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Best Shampoo Bars for Every Hair Type and Texture

/ 11:14 AM September 19, 2022
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We all know shampoo bottles are terrible for the environment, but breaking our bad habits is hard. However, every time we use a bottle, we contribute to the 8 million metric tons of plastic waste in our oceans yearly. The best shampoo bars for every hair type and texture are the perfect solution. 

They’re environmentally friendly. These products are easier to use- you just wet your hair, rub the bar in your hands, and work it through your hair- and they’re much cleaner than plastic bottles. Plus, they come in fun colors and scents! Moreover, shampoo bars are excellent travel companions, leaving no more spills in your toiletry bag! 

Additionally, bars also provide a very eco-friendly method of beautification. They are the best option if you want to save money because they can last up to eighty washes, equivalent to three bottles of shampoo. Below are the top picks for shampoo bars.

10 Best Shampoo Bars 

Best for increased hair growth

Maiting Hair Regrowth Shampoo Bar

Maiting Hair Regrowth Shampoo Bar

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This bar is the best hair loss treatment for more robust, thicker hair growth. This bar has ginger extract and powerful Aingrediets that helps to strengthen each follicle and root, resulting in faster, healthier hair growth. 

It’s also great for improving hair texture and adding volume. Whether you’re looking to regrow lost or thicken existing hair, the Ginger Hair Regrowth Shampoo Bar is the most effective solution for all hair types. 


Best for fresh-smelling locks

The Earthling Co. Shampoo Bar

The Earthling Co. Shampoo Bar

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Made with natural ingredients and available in four refreshing scents, the bars are sure to become your new favorite hair care product. Each bar has nourishing oils and butter that help remove buildup and restore moisture to your hair. 


It amps up the lather for a luxurious cleansing experience and leaves your locks smelling amazing. Whether you choose Cool Breeze, Vanilla Coconut, Citrus Sun, or Simple Fresh, you can be confident that your hair will look and smell incredible after just one use.

Best anti-dandruff shampoo bar

DermaHarmony Shampoo Bar

DermaHarmony Shampoo Bar

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These anti-dandruff bars relieve itching, redness, and irritation associated with seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff. Plus, these bars have a pH of 5.1, which is optimal for your skin. So not only will the bars leave your hair looking and feeling great, but they’ll also help maintain your skin healthy and happy.

Best for colored hair

Ruh Natural Vegan Natural Shampoo Bar for Colored Hair

Ruh Natural Vegan Natural Shampoo Bar for Colored Hair

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Are you looking for a natural, vegan bar that’s gentle on colored hair? Ruh has got you with their bar, made with all-natural ingredients and paraben-free. It’s also handmade and has zero waste, so you can feel good about using it without harming the environment. Plus, it’s compostable for added convenience. 

The Lavender scent is perfect for those with dandruff or an itchy scalp. The lavender will help fight itchiness and promote regeneration. In addition, it also helps to decrease the oiliness of the scalp and condition the hair. So if you’re looking for a natural, vegan bar that’s gentle on your colored hair and good for the environment, try Ruh Natural today!

Best for thin hair

DBEAUTYM Natural Shampoo Bar

DBEAUTYM Natural Shampoo Bar

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DBEAUTYM Natural Shampoo Bar is the best choice for thin or thinning hair. It helps stop hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth. 

This is from pure natural plant ingredients. Also, It is safe to use even with sensitive skin. The mini bars are perfect for travel. They are portable and come in 8 different scents. 

Best for dry hair

Shambar HYDRATE All Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Bar 

Shambar HYDRATE All Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Bar

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This double-duty bar is perfect for all hair types, especially coarse, frizzy, curly, or dry. It contains a blend of mango butter and manuka honey that will volumize and moisturize your locks without weighing them down. So say goodbye to dull, lifeless hair and hello to healthy, shiny locks!

