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Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

/ 08:03 AM April 18, 2022

There are many different styles of extensions available on the market today for thin hair, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Those with thin or fine hair need to choose a type of extension that will not weigh down the natural hair or cause further breakage. In general, clip-in extensions and tape-in extensions are considered the best hair extensions for fine hair.

There is a reason why your hair is called the “crowning glory.” It symbolizes your personality, health, hygiene, and femininity. It can also be the first thing a new acquaintance may notice about you.

Nothing gives a confidence boost like having beautiful hair. It is the crown that we never take off, and it speaks volumes about a person’s characteristics. So, it is a must to make sure that it always looks preened, polished, and excellent.

However, one’s hair is not always amazing! Some people were born with voluminous hair, and others have fine hair. It’s tough to maintain the best color, length and cut for thin hair.

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Thankfully, we have hair extensions for fine hair that are considered the best beauty trick to make your crowning glory thicker with longer locks.

If you are still thinking of getting the best hair extensions for thin hair and wondering if it is worth the plunge, here are some of its advantages that will help you decide.

5 Advantages of Wearing the Best Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

5 Advantages of Wearing Hair Extensions

1. Wearing hair extensions will increase the volume and thickness of your hair.

If your primary problem is your fine or thin hair, wearing hair extensions for fine hair is an instant solution to add volume to it.

Undeniably, the thickness of our hair can limit the choices in hairstyles that we can achieve. You can purchase extensions and attach them to give your thin hair a fuller look. In addition, it is a great way to help you revamp your appearance.

2. They add length to your thin fine hair

Having fine hair is already a problem, and an addition to that concern is when your hair grows slower than usual. There are plenty of treatments on the market that can give you longer hair, but the quickest solution is to have extensions.


You can transform from a short bob to full hair, 22 inches in length. You cannot grow your strands to that length in just a matter of hours.

3. The best extensions are low maintenance

If you don’t have time to get a new style every day, there are a lot of pre-styled hair extensions for fine hair that you can use. The good thing about it is that it is easy to maintain. It takes a lot of time every morning to style your hair. Some people do not enjoy the monotony of this activity.

If you do not love the process of fixing it daily, pre-styled hairpieces are the long-term answer to your problem. Imagine having the versatility to change your everyday look and add glamor to it.

4. Perfect solution for a disastrous hairstyle

Maybe you just had your haircut, and it looks like a disaster. It can be traumatic, especially for a person who has fine hair, because there is a possibility that it will not grow back quickly.

Good thing you can visit your nearest salon to get hairpieces! And the best part is that it can help you discover looks you never thought were possible.

5. Add colors and highlights with hair extensions

Some colors and highlights hide hair thinning, or it works wonders in creating a shadow effect throughout the scalp to add depth and thickness.

You do not need to let your natural hair color go or expose it to the impact of death. Enjoy an easier way of having another shade that compliments your natural hair color.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Extensions For Fine Hair

Tips for Picking the Perfect Extensions For Fine Hair

This task is easy if you know what you want to achieve. Picking the best hair extensions for fine hair will depend on what is best for your hair type.

If avoiding fine hair or thin mane is your top priority, here are the pointers you should consider when choosing the best hair extensions:

1. Do not pick heavy hair extensions

Having thin hair means having a few strands on your head. Your strands cannot handle dense extensions because they will add stress to your existing hair. It will result in damaging your strands or even breaking them. You may also feel pain in your scalp if you wear an extension with more strands.

Low-density extensions with fewer strands will weigh less and are best for your fine hair. It will avoid too much stress on your strands. It will also make your extensions appear like your own hair.


2. Choose an attachment method that will not damage your strands

Extensions attaching to your fine hair may be crucial to its condition and might produce bald spots if not appropriately handled. It is very important to take note of the processes for your hair health because often, the application and the removal process are the leading cause of damage to one’s hair. It is not a good option to choose an extension with an attachment process that will strain your strands.

There are plenty of ways to attach your hair extensions for fine hair. Look for extensions with the least potential for damage and gentle application and removal.

Below are some of the attachment processes that you may check that may be suitable for your hair type:

  • Strand by Strand

It uses glue to attach 20-40 strands to one end. Then, it is connected to small sections using a heating element that melts the glue and rolls it in.

  • Sew-in

Braided weft hair extensions are placed tightly to your head. Then it is sewn to the braids using a needle or thread. It is more advisable for thick hair since not all types can handle stress from the braiding and the extension’s weight. It is not a good option for thin hair. Also, people using this need to have it tightened every four months.

