies can use it worry-free.

It also comes with a certified skin-safe elastomer comfort pad that’s detachable and insertable. Not only does this help give the penis pump an extra-tight seal at its base, but it also makes for a more pleasant and convenient experience. So, you don’t need to worry about red rings on your penis or stomach.

This range of durable penis pumps is available in three colors: clear, red, and blue. The Hydromax is very easy to clean, and it comes with a measurement gauge on its case, which lets you monitor your overall progress to see how big you’re getting.

Bathmate Hydromax series

The Bathmate Hydromax series consists of different options of powerful penis pumps so that you can choose the right model based on your penis size.

Choosing the right size will improve the pump’s efficiency and give you better results.

Hydromax7: The best-selling Hydromax model, Hydromax7 is well-suited for people with an erection length between 5 to 7 inches and packs enough power to create lasting gains. It was formerly known as Hydromax X30.

Hydromax7 Wide Boy: Real gains aren’t only about length. This Hydromax7 variant is perfect for exceptionally girthy users and is suitable for those with a circumference of over 6.5 inches.

Hydromax3: There aren’t that many options for people with micropenis. Thanks to this powerful Hydromax pump, anyone having up to 3 inches in erection length can experience real gains.

Hydromax5: If you measure between 3 and 5 inches when erect, you can count on the Bathmate Hydromax5 for lasting gains.

Hydromax9: Formerly known as Hydromax X40, the Hydromax9 is another sturdy penis pump from Bathmate that’s ideal for larger users between 7 and 9 inches at full erection and offers you longer-lasting erections to boost your sexual health.

Among all the Hydromax models, Hydromax7 is the most popular choice, covering the majority of users’ sizes. While the Bathmate Hydromax9 is an excellent option for beginners, it also offers high-quality performance for experienced penis pump users.

How to use Hydromax pumps

Understanding how to use the Hydromax and penis pumps is vital to get the most favorable results. First, you’ll need to remove the elastomer seal, fill the cylinder with warm water, and then put the seal back on.

Ensure you’re flaccid as you go all the way in, pressing the seal against your groin. Start pumping the Hydromax slowly and gently to increase the pressure within the chamber. This will, in turn, increase blood flow into your penis to make it bigger.

Remember to be careful if your balls are hanging low. Ensure you get the tight seal before you begin. Once the water stops coming out of the device, you’ve reached maximum pressure. Keep it still for 3 minutes, then release the valve and repeat.

Besides its many stated benefits, the hydro penis pump is ideal for those who want to naturally enjoy solo masturbation or shared love with a few extra centimeters without penile implants or other medical procedures.

Hydro Review

Hydro Review

Bathmate Hydro series is the first range hydropumps and is perfect for those new to penis pumping, offering you value for your money and building lasting gains. This Bathmate penis pump creates moderate pressure to allow you to start your pumping session gradually.

At the time of this publication, this series offers only a single model — the Hydro7, originally known as the Bathmate Hercules and designed for most users with an erection length between 5 to 7 inches.

Since its inception, Bathmate’s Hydro7 has caused quite a buzz in the market as a well-established product with a meticulous design.

Like other Bathmate pumps after it, the Hydro7 is beneficial for treating erectile dysfunction and is used by many for penis enlargement and better erections.

The design and structure of this product are such that it displaces the water within the sealed chamber to create a vacuum.

Some users also wear a penis ring along with it to reduce the backflow of blood to achieve the utmost sexual satisfaction.

Like other Bathmate hydropumps, this product is made from the best skin-safe polycarbonate plastic. It’s made to give you a stronger erection that would last throughout intercourse and reduce the chances of premature ejaculation, negating the need for pills.

And since it uses water to create a vacuum, the pressure doesn’t exceed the safe limit. It also features a safety valve through which you can adjust and regulate the pressure.

HydroXtreme Review

HydroXtreme Review

Bathmate HydroXtreme series is one of the world’s most powerful penis pumps for penis enlargement, offering the ultimate power for large users and resulting in significant, lasting improvements.

This range of Bathmate penis pumps is designed to be user-friendly, creating hydraulic pressure through an easy-to-use handball to improve erectile function and give more intense orgasms.

It looks better, is more efficient, and provides quality erections. Though some doctors may recommend a vacuum erection device to treat erectile dysfunction, you don’t need erectile dysfunction to benefit from vacuum pumping.

Bathmate hydropumps may look like any other penis pump at first glance, but there’s much more to them. They’re completely waterproof, made from non-allergenic materials, and contain no phthalates.

A hose connects the cylinder to the pump, making penis pumping even easier for you. The innovative design of the HydroXtreme series results from the generations of penis pumps before it. The device is truly designed to give you the ultimate pleasure.

HydroXtreme pump models

HydroXtreme pumps comprise six different models, with sizes ranging from 3 to 11 inches. No matter your penis size, there’s a HydroXtreme pump for you. Check out the models below to find a powerful pump that is perfect for you.

HydroXtreme7: Like the Hydromax7, this device is great for people with up to 7 inches of erection length, with an internal diameter and length of 2.25 inches and 10 inches, respectively.

HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy: This model offers a better fit for girthy users.

HydroXtreme3: A perfect fit for people with an erection length of 3 inches or less.

HydroXtreme5: Suitable for users with an erection length between 3 and 5 inches, this pump offers real power with unparalleled benefits.

HydroXtreme9: It’s best suited to experienced users of penis pumps since it’s specifically designed for power. If you want lower pressure intensity, consider the Bathmate Hydromax9.

HydroXtreme11: Perfect for those over 9 inches when erect, this pump is the largest from Bathmate.

These Bathmate penis pumps will improve your sexual life and health even if you haven’t experienced any issues.

Users have reported stronger erections and improved stamina, with almost 90% experiencing long-lasting gains right after pumping.

HydroXtreme design

Like the other Bathmate hydropump series, HydroXtreme is designed for easy daily use and offers many advantages besides being a more natural treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Through its powerful suction, you can achieve an erect penis in just 15 minutes of first use and increase penis size by a few inches after repeated use.

HydroXtreme pumps are simple to use in the shower or bath — fill with warm water, seal tightly against your body, and then use the attached handball to increase the pressure, if needed, for the best possible pumping results.

This product allows you to adjust the pressure within the pump according to your requirements and comfort. For maximum gains, Bathmate recommends a limit on each pumping session to five minutes, three times a day.

How to Choose a Bathmate Penis Pump

There’s much to consider when choosing a penis pump, from finding your right size to the accompanying accessories. We’ve broken it down so it’ll be easier for you to decide.

Choose your series

You’ll need a powerful pump to see any real gains. Thankfully, each range of Bathmate hydropumps offers different levels of power for you to choose from.

While the HydroXtreme series offers the most powerful pumps, both Hydro and Hydromax give you sufficient hydropump power for the best results.

Find your size

The most important thing to remember when selecting a penis pump is finding the correct size. The right size of a penis pump will give you a better fit, be more efficient, and provide better results.

A pump that’s too big won’t give you adequate pressure, while an undersized pump can be uncomfortable and yield poor results. 

You would first need to measure your penis. If you’re unsure how to do this correctly, follow the simple penis measurement guide to get your penis size yourself.

Then, use the size calculator to navigate the lengths and girths of each pump model to pick your perfect fit.

Choose your accessories

Your penis pump features several accessories for comfort and optimal results. These may include a leather storage bag, cleaning brush, shower strap, and wash towel.

Purchase your Bathmate

The penis can be a sensitive topic for some, making them shy. When you purchase a penis pump directly from the Bathmate website, your pump will be delivered and billed discreetly. You will also get completely free shipping.

Bathmate Hydropumps Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bathmate Hydropumps Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bathmate is a popular brand of hydro penis pumps, so there’s no shortage of customer reviews for its products worldwide. According to a 2020 Bathmate survey, users express overall satisfaction with all three Hydropump series.

They claim that 78% of surveyed users of the Hydro series experienced measurable changes in their penis length, strength, and sex life.

80% of Hydromax users noted an increase in either erection quality or penis size, with the majority experiencing real gains in both within the first two months.

After using HydroXtreme for at least two months, over 85% of surveyed users reported an increase in penis size, and 92.9% reported having better erections.

80% (including first-time users) reported an increase in confidence, while more than 50% reported an improvement in overall sexual health.

You can find actual stats of their customer surveys on their Bathmate results page. You can also find more customer reviews about each Bathmate pump on the Bathmate reviews section of their website, or check out their Bathmate videos for real results.

Many people also share their personal experiences using Bathmate penis pumps through several blogs. One review from Pleasure Lib concluded, “There’s no doubt that these penis pumps are 10/10, and if you’re still hesitant – you should go buy one. Even if you’re not looking to make your dick bigger, Bathmate can help you maintain a healthy penis.

Another HydroXtreme9 review says, “Personally, this product is reliable and should be used without second thoughts. It’s safe and effective and results in harder erections.

As you start pumping regularly, you may experience increased penis length and stronger girth. My friends and I have become huge fans of Bathmate as one of the best penis pumps.”

Is Bathmate Worth It?

Generally, most customers seem to be very satisfied with their Bathmate pumps, and it’s clear from the results and reviews all over the internet that these hydro penis pumps are specially designed with convenience and safety in mind to provide men with real gains.

While results may vary, Bathmate guarantees you’ll be pleased with whichever penis pump they use. They offer a 60-day guarantee.

It means that if you don’t get the desired results, you’ll get a full refund available up to 60 days after your purchase, no questions asked.

Bathmate hydro penis pumps are inexpensive and offer full value for your money, so you’re sure to be satisfied with your purchase.

Where Can I Buy Bathmate Penis Pumps?

We recommend buying Bathmate products directly from their website. You’ll get fantastic bonuses when you buy Bathmate products through their official website.

These include a 60-day guarantee, free worldwide shipping on all orders, and expedited options.


When it concerns vacuum pumps, Bathmate makes all the difference! Using a penis pump by Bathmate is guaranteed to give you convenient and safe pumping with real gains, whether treating erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, penis enlargement, or a generally healthy sexual experience. Start your journey to a better sex life with Bathmate!

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