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Formulate – Everything You Need to Know

/ 11:33 AM August 10, 2022

Are you feeling lost in the sea of shampoos and skincare products? You’re not alone. With so many skincare and hair care products on the market, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. That’s where customized shampoo and skincare comes in – they help you find the perfect formulations based on your individual needs.

Imagine having a personal chemist that designs unique new formulas just for you and makes adjustments along the way based on your in-depth feedback. With Formulate, this dream can become a reality. They work with top chemists to develop perfect formulas and products that meet their customers’ latest trends and needs.

What is Formulate?

What is Formulate?

Formulate creates customized hair, scalp, and skincare designed by your own personal chemist- a personal chemistry mobile app linked to real-world product customization. This company is fundamentally different from others in that they develop your perfect formula from the ground up or within the bottle rather than using pre-made formulation bases. 

Formulate connects you with a chemist who will not only develop your unique initial formula but will also make improvements throughout the road, depending on the feedback you submit. You can find your ideal formulations and routine with the help of a chemist and the Formulate production platform.

Furthermore, each formula is newly mixed, from the ground up by Formulate. Unlike many other customized shampoo and skincare businesses, they do not utilize typical shampoo and conditioner bases. As a result, they provide an unrivaled degree of customization, product innovation, and personalized service.

Features of Formulate Products 

When it comes to hair care products, many brands on the market claim to offer the best shampoo and conditioner for your needs. However, Formulate is a brand that truly delivers on its promises. Here are the best features of Formulate which make it stand out from other brands. 


The shampoos and conditioners are inside sleek geometric pump bottles. That would look lovely in any bathroom, with braille for the visually handicapped. Formulate has an intelligent and stunning design. Moreover, Formulate shampoo and conditioner come in three different sizes: 4oz, 8oz, and 14oz recyclable bottles. The huge 14oz bottles allow you to purchase less frequently, resulting in less waste which is environmentally friendly.  


There are 12 different scents, from fresh to floral to fruity to fragrance-free. Also, you can choose the strength of the smell. Other customers love the Green With Envy scent because it has a lovely ordinary green tea and fresh aroma. Tidal is also a crowd favorite. It has a classic “ocean” perfume that is suitable for both men and women.


By default, it is sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free, but you may customize it during your consultation to exclude silicones, nuts, gluten, or go entirely vegan. After completing your order, you can examine your custom formula in further detail in your dashboard. Formulate explains each compound ingredient and how it contributes to your desired objectives.


The Formulate shampoo and conditioner set has a lighter texture than other brands, with the shampoo lathering up nicely and the conditioner restoring your hair.

Benefits of Using Formulate Products 

Benefits of Using Formulate Products 

If you’re looking for a hair care brand that’s tailored to your specific needs, Formulate is a perfect choice for custom hair, scalp, and skincare. The company offers advice on everything from choosing the right products to using them effectively. Plus, they’re the only hair care company that creates custom products based on your location. Below are just a few benefits of using their products:

KGF, EGF, and MSR are present in the Formulate shampoo and conditioner

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), Keratinocyte Growth Factor (KGF), and Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase (MSR) are three substances in Formulate’s shampoos. They did extensive research on these substances, showing their ability to enhance the condition of your hair. However, other brands can’t use them since they soon lose their effectiveness when heat pressed. Fortunately, Formulate is the only brand that has a cold-pressed method. 

The only hair care company that creates your requests based on location

They will test your new formula based on your exact location data. Your formula won’t be tested in one region with a tiny pool of individuals, as shelved formulas do, thanks to the brand’s database of local humidity levels and other atmospheric numbers. This test makes sure that the shampoos and conditioners will suit your hair type and the kind of environment you have.

Formulate gets delivered to your door quickly

Considering the nature of the business, you’ll receive your personalized formula in less than two weeks, depending on the intricacy of your request.

The formula is evolving

Formulate does not stop improving. The formulation is still changing as research chemists look for relevant studies and substances to add to their database and carefully test for upcoming demands.

How Formulate Works

What sets Formulate apart from its rivals, which similarly start your custom hair care journey with a hair care quiz?

When signing up for Formulate, users provide information such as their hair care goals, hair thickness, how frequently they wash their hair, and other details such as their previous store brand shampoo. After that, a chemist and a formulation technician will create your custom shampoo and conditioner and the brand will send it to you for you to enjoy. The intricate process shows that professionals take care of your hair health. 

They are knowledgeable regarding hair care goals, scalp health, common hair care ingredients, and interpersonal interactions; far beyond what is typical in a research article. Formulate’s database links certain compound ingredients to specific hair desires, like promoting thickness, moisture, or volume.

The most intriguing thing behind the scenes is how they process the formulations once they develop them. If you’re at a retail market and purchase shampoos and conditioners off the shelf, those formulas are hot-processed—heated to a high temperature, held, and within one to two months go to stores for customers to buy—and these products typically have a two to three-year shelf life.

However, Formulate’s custom shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum are all cold-processed and freshly dispensed. Everything is liquid until they add one ingredient that essentially sets what chemists refer to as the “rheology” — the viscosity, how thick it is, how it interacts with your skin, and how you use it by applying it to your hair. They can employ ingredients that other brands can’t because of this procedure, freshly dispensing your unique formula once your order is processed. 