  • Fusion Hair Extensions

The installation process of these extensions begins at the head’s base and continues up the sides and back. The stylist will place it on each strand and heat the bonding material with a tool. The upper layers of your headcover the tape in pieces where you can find the Keratin bonding.

  • Tape-ins

Stylists place it using a heated tool that heats a thin glue strip on the hair weft. Two wefts are created in the head of the person to create a seal. It is like making a sandwich between your strands to imagine it better. The wefts’ tape is neither heavy nor thin, making it suitable for people with fine hair because it leaves no damage.

  • Microlink Hair Extensions

These locks are very gentle to place and easy to remove. Stylists do not use heat or glue to apply it. They place only a small silicone bead in the base with an extension strand attached. Be very cautious not to use conditioners because it will make your extension slip. These kinds of pieces last for four months.

  • Clip-in Extensions

Clip-ins are strands that are in a clip. It has a variety of sizes and is excellent for those looking for an instant makeover. They are great for people with thin hair because they do not add much stress to your hair.

  • Halo Hair Extensions

Halos are great alternatives for clip-ins. The stylist attaches the halo hairpiece through an undetectable wire connected to the hair wefts. It is pulled over the halo and utilizes the person’s hair weight to ensure that they securely place it on the head.

3. Look for the best hair extensions that look like your natural hair

It is essential to check if the real hair can hide temporary extensions. Natural human extensions are easier to blend with your hair than synthetic extensions. Pick a hair extension that will compliment your hair.

What to look for extensions for fine hair

What to Look for

Choosing the right extensions that match your hair condition is vital to avoiding hair breakage or thinning. Now that you know what to consider when selecting the hair extensions for your thin or fine hair, let us check a few of the best extension types for your crowning glory.

  • Hand-tied weft extensions
  • Halo Hair Extensions
  • Tape-in Hair Extensions

1. Hand Tied Weft Extensions

Hand-tied hair extensions are flat and do not leave any bumps, making them look natural.

Tiny beads made of silicone slide onto the hair rows, and the stylist manually ties wefts of extensions using the bead with nylon thread or cotton. Hand-tied extensions do not cause more damage, such as hair loss, than other styles because it does not put tension or stress on your natural hair. It is excellent for fine hair because it lays flat against the scalp.

2. Halo Hair Extensions

It is one of the most manageable extensions on your fine hair. You can put halo hair extensions without the help of a stylist because the installation method is straightforward and quick.

It is like applying a headband and using your hair to cover the wires on your head. These are light and soft on the scalp. Halo hair extensions are effortless to place and remove.

3. Tape in Hair Extensions

The tape extensions are another best choice for fine hair because it has a lightweight weft. It is placed by sandwiching two extensions on top of the hair. It is advisable to use single-sided tape in extensions if you have fine hair to ensure that it will not be heavy.

Another good side of the tape in extensions is that they do not need any product or heat to apply. It can work well if you have thin hair but be cautious about the adhesives because long-term use of tape in extensions may cause stress and damage your strands.

What to avoid with hair extensions for thin hair

What to Avoid

If you have thin hair, be careful in choosing extensions. Think twice before purchasing and check if your choice may put a lot of tension on your hair or is not lightweight.

Remember, it is fragile and may break. Avoid these extensions because these only work well with thicker or curly hairs.

  • Micro Links Hair Extensions
  • Clip-in Hair Extensions
  • Fusion Hair Extensions

1. Micro Links Hair Extensions

This hair extension can cause stress to hair since the application and removal methods have a lot of tugging and pulling. Microlink extensions’ process includes extensions that place their hair strands with extension strands using tiny metal tubes.

Some prefer it because it looks undetectable and natural, but it is not advisable for those who have fragile hair since it adds a lot of weight to your hair.

2. Clip in Hair Extensions

Clips putting strain on your hair are the last thing you want to experience with extensions. Although they are easy to place, putting them in and out every day can stress your hair. They can also break your hair since they loosen unexpectedly.

3. Fusion Hair Extensions

This type of extension exposes your hair to too many adhesives and heat during the application process. Since you have thinner strands, there is a possibility that the glue might not hold well. The fuse hair extensions may damage it or result in hair loss because it uses adhesive to hold on to one’s natural hair.

If you have decided to get the best hair extensions for thin fine hair, here are some recommendations:

Bestseller thin hair extensions:

1. SARLA Adjustable Headband Halo Hair Extension

Best Seller on Amazon

Being the top 1 best seller in extensions, it is undeniable that this halo hairpiece is of high quality and is a total standout.

