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The Wolf Cut Hairstyle: Fully Explained

/ 10:01 AM September 23, 2022

Wolf-cut haircut has taken over Hollywood. The edgy, shaggy style has been seen on Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, Keke Palmer, and others, so it’s time to take note of one of the most significant 2022 hair trends. Perhaps they’re popular because they’re exciting and edgy but not as intense as a mullet, making them less scary and growing out incredibly attractive. 

This odd combination of the shag and a mullet has taken TikTok by storm, with the hashtag amassing 546 million views and growing. The genuinely daring are DIY-ing the cut at home, tying their hair into a ponytail, and lopping it off at a bias. 

TikTok trendsetters aren’t the only ones appreciating the look; even real celebs are joining in on the fun. Please continue reading to check what it is and learn how to handle this choppy, layered haircut. Should you lead the pack or avoid this trend? We’ll explain below.


What is a Wolf Cut?

Wolf cut haircut

The wolf cut is a tapered hairstyle with jagged, short layers that begin at the crown and progressively lengthen toward the ends. It mixes components of the updated mullet, the chopped emo/scene haircuts from the 2000s, and the shag cut from the 1970s.

It has more texture than standard shag and greater separation in the layers, giving it a more prominent appearance on top that transitions into a shaggy mullet all around. These lengthier layers are frequently matched with a bang to complete the effect.

While there is a variety in wolf cuts – short, long, wavy, curly, straight, etc. – the fundamental components are:

  • Lots of volume and lift at the crown and roots
  • There are a lot of short layers and tapering ends.
  • To frame the face, use a curtain or blunt bangs.

Origin of the Wolf Haircut Trend

Wolf cut hairstyle short

The wolf cut stems back to the 70s shag and is reminiscent of the emo scene days. It’s a shaggy, deeply textured, layered hairstyle that exudes the call of the wild. Before the look became famous in the United States, pre-BTS K-Pop singers in South Korea were already rocking it—a younger, hipper cousin to the shag cut of the 1970s and 1980s. 

Currently, it is the hottest trend when it comes to hairstyle. The wolf haircut is trending on social media sites such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Wolf cuts are the most recent incarnation of a gender-neutral haircut. Its forefather, most mullets, has a centuries-long history.


Types of Wolf Cut

Wolf cuts may be worn in various ways, depending on your hair length, texture and type, layer depth and length, and bang/fringe variations. We discovered ten stunning ways to wear this year’s famous hairdo. Check them out!

1. Classic Wolf Cut

The traditional wolf cut has shoulder-skimming length, the choppiest of layers, curtain bangs, and loads of textured volume up top. This chaotic, disheveled style has an awesome undone vibe to it.

2. Shaggy Wolf Hairstyle

The ends of this shoulder-length style are thinner to keep the volume centered on top. The result is a beautiful style that emphasizes the tousled, textured ends without being overly crazy.

3. Curly Wolf Cut

Natural curly hair gives the wolf haircut an entirely different appearance than waves or straight hair. If you believe that “the larger, the better,” the ultra-short layers and bangs of this style may be ideal for your ringlets.

4. Wolf Haircut with Curtain Bangs

The curtain bangs are the focus of this shaggy look. This textured style, ideal for ladies with curly hair, is reminiscent of a mullet with longer choppy layers in the back.

5. Chin-Length Wolf Haircut

Chin length wolfcut


The best haircut for air drying, this shorter version of the famous wolf cut is a terrific way to wear the style. Choppy and short layers are cut around the top and slowly lengthen to the ends. A full fringe in front completes the appearance.

6. Tamed Wolf Cut

This wolf haircut is slightly more subdued, with short layers beginning lower on the hair shaft. The result is less oomph on top but a more relaxed-yet-wild appearance. This variant is ideal if you’re concerned that the classic wolf cut is too much for everyday wear.

7. Sleek Wolf Haircut

Here’s an exciting twist on the wolf cut: a sleek, straightened version! This elegant, straightened appearance is an alternative if you don’t want to wear undone waves or curls daily. To achieve this look, flatten your layers and softly tuck the ends under.

8. Blunt Bang Wolf Haircut

Choppy hair layers and bangs are more typical with a wolf cut, but we like this style’s extensive blunt bangs look. Long, shaggy layers provide the ideal backdrop for complex waves.