Best travel-friendly bar

Aspen Kaye Solid Shampoo Bar

Aspen Kaye Solid Bar

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This lilac-scented soap is not only compact and travel-friendly but packed with ethically sourced ingredients from nature. The best part? It’s equivalent to three bottles of shampoo so that you can ditch those pesky liquid restrictions at the airport! Your hair will be grateful to you for switching to this solid bar, which is gentle and packed with natural goodness.

Best for stronger hair

J·R· Ligetts’s All-Natural Shampoo Bar

J·R· Ligetts's All-Natural Shampoo Bar

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This best-selling bar is designed to strengthen and clean your hair, giving you a radiant and healthy shine. Also, this unique blend of ingredients removes built-up sebum that can clog and damage hair follicles, leaving your hair feeling its best. Moreover, this bar is vegan and ideal for those with allergies or sensitivities. 

Best for frizzy hair

Adirondack Lilac Flower Shampoo Bar For Dry Frizzy Hair

Adirondack Lilac Flower Bar For Dry Frizzy Hair

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This handmade bar is for dry and frizzy hair, and the lilac flower scent will keep your locks smelling fresh all day long. Plus, the nourishing ingredients will help to hydrate and soften your hair, making it easier to style.

Best for curly hair

Mimosa Rice Water Shampoo Bar

Mimosa Rice Water Bar

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This all-in-one formula gently cleanses and fertilizes hair in one step, leaving it looking and feeling healthier with each use. Rich in nutrients and perfect for all hair types, especially curly hair. This bar is a must-have for anyone seeking softer, shinier locks. 

How to Use a Shampoo Bar

An excellent, zero-waste alternative to liquid shampoos is using a bar. These little but potent bars have premium essential oils, fresh ingredients, and an exceptional lathering ability that makes them long-lasting despite their diminutive size. a

The average bar can withstand up to three regular-size bottles of liquid shampoo for up to 80 to 100 washes. Don’t use any plastic; take good care of those beautiful locks with healthy elements. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

  1. Get in the shower and give your hair a good soak in warm water.
  2. To make a lather, apply the bar straight to the hair or massage it between damp palms. A rich foam will form after two to three strokes through wet hair.
  3. Set the bar aside and give your scalp a quick massage with your fingers—no nails!
  4. Rinse with warm water after you’re satisfied with your cleanliness. Check to see whether any product is still on the hair or scalp.
  5. After rinsing, use your preferred conditioner, or let it air dry before styling! You won’t use any unnecessary plastic, and you’ll walk out with happy, healthy hair.

After the step-by-step process, store your shampoo bar somewhere dry and well-ventilated. The appropriately sized shampoo bar containers are an excellent method to store and transport them.

10 Reasons On Why You Should Use a Shampoo Bar

It may take some getting used to bars if you’re accustomed to applying liquid hair cleanser to your hands. So, do shampoo bars benefit hair more? You’ll need to seek the best formula for your hair type to obtain the most excellent results, like with any product. 

Nevertheless, there are several advantages to using bars and many compelling arguments for converting to these eco-friendly substitutes. Here are the benefits of using shampoo bars:

  • Bars are environmentally friendly
  • They do not have harsh chemicals
  • The bars look better in the bathroom
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • They can last for 60-90 washes, equivalent to 3 shampoo bottles
  • They smell great because of the essential oils
  • They have hair health benefits
  • The bars are travel friendly 
  • They are multi-purpose. You can use them on your body.
  • The bars are economical. 


If you’re seeking a way to save the environment, switch to shampoo bars. Not only are they more environmentally friendly because you don’t have to use packaging, but they also don’t have harsh chemicals that can damage your hair and scalp. Plus, the bars look great in any bathroom and are from natural ingredients with hair health benefits. 

They even come in various scents! Traveling has never been easier – these bars fit right in your carry-on. And if that wasn’t enough, they’re multi-purpose, so you can use them as a body wash or hand soap, too! Ready to make the switch? Let us know your favorite bar below! 

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