How to Order Formulate Shampoo or Skincare Products

How to Order Formulate Shampoo or Skincare Products

You will be pleasantly surprised how Formulate creates custom shampoo, conditioners, and skin care products based on the information you provide them. To assist you in how to start, here is a step-by-step process to create your customized shampoo, conditioner, and skin care products on their website as well as in the Formulate app.

1. Tell them things about yourself.

Answer a few preliminary questions to let your chemist get to know you. You’ll ask for your personal information such as your name, gender, e-mail, age, and address for shipping. Moreover, they will ask about your hair color, texture, and style. 

2. Be honest about your hair condition. 

They look at your routine and how many days you use shampoo and conditioner a week. To know the best hair care, they will also ask you what hair care products you typically use to style your hair, as well as if you have well or hard water. They also contact you for your feedback after a few washes with your custom formulas. If you need any adjustments, they will be happy to make them for you depending on your feedback.

3. Answer questions about your scalp health

Hair, skin, and scalp health are all very important to Formulate. That’s why they will also be asking about your overall scalp condition. You may also let them know of any restrictions you may have (for example, if you have allergies). And also choose an all-natural fragrance or go fragrance-free.

4. Be clear about your hair goals. 

You can also choose hair goals such as split end prevention, curl definition, thermal protection, etc. In addition, you can choose from a number of scents: Serenity, Peach Mango, Green with Envy, Tea Tree, Cool Coconut, Peppermint, Tidal, Freshly squeezed, Shoreline, Berry Bloom, and Verdant. You can also choose Fragrance-Free if you want no scent. 

There is a notes section wherein you can place specific conditions or concerns that you want to address fully, if you want a personalized shampoo that is deep conditioning, will lessen your split ends or give more volume.

5. Get matched with a chemist.

Your chemist will create your initial formula after you answer the questions specific to your hair properties and goals, taking into consideration the temperature, humidity, and UV in your area based on your zip code. Lastly, your chemist will ask you to choose which size of shampoo and conditioner you want to start with. 

6. Your first custom formulas will arrive.

Your custom formulas are then freshly dispensed and shipped from the Formulate warehouse in St. Louis Missouri, arriving at your doorstep within about a week or two.

7. The chemist will check your progress.

Through the app, you can chat with Formulates support team as well as your chemist, sharing feedback and asking any questions you may have or help you may need. Your team will help you resolve any issues you may experience and get with your chemist to make changes to your formulas where needed.

Formulate Reviews

Formulate reviews

Customers found that Formulate has made their life easier by creating completely customized products suitable for their needs. Here are some of the brand reviews from Formulate customers:  

Ellery Lee – Formulate Review (New Jersey) 

Love is in the hair ✨ allows me to customize my hair and scalp care to achieve my goals with my chemist. I was even able to customize my scent. This is the new era of individualized shampoo and conditioner. 

Christina – Formulate Review (Pennsylvania) 

You guys, Formulate is a complete game changer. Two uses of my personalized shampoo and conditioner, and I instantly saw a difference in my hair. I’ve always struggled with it being more dry and coarse, but my formula gave it the shine and smoothness I’ve been craving. It was tough not to keep touching my hair!

Ri – Formulate Review (New Jersey)

I am obsessed with my new hair care from! Finding the right shampoo for my specific needs was next to impossible. I have eczema, a history of psoriasis, and thick, pin-straight, color-treated hair. The “right” shampoo would break the bank. However, I stumbled upon Formulate, gave them my hair needs and goals– and they sent me shampoos and conditioners made just for me! ☺️ Thank you, Formulate, for helping me take care of my hair 💇🏻‍♀️

Serena H. – Formulate Review (Georgia)

I’m hooked!! Still soft and still receiving compliments. The shampoo & conditioner transformed my #hair from dry and not so-defined to mild and defined. Not an average shampoo and conditioner. They customize a product for YOU and you ONLY. It can’t get any better than this.

Malaise Rodriguez – Formulate Review (Florida)

I’m so excited to tell you guys what I’ve been trying out for the last few months! I am always trying out new hair and skin care products to find what works best for my hair. I have been using recently, and I am obsessed! Even my husband uses my shampoo and conditioner now. uses a survey process to help make custom bottles for your hair care needs. It was so fast and easy. The scent I chose was coconut 🤤 and it smells fantastic. It makes me ready for summer!


If you’re looking for a product specifically tailored to your hair or skin type, look no further than customized shampoo and skincare from Formulate. You will see a difference in the way your hair and your scalp look and feel within the first few washes. If you’d like adjustments to your formula to focus on specific areas, that’s ok and highly encouraging!  At Formulate, your hair goals and health are their priority. They believe the perfect formulation is obtainable and they are excited to be the ones that can deliver that to you. Check out Formulate today and see the difference they can make in your hair, scalp, and skincare!


How do I adjust my scent or hair care goals?

You may update your hair objective and fragrance on the Formulate app’s “Settings” page. Your chemist knows whenever you make changes to your preferences, and they will update your formula as necessary.

Is Formulate expensive?

No. It is very affordable. An 8oz customized hair shampoo and conditioner costs about $39, comparable to any shampoo you may get from your local hair salon. The difference is they create it based on your unique hair requirements.

Can I cancel my order?

Formulate is a subscription-based refills-based service. Therefore, it’s advisable to change your mind or cancel your order before the chemists create your shampoo (you’ll get a notification well in advance informing you of your future transaction). If they have processed your order, kindly contact the staff straight away! They cannot cancel orders or apply for refunds once your purchase has been freshly dispensed due to the personalized nature of our items.

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