Netflix Users Will Now Have to Pay to Share Their Password

Netflix Users Will Now Have to Pay to Share Their Password

/ 09:05 AM October 19, 2022

Your days of using your friend’s Netflix account may soon end. The streaming platform aims to crack down on password sharing at the start of 2023.

Netflix has tested the feature in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru by charging for sub-accounts. Soon, it could affect your viewing experience. This article will explain how a potential Netflix password-sharing fee could work. Then, we will discuss why the video streaming service wants to charge all users.


How would Netflix password sharing change?

Netflix Password Sharing Will Soon Cost Money

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You could pay for a subscription plan that enables multiple user profiles. Consequently, people allowed their friends and family to use them.

That is why many have been able to watch Netflix shows without paying. However, that will change soon. In 2023, the platform will not allow you to share your account with people outside your residence.


You will have to create sub-accounts for them since they are extra members. Each sub-account would have separate login credentials, profiles, and personalized recommendations. 

Moreover, it would include a Profile Transfer tool. It enables users to conveniently carry over the following details from an existing main account:

  • My List
  • Saved games
  • Viewing history
  • Personalized recommendations 
  • Other settings

Initial tests occurred in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, where it charged $2.99. US subscribers would probably need to pay around $3.50 to $4.00 once the feature activates. 

Similarly, the rest of the world may also need to pay that much for Netflix password sharing.

Why would Netflix implement a password-sharing fee?

Why would Netflix implement a password-sharing fee?

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Netflix has dominated the streaming market for over ten years. Eventually, competitors like Amazon Prime Video emerged and took some of its customers.

Meanwhile, it has run out of new subscribers as it has expanded across the globe. Nowadays, it is trying to attract more by launching Netflix Games, but it is not enough.

In response, Netflix decided that it would charge people who use accounts owned by their friends and family.



Will a Netflix password-sharing fee help the platform maintain its foothold in the market? We will have to wait and see. 

Nevertheless, you should pay attention to such trends. The new sharing fee is a single example of tech developments transforming our daily lives.

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