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Why You Should Invest in Apple Stocks Right Now

/ 09:39 AM August 08, 2022

Even while Apple stock has been a great long-term investment, the company’s share price has dropped about 23 percent so far this year. As a result of soaring inflation as well as the Federal Reserve’s forceful attempt to bring it back down by boosting the federal funds rate, investors are becoming increasingly concerned, which has led to the decline.

The recent decline in Apple’s share price, along with the overall negativity in the market at the moment, has caused some investors to question whether or not it is still a good time to purchase Apple shares. 

According to various trusted sources within the trading industry, there is a high belief that there is a good argument for purchasing additional shares (or opening a stake) in the IT giant at the present time. Let’s dive into why.

Buying Shares

Buying Shares

Let’s start off by going over the basic information needed when you intend to buy shares from Apple in the UK. You are able to purchase thousands of shares in companies all around the world with just one click thanks to the manner that stock trading in the UK is conducted today. 

You just need a reputable online brokerage account to get started. The fees and commissions that stockbrokers charge are now more competitive than they have ever been before thanks to the fact that there now are hundreds of stockbrokers in the UK all vying for your business. 

In fact, there are even UK shares dealing platforms that provide you the ability to purchase stocks. Even without having to pay any sort of dealing price. However, in addition to knowing how to purchase shares within the UK, it is also important to study the fundamentals of how shares truly function, the process of making an investment, and any tax restrictions in comparison to tax benefits. 


You will give yourself the best chance of avoiding mistakes that will result in significant losses. If you spend some time getting familiar with the fundamentals. A helpful piece of information regarding shares is that after you have purchased shares in a firm, the corporation is obligated to provide you with a certificate within the next two months.

What are shares?

When a corporation makes the decision to “go public,” it indicates that the firm intends to have itself listed on the stock market. This, in turn, makes it possible for ordinary investors to acquire “shares” in the company. 

You will have a “share” of the firm in which you invest. Also, the size of that share will be determined by the number of units that you possess. This is what the term “share” refers to. The forces of the market are what decide how much the shares are worth. 


To put it another way, an increase in the number of buyers relative to the number of selling will cause the share price to rise. When this occurs, the value of your stake will reflect the change in circumstances.

The worth of your stocks will decrease if there are greater sellers than purchasers in the market. At the same time, as this will have a reverse impact. You will be eligible for a variety of benefits if you decide to become a shareholder in a corporation.

Selling shares

One’s right to receive dividends and one’s participation in the company’s annual general meetings are at the center of this subject. You are free to sell your shares at any moment within the regular trading hours of the market. 

The amount of cash that will be returned to you will be determined by comparing the number of shares you now own to the price. Which the company’s stock is trading at the moment. 

Why You Should Invest Now

Why You Should Invest Now

Some investors are getting out of the technology stock market at the moment. In part because a lot of these companies aren’t prosperous and won’t be for many years to come. Apple, however, does not have this issue.

The corporation has a total of $193 billion in dollars. It is equivalent at the conclusion of the most current fiscal quarter. Even after taking into consideration all of the company’s obligations, Apple still had a surplus of $73 billion.

Apple appears to be an obvious choice for investment at a time when market participants are looking for successful businesses that have the ability to withstand a potential economic slowdown.

The Growth Of Service Revenue

Apple has developed a highly successful services company, which some investors might not yet fully grasp to its full potential. Consider the fact that Apple’s revenue from its services in the firm’s second quarter grew to an astonishing $19.8 billion. Which marks year-over-year growth of 17 percent.

Apple’s services income contributed to much more than 20 percent of the company’s overall revenues. Also, the technology giant now has 825 million daily users of its various services. Which is an increase of 25 percent over the course of the previous year.

Although Apple’s current gross margins of over 44 percent are already impressive, the company’s gross margins on its services are considerably higher. It is coming in at nearly 73 percent. Investors should also note that Apple still has additional chances in the services industry. Which includes the possibility of a subscription service for its iPhone as well as other devices. This is something that investors should take into consideration.

Potential For New Products

Back in May, Bloomberg published an article stating that Apple has demonstrated to its board of directors both augmented reality (AR) as well as virtual reality (VR) gear. During the past several years, Apple has paid a lot of attention to augmented reality (AR) via iPhone applications; but, an AR gadget might be a huge move into a new category for the company.

The fact that the corporation demonstrated such a gadget to its board may be an indication. It implies that it is getting ready to launch the product. The target is maybe as soon as next year. According to prominent Apple analyst Katy Huberty, augmented reality or virtual reality product has the potential to bring in $29 billion in income for Apple by the year 2026.

Even if these are only speculations based on a possible Apple gadget, the business does seem to be getting closer to releasing one of these kinds of products. 

CEO of Apple , Tom Cook’s,  statements hinting at AR integration continue to imply that Apple has broader aspirations for this field than merely AR applications. Despite the fact that Apple has not yet revealed an augmented reality device of its own.

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