9. Messy Wolf Cut

This variant of the wolf cut has full bangs, lengthier face-framing pieces, and a plethora of jagged layers. Tease the hair at the roots and style it forward to increase volume at the crown like the woman seen.

10. Coily Wolf Haircut

Because of its self-supporting nature, coily hair may easily pull off the tapered wolf cut. Add short bangs to balance the look and frame your face!

11. Wolf Haircut with a Deep Mullet

Debby Ryan, an actress and singer, pushed the mullet to look further into her hairline for a layered fringe that reached her ear. It’s a touch edgy but completely wearable.

12. Wolf Haircut with Light Layers

wolf cut with layers

The typical wolf-cut design is more prominent at the top and tapering at the bottom. It has structure because of the flicky lobe-length layers, yet it nevertheless feels more laid-back and less dramatic than previous interpretations.

13. Extreme Wolf Haircut

Opt for extra shaggy layers at the top with a dramatic taper toward the bottom for a daring take on the style.

14. Wolf Haircut for short hair

One of the most typical ways to wear the style is to keep it short with choppy layers. Keep things charming by emphasizing the bottom flick.

15. Soft Wolf Haircut

Don’t want to make a complete commitment? Choose a subtler nod to the design by including a few choppy layers around the crown.

5 Most Favorite Celebrity Wolf cut Hairstyles 

Wolf haircut has taken the Hollywood scene and even the KPop scene. Below are the five celebrities who rock the wolf cut hairstyle:

Billie Eilish

Billie eilish wolf cut hairstyle


Billie Eilish’s ice-blonde shag is perhaps the most well-known version of the oh-so-trendy smooth wolf cut. Hers is an excellent illustration of how to make your bob haircut edgier when it’s in the difficult grow-out period.

Miley Cyrus 

Miley Cyrus wolf cut hair style


Consider having a haircut similar to Miley Cyrus’s if you have a lob haircut. Her textured wolf-cut hair is full of significant volume and complements her rock-and-roll image nicely.

Rita Ora

rita ora looking fabulous


Look no further than Rita Ora’s shaggy wolf-cut if you have curlier hair. The curls are nicely formed, yet the lengthier layers around her face provide dimension and amplitude to the style.

Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan haircut


Debby Ryan’s long wolf cut is for you if you have wavy hair. Just look at that texture! Her hairstyle is also on the longer side, so it’s a beautiful example of how to switch up your below-shoulder-length hairstyle for summer 2022.

Maisie Williams

maisie williams wolf cut hairstyle


Combine the wolf-cut trend with one of the major hair color trends for summer 2022, the dramatic two-tone look a la Maisie Williams. Her ashy blonde hair with darker brown parts is woven around her face, emphasizing how complex her style is.

How to Style a Wolf Cut

The wolf cut has grown in popularity for a good reason: it is incredibly low-maintenance and looks terrific! If your hair is naturally curly, styling the wolf cut is simple, especially if you want a shaggy look. A wolf cut is a flattering ‘do that adds volume and appears sleek if you have fine or straight hair. In any case, we’ll teach you how to sport the wolf cut in style.

Styling a Wavy or Curly Shag

  1. If you have straight hair, use mousse, and curl cream.
  2. If your hair is medium to thick or coarse, use gel and an anti-frizz serum.
  3. If you have naturally voluminous hair, let it air dry.
  4. If you want your hair to dry rapidly, use a diffuser to blow-dry it.
  5. Tease your bangs with your fingertips to make them more voluminous.

Styling a Straight and Smooth Look

  1. Apply an anti-frizz serum on wet hair.
  2. Brush your hair while drying the roots.
  3. Blow-dry your hair with a round brush to curl the ends.
  4. To add volume, wrap your bangs around a circular brush.


Are you looking for a haircut to make you stand out in the crowd? The wolf cut is perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with their hair and isn’t afraid to try something new. Some of Hollywood’s top actors have this edgy, shaggy look, and it will only gain appeal over the coming years.

The great thing about wolf cuts is that they are exciting and edgy but not as intense as a mullet – making them less scary and growing out incredibly attractive. To be ahead of the curve, you should try a wolf-cut hairstyle.

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