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12 Best Splat Guns of 2022

/ 09:36 AM November 23, 2022
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Having fun is part of life, so you don’t always have to be busy; after all, it has been said, “All work without play makes Jack a dull boy.” What can you do to have unlimited fun in your leisure period? To have fun to the fullest, you only need some splatter guns. 

Having a splatter gun is one of the favorite ways to have fun, and it happens to be what is recently trending in home entertainment.

But then, there are different splat guns, and you need to get the best to have ultimate and wonderful fun. In this article, you’ll learn what a splat gun means and the best kinds of splat guns to use.

What to Remember When Buying the Best Splat Gun

Before you buy the best splat gun, you need to consider something. Firstly, what size of gun would you love to buy? A smaller size that is lightweight or a large size that soothes the power you like? You need to consider it and be sure of what you want.

Secondly, what shots or ammunition would you want to use? Ammunition which means bullets, gunpowder, and other combat supplies, is also known as ammo. Splat guns are designed for different kinds of ammo, and you must get the gun that fits the ammunition you want.

Lastly, do not fail to consider the price at hand. You will find the best splat guns that fit your budget, and you can buy them within your budget. All of these would help you find the best splat gun you need.

12 Best Splat Guns

Are you looking for an adrenaline-pumping and fun way to play with friends? Then look no further than splat guns! These high-energy, action-packed weapons provide hours of entertainment and a great way to stay active. From water balloon launchers to the classic ‘blaster’ range guns, there’s something here for everyone.

1. Anstoy 416 Electric Splat Gun

Anstoy 416 Electric Splat Gun

$39 on Amazon

This splat gun has a gel ball blaster that launches gel balls like projectiles. It is made of ABS materials that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

You can switch the splat gun to a manual mode when the battery is dead and an automated mode to continuously shoot faster and more accurately, making it more stable and giving a realistic experience.

2. Herisona Gel Ball Blaster

Herisona Gel Ball Blaster

$30 on Amazon

Herisona gel ball blaster is an automatic gel ball blaster that has been upgraded to become durable and smooth so that if you can fire powerfully, you can continue firing without jamming, especially when it has grown to 7-8mm.

Its incredible speed allows it to shoot up to 300 gel beads of ammo per minute. It is not usable for children alone but can be used by adults, and the protective safety goggles provided must be worn when using the gel blaster.

3. Dastimun Electric Gel Ball Blaster

Dastimun Electric Gel Ball Blaster

$37 on Amazon

The Dastimun electric gel ball blaster is an excellent choice for those who want something built and stable in performance. It is reliable too. The improved gear is responsible for ensuring the splatter ball blaster does all of these.

Firing can be done continuously without jamming because of its ability to shoot powerfully. It has two shooting modes, full firing and semi mode, which can be switched differently and shot exactly wherever you want it to go. It is fast and can shoot 300 gel beads of ammo per minute.

4. Splat gun – Orby Splat Gun with 40000 Gel Balls

Splat gun – Orby Splat Gun with 40000 Gel Balls

$29 on Amazon

Looking for what to keep your child away from a smartphone? BRGNW Splat Gun is a very good orby gun to do justice to that. They are splendid toys for children and adults and can be played on flat grounds at backyard hills.

It is safe to use and has obtained some certificates to justify that, namely, CPS, ASTM, EN71, etc., it does not harm since whenever the water beads ejected encounter an obstacle, it shatters into a pile of small fragments.

5. Homehours Splatter Ball Gun

Homehours Splatter Ball Gun

$23 on Amazon

Instead of darts, this electric splatter ball gun uses gel balls, which is safe while shooting. The shooting range is about 53 feet, and it has two magazines, a double magazine, and a large-capacity rifle. It features a rechargeable battery and is an ideal gift.

6. AWiWA Gel Ball Blaster 2-in-1 Splatter Ball Gun

$23 on Amazon

AWIWA gel ball blaster is uniquely 2-in-1, a Splatter Ball Pistol and Gel Gun Rifle. The automatic gel blaster can shoot 300-500 beads per minute because it fires fast. Its ability to be held comfortably makes performance easy to display while firing.

It is easy to install and use when fully charged and soaked for about three to four hours. The automatic gel ball blaster is a harmless entertainment that keeps your children away from other harmful substances.

7. COOLFOX Electric Splatter Ball Blaster

COOLFOX Electric Splatter Ball Blaster

$43 on Amazon

This gel ball blaster’s launcher has been upgraded to a long-life launch motor, and the water magazine capacity of the blaster has been updated. It normally fires after the trigger is pulled about fifteen times. It has two modes: the automatic and the outdoor mode, and it’s best for outdoor games.

The gel ball water provides a battery and USB charging cable. In seconds, it fully charges to launch 3-5 water beads. It is easy to install, and there are a set of rules to follow before making use of it.

8. UQHH Gel Ball Blaster

UQHH Gel Ball Blaster

$34 on Amazon

The UQHH ball blaster is a toy shooting gun for outdoor games. It is made from non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly materials. This splatter gun is a safe toy that does not cause harm for children or anybody that make use of it. It fires a safe ball driven by a spring.

Packaged in a high-quality bag, it contains goggles, batteries, water containing 2*5000 balls, blue and orange, infrared sight, charging USB, and instructions. Both children and adults can use it, and the family can play outdoor shooting games and have fun together.

9. Qogely Gel Ball Water Blaster

Qogely Gel Ball Water Blaster

$36 on Amazon

This gel ball water blaster does not leave a mark or scars after use, nor does it pollute walls, environment, clothes, etc., and its gel ball is 96% water which breaks on impact and, after drying, it disappears.

To grow a water gel ball of 7-8mm in diameter, you must soak it in water for more than 4 hours. It is durable and can b used for several hours without charging because the battery lasts longer than expected.

10. Large AKM-47 Gel Ball Blaster with Drum

Large AKM-47 Gel Ball Blaster with Drum

$52 on Amazon

The shape and shooting game experience of the large AKM-47 gel ball blaster will amaze you as it is sci-fi translucent. It has dual shooting modes, single shot and fully automatic, a maximum range of up to 100 feet, a large size of about 31.89 inches, and an upgraded gearbox of about 200FPS.

The SpblastB gel ball blaster automatic package contains the transparent gel ball storage, water bomb bottle, brand new Ak gel ball blaster, straps, 1500 large capacity drum, green dot aiming, straps, safety glasses, and 40000 rounds of gel water bombs.

11. JIIVAY Gel Ball Blaster Automatic

JIIVAY Gel Ball Blaster Automatic

$60 on Amazon

It has an upgraded gearbox that makes this gel ball blaster smooth and fast and an upgraded drum magazine able to contain 800 round gel balls for a season full of fun. You will be provided with good protection thanks to its safety switch.

In this gel ball blaster are 50000 seed gel balls, one orange gel ball blaster, 800 round drum magazines, one goggle, one infrared, and 200 round magazines. With all of these features, you can enjoy unlimited fun.

12. JBKTD Electric Gel Ball Bla-Ster

JBKTD Electric Gel Ball Bla-Ster

$27 on Amazon

This splatter ball blaster uses biodegradable water-filled gel balls that burst into small fragments upon impact and disappear completely after drying, requiring no cleaning. This splatter gun also comes with an unlimited 20000 rounds of gel balls to maximize your fun.

The JBKTD features an upgraded gearbox to make it smoother and faster for an improved experience. It also comes with a safety switch design and protective goggles, making it perfect for kids 12 years and above.

What is a Splat Gun?

A splat gun, also known as a splatter gun, is a weapon or toy gun that uses compressed gas to shoot water-filled balls or “splats” powered by the battery at targets. They look like Nerf guns, but instead of shooting foam darts, they shoot or emit water-filled balls or projectile-containing substances.

Splat guns can be handheld and very large, so they come in different sizes and shapes. They are much more fun to handle and play with.

How to Shop for the Best Splat Gun?

To shop for the best splat guns, you must choose the best but the right one you need. What type of splat gun do you need? It can be the pump-action splat gun, battery-operated splat gun, or even the one that can connect to your hose.

Know what type of splat gun you need because it will give you the satisfaction you want. You also need to consider the amount of power that you need. Would you love to fire with so much power, or would you love a low-powered splat gun?

Know and consider the features too. Which do you want or which one is important to you? Considering all these, you would find shopping for the best splat gun for outdoor shooting games easy.

Who are Splat Guns for?

Having a splat gun can be much fun, especially when you use it with someone. It makes shooting, targeting, and splatting fun. But is it for everyone?

Splat guns which are perfect for events like parties, birthdays, picnics, etc., can be used by anyone. They are perfect for all ages, children and adults, and since they come in different shapes and sizes, you will find the perfect one for you.


We have listed the 12 best splat guns above that would fit your needs and meet your budget. Whatever your needs, remember to consider the features and instructions needed before buying a splat gun.

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