Veila Hair Extensions - The Ultimate Review I Review

Veila Hair Extensions – The Ultimate Review

/ 10:28 AM August 25, 2022

Hair extensions have transformed the hair game for both stylists and clients. They give extra volume, length, and shine to clients’ hair while improving the stylist’s work rate and overall efficiency. 

Before now, people who wanted long-term hair extensions could only choose between beaded, sew-in or tape-in extensions, or clip-in extensions. The application and follow-up application times for these other extensions would prevent many clients from making appointments at the hair shop to get the volume or length they truly desired. 

Noelle Salon made Veila Pull Thru Hair Extensions to offer clients and stylists the extension solution they need. Noelle Salon is an industry leader with over 35 years of experience in hair coloring, hair straightening, hair extensions, and hair loss solutions. 

The Veila Pull Thru Extension is genuinely revolutionary. This review shows you how to apply, care and maintain human hair extensions to get the best out of them. 

What are Veila Hair Extensions?

Veila Hair Extensions are produced from virgin hair, collected from a donor as it grew from the scalp. This virgin hair provides supple texture, impressive durability, and excellent coloration from end to root. Veila Hair Extensions use virgin hair because it is perfect for crafting uniformly colored blonde hair, especially in pearl blonde and silvery shades.

Virgin hair is 100% human hair that has never been chemically treated or dyed as opposed to 100% Remy human hair with the cuticle all in one direction, has been treated or dyed.  This is why Veila Hair offers the best human hair extensions available.

Veila Hair Extensions are reusable. They don’t tangle or get matted and can be consistently reused for up to a year. They are created in customizable size packages to ensure the wearer’s natural hair is free from any harmful tension. 

How do you apply Veila Hair?

Veila Hair Extensions are applied without using glue, tape, or sewing threads. The hair is carefully pulled through the tiny attachment holes in the direction of your scalp’s hair growth. This way, there’s less tension, unlike sew-in or tape-in hair extensions, and it can easily blend with your hair. After 4-8 weeks of use, your stylist should remove and replace the hair extensions.

How to Maintain Veila Hair

How to Maintain Veila Hair

Veila Pull Thru Hair is made of “virgin hair,” meaning the cuticle is not stripped and oversaturated with silicone but kept intact to ensure luxurious softness. Most low-quality tape-in hair extensions are stripped inside acid to decolorize the strands. However, Veila carefully treats their hair extensions for weeks to keep the cuticle in place and prepped for coloring.

Maintaining Veila Pull Thru Hair Extensions requires proper care because natural scalp oils do not infuse the extensions as they do through your hair. To keep the hair extensions moisturized, use moisturizing leave-in products. Please do not use oils, leave-in products, and so on at the attachment portion of the extensions because it might make it fall out quicker than it should.

Veila Pull Thru Hair is affixed with micro beads covered inside the hair extensions. You can brush your hair and other parts of your hair extensions normally. However, be careful around the tiny hole areas where your hair is pulled through. 

Apply a little more attention when brushing, so the holes don’t break or tear. Also, as your own hair grows, it will shed about 100 strands daily. These strands will stay within the extensions until they are replaced or removed during your next styling appointment.

Washing your Veila Hair

Washing your Veila Pull Thru Extensions depends on the density of your hair. You should wash your hair often to keep it free from damaging oil build-up. If you have finer-textured air, wash it every other day. Or, if your hair type is on the thicker side, wash it two to three times a week. 

If your hair is excessively oily, use dry shampoo at the top of your head and at the area where the extensions are fitted to avoid oil build-up. However, do not use dry shampoo as a substitute for proper washing.

How to wash and dry Veila Hair

Your hair is at its most vulnerable when wet. After shampooing, give it some time to dry, and then dry the hair extensions. Veila Hair Extensions are applied in sections; hence you should dry the hair section by section for best results. 

We recommend using a hair clip to separate sections of your hair and then drying from the roots to the ends. You can also dry the hair extension attachment area and leave the rest of the hair to dry naturally. Veila Hair Extensions also come with natural waves that can be enhanced by curl activators, hair mousse, or sea salt spray.

Swimming with Veila Hair

Chlorine is rough on natural hair and even harsher on hair extensions. We suggest using a quality bathing cap while swimming to avoid water in your hair. Also, rinse your whole hair with natural water before swimming to give your scalp some protection from chlorine. 

If you’re swimming in a lake or an ocean, the water is less harsh on your hair than chlorine from a swimming pool. In that case, leave your hair down to dry in the sun when you finish swimming. Additionally, if your hair was in a ponytail while you were swimming and it got wet, let it down and allow it to dry. Leaving it tied up while wet can damage your hair extensions.

Best Tools and Products for Veila Hair Extensions

Best Tools and Products for Veila Hair Extensions

We recommend sulfate-free shampoo to get the best out of your Veila Extensions. A sulfate-free shampoo will help avoid overly drying out the hair extensions. You can also use a conditioner to detangle your hair. 

Use a wide tooth comb while the conditioner still sits in your hair for proper detangling. Rinse when your hair is tangle free. Always blow dry your hair entirely because it is more prone to breakage when wet. 

Drying your hair with a regular blow dryer is fine. However, high temperatures can break your natural hair and hair extensions when using heat tools such as curl irons, so apply caution during heat styling.

