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12 Trendy Summer Nails to Try in 2022

10:39 AM August 03, 2022
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Picture a breezy day at the beach: you’re wearing a particularly adorable swimsuit, a straw hat, and rocking a lovely tan. However, nothing compliments the perfect beach look more than gorgeous summer nails. Now that the summer months are here, it’s time to start thinking about your nail designs. Having a set of bright summer nails can help you quickly get in the mood for warm weather. 

You can try out the hottest trends when you paint your nails. Whether you’re going to the salon or you’ve mastered DIY manicures over the past year, there is something for every talent and taste, ranging from subtle gradients to checkerboard manicures and seasonally suitable neons. We’ve compiled the most popular nails trends for you to rock this summer. 

Major Summer Nails Trends 

Although there is a focus on art, this summer’s nail trends are similar to those of the previous year. The best summer nail designs are still prevalent in