Halo hair extension is best for thin hair, and this product has an invisible wire that your hair can easily keep. It has over 21,00 ratings at the moment. The color is perfect and is trending nowadays.

Price: $11.49

2. GOO GOO Tape in Hair Extensions

Best Seller on Amazon

With over 5,000 reviews, this is one of the best hair extensions.

They are in the top 2 of best-selling extensions. Based on the reviews, it lasts for more than six years and is more cost-effective than other brands. It does not shred easily and looks very natural.

Price: $51.95

Best Prices:

1. REECHO 20″ 1-Pack 3/4 Full Head Curly Wave Clips

Best Price

Have instant long hair with these clip-ins made out of Synthetic Fiber. It does not get tangled easily because the material builds static, especially in Winter. It is available in 16 sizes: 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, and 24 inches.

With a price of only 14 dollars, you can have high-quality and heat-resistant extensions that you can style using your iron. The individual strands blend well with different hair colors, even if you have red hair. There are 200 colors up for grabs. They are easy to put in and will look like your real hair.

Price: $9.99

2. SARLA Dirty Blonde Hair Extensions Halo Highlight

Best Price

Having gorgeous hair does not have to be expensive. These are the best hair extensions for fine hair if you are on a tight budget because it costs around 12 dollars only, but it has the best features like expensive branded best hair extensions.

The Sarla Halo Hair Extension is made out of Polyester material. It has a natural wave and will blend well with your real hair, especially if you have a wavy one. The installation process is very convenient, and you can remove it without any extra effort. It is available in five sizes: 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, and 22 inches. Twenty colors are available to match your head shade.

Also, halo extensions are advisable for those who have thin hair.

Price: $11.49

Best Reviews:

1. GOO GOO Clip in Human Hair Extensions

Best Review *4.4 stars*

These extensions for fine or thin hair are made out of natural human hair. You can have salon-quality hair by wearing this. Six lengths are available:

  • 18 inches
  • 14 inches
  • 16 inches
  • 20 inches
  • 22 inches
  • 24 inches

The color is Chocolate Brown to Caramel Brown. It blends well with your hair texture, making it appear that you have voluminous hair. You can choose how much weight you want to put on your hair shaft since there are six sizes.

Price: $94.99

Lillian Review *5 Stars*
(She bought one pack of 18 inches, Chocolate Brown, to Caramel Blonde.)

“I bought these extensions based on good reviews, and they were not wrong!! These extensions are extremely soft and curl and straighten well. I bought one package, and it was good for my hair, but my hair is very thin. I would probably recommend buying two if you have thick hair, but fortunately, they fit perfectly for my hair! My hair is a darkish brown, and I bought the brown with blonde streaks in it, and it blends perfectly! I’m very impressed with these extensions and love wearing them!”

2. MORICA Messy Hair Bun Hair Scrunchies Extension

Best Review *4.1 Stars*

These hair extensions for fine hair are synthetic but look natural. It is perfect for adding volume and fullness to your hair. Morica Hair Extension is very comfortable and easy to use. It adds elegance to its wearer. It is suitable for various occasions, and it has a lot of colors, such as:

  • Dark Brown
  • Light Golden Brown
  • Lightest Ash Blonde
  • Light Golden Brown & Pale Golden Blonde Mixed
  • Light Golden Brown & Lightest Blonde
  • Ash Blonde & Lightest Blonde
  • Light Golden Brown & Pale Golden Blonde
  • Natural Black
  • Darkest Brown & Light Auburn Mixed
  • Darkest Brown & Dark Auburn Mixed
  • Other options are available.

By using these hair extensions for fine hair, you will be sure that you can change your look at any second and for any event.

Price: $8.99

Aaa Review *5 stars*
(She bought a Dark Brown Morica Hair Extension.)

“My hair is super thin. I can’t wear my hair up because it makes like a 2” bun and looks silly, but I want to be able to wear my hair up this summer because I sweat like crazy and because my hair is so thin it looks like I just stepped out of the shower 5 mins into sweating. I was almost embarrassed to buy these as I’ve never used fake lashes or extensions before. These are game-changers. I love them. I got the shorter one “curly wavy” and longer messy looking bun “tousled” in dark brown #6.”


Investing to have gorgeous hair is worth the splurge. Keep in mind that your hair is your crowning glory and that ‘crown’ should be adequately cared for and enhanced from time to time. Hair extensions are the best way to have an instant glow up and finally be able to post Instagram-ready pictures with hashtags #besthairever and #goodhairday. You can consistently achieve a full hair celebrity look or your dream hair anytime.

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