Use heat tools in a low heat setting. Use hairspray after curling your hair, and avoid re-curling until the curls are completely gone.

Tips for Maintaining Veila Hair

How to Maintain Veila Hair

Use sulfate-free shampoos because they’re gentler on your hair extensions. They also work well at preserving hair color. Stay away from shampoos with essential oils or protein ingredients. Hair conditioners that suit your natural hair will also fit your extensions. You can ask your stylist for hair conditioner recommendations.

Use a heat protectant and leave it in a conditioner to keep your hair ends supple, healthy, and less prone to drying out. You can use a dry shampoo for oily hair on days when you can’t wash your hair.

Use a wide tooth comb or a wet brush after shampooing and conditioning to detangle your hair. You can also use the natural boar bristle brush or any other high-quality brush to keep your hair in great shape.

Veila Hair Extensions vs. Other Hair Extensions

Veila Hair Extensions vs. Other Hair Extensions

Alternatives such as tape-in extensions are typically offered in a one-size width. This limitation makes it less than satisfactory for hair styling. Also, the process and removal are exhausting for both the client and the stylist. You will need an alcohol-based solution to remove the tape tab and residue and pull off the hair extensions. After this, you will need to spend more time retaping the hair extensions. 

But with Veila extensions, the process is significantly more straightforward and less time-consuming. To apply for the extensions, open the folded hair, remove the Veila bead at the supportive reading line, and carefully comb the hair away. There’s less shedding involved, and you can easily reapply the extensions part by part. 

Veila Pull Thru Extensions is also more durable than other extensions because they are made from virgin hair. These extensions are long-lasting, so you can use them for long periods without getting matted. 

You can reuse the extensions for up to one year without damaging them. The tiny beads that keep the hair secured and discreetly protected between the hair extensions flap to avoid embarrassing slippage. They’re also 90% more secure than other hair extensions. You never need to worry about any matting, slippage, or twisting. And best of all, you can wear your hair up! 

Veila Virgin Hair vs. Remy Hair

Remy hair or Bellami hair is similar to virgin hair in that the hair cuticles follow the same direction. However, it is a collection of hair from multiple hair donors, unlike Veila virgin hair, which comes from a single donor. The quality of Remy hair is good, but virgin hair is better in terms of softness, suppleness, durability, and color consistency.

Veila Virgin Hair vs. Non-Virgin Hair 

Non-virgin hair is significantly less quality than the virgin hair used to make Veila Hair Extensions. Its hair cuticle is messy or completely stripped. It is covered with a lot of silicone and is available in only one length. It is prone to matting and tangling and won’t fully color match your hair. You can’t use hot tools to lay flat the hair after washing because it will completely damage it. 


Veila Pull Thru Hair Extensions are excellent for people who want stylish, lightweight hair. Whether you’re looking for hair volume or length, these high-quality extensions are perfect. 

They’re made from virgin hair and applied using an innovative pull-through method without tape, glue, or threads. These classic hair extensions come in various stunning shades and you can customize them to a color that matches your hair. They provide easy styling, easy maintenance, and easy removal.

You can go swimming with these extensions, put your hair in a ponytail or wear it flat ironed. You can customize your extensions if you want to try out straight hair or short hair, or wavy hair.

However, and whatever style you want, Veila Pull Thru Hair Extensions always delivers its promise of seamless and glam hair. Check out their website and the creator’s salon, Noelle Salon.

What are Veila Hair Extensions?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I handle shedding while wearing Veila Hair?

Shedding is a normal, natural process. Most people shed about 100 strands of hair every day. While wearing Veila Hair Extensions, your shed hair stays on top of the extensions until your stylist replaces or removes them. When your stylist removes the extensions, they should carefully comb away extra shedding. 

Can I sleep with my Veila Hair Extensions in?

You can put your hair in a loose braid or low ponytail to avoid tangles from sleeping, particularly if you’re a “restless sleeper.” Whichever way you protect your hair while sleeping, avoid any high-tension styles because they will cause the hair to break.

Can I swim with my Veila Hair?

You can swim with your Veila Hair Extensions. However, please note that chlorine can dry out your hair extensions. Wear a swim cap or rinse your hair with fresh water before diving into the pool. Freshwater provides your hair with some barrier to lessen the amount of chlorine that enters your hair. 

Saltwater is less harsh on your hair when swimming in a lake or ocean. Air dry and moisturize your hair when you finish swimming.

How heavy are the Veila Hair Extensions?

Veila Hair Extensions are very lightweight and feel like your own hair. There’s no bulk or heaviness to weigh down your scalp. 

How long does it take to readjust Veila Hair Extensions?

Due to the pull-thru method, it takes an average of 15-20 minutes to readjust your hair extensions.

Do I need glue to attach the Veila Hair to my natural hair?

The Veila Hair Extensions do not need glue, tape, keratin, or threads.

Can I use Veila Hair Extensions to manage the loss of hair?

Numerous things can cause hair loss., including fungal infections, stress, lupus, and Alopecia Areata. Sometimes, it simply results from having a fine hair texture that sheds heavily. Regardless of the cause of loss, you can use Veila Hair Extensions to give your hair the volume, hair length, or shine it deserves. 

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