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How to Upload Custom Emojis in Slack

/ 09:21 AM November 15, 2022

We can all agree that emojis have somehow grafted themselves into our everyday texting habits; they come in handy in cases where you have to make an expression you don’t have the words for.

It would be much more expressive to use a mind-blown emoji than having to type “mind blown”; it sort of brings out the realism in your everyday conversations. During the 2020 Global Pandemic, many companies opted for virtual workspaces, which have remained like that for years. In situations like this, staff could easily lose their zeal to work. 


Sitting in front of a computer to work can never be compared to being in an open office working with your colleagues, and that’s what emojis stand to help with.

Companies now have the option to create their own custom-made emoji collections in slack; this process before now was very daunting because you could only upload one emoji at a time, but I’m going to be showing you how to take the stress off this process and create your own emoji collection in no time.

Why use custom emojis?

Why use custom emojis?

The standard collection available for you to use is organized by what is known as the Unicode consortium, a non-profit body tasked with the duty of emoji creations and updates, and so most of the emoji packs you see on different platforms end up being the same.

The flaw to this is that this collection of emoji is limited, and there are certain expressions you probably won’t find the perfect emoji for. Creating a custom pack allows you to upload unique emojis that can be used in many scenarios. 

Also, you can create a collection of generic emojis for a particular company. You can express even more than is universally available, like a logo as an emoji, a company pattern as emoji, flags, customized staples, etc. Or, it could just be the changes in certain properties of the current emoji, like a new color of smiley faces, new gender, design, and so on.


Download all emojis you want

Creating your own custom emoji collection would begin with you downloading all the emojis you want, and below are some of the best platforms to download a wide range of emojis with no hassle at all;

Slackmojis: I listed this platform first cause it’s probably the best among the rest. To download emojis from this site, you must tap on each emoji, and it downloads into your browser’s download folder. If downloading each would be too stressful for you, there is an extension you can use on chrome and Firefox; DownThemAll. 

To download this extension, jump on to the chrome web store or tap on this link. Then click on Add to Chrome > Add extension.


Select a category on Slackmojis, and when the page is open, launch your extension and make sure you set it to download pictures only. The extension will download every emoji on the page into your download folder in seconds. 

Cult Of The Party Parrot

Cult Of The Party Parrot

Many people prefer party parrots emojis; if you’re one of them, then hop on this platform. You can download them individually or as a zip file containing all of them. this website contains several categories of emojis; you can choose to download all available or select the category and download it as a zip file. The emojis from this site are a little less in quality, but they have a very wide range to select from.

GitHub: is another great place to find custom emojis. They also present their emojis in categories making it easier for you to navigate; you can select a category or multiple and download them as a single file.

Whatever platform you choose to get your emojis from, what matters most is that you save all your emojis into one folder, and each emoji has a name so that you can easily identify them in slack. Also, you might want to be sure not to add the same emoji twice or use one name for multiple emojis to avoid redundancy during upload.

Download the neutral face emoji tools extension

Download the neutral face emoji tools extension

This extension works best for only google chrome, and it helps you upload large files to browser boxes where you ordinarily need to upload one file at a time. To download and install it, search for it from the google web store or just follow this link.

You can find the “add to chrome” button, tap on it and then select add an extension on the prompt that pops up. 

Bulk upload the emojis

After installing the Neutral Face Emoji extension, open your slack organizer page, select the name of your server, which can be found at the top-left corner of the page, scroll to Administration and then Customize; you’ll be able to see “Bulk Emoji Uploader” at the top of the screen.

From this point, it just gets really easy, locates your downloaded emoji folder, click and drag it into the middle and allow the extension to do its work. 

The extension would upload every emoji according to its name in the folder. The extension automatically skips one to avoid unnecessary emoji data if duplicate emojis (with the same name) exists. 

Will other people see my emojis?

Will other people see my emojis?

Yes! Every member and guest of your slack workspace can see and even use the emojis you uploaded. However, the users to which the admins have granted permission are the only ones who can upload emojis.


Emojis are important in recent times to foster communication among colleagues, especially after the global pandemic, where many companies and businesses have opted to use virtual workspaces. Custom Emojis recreate the entire physical bullpen experience. Also, they are fun and generally enjoyed by everyone who uses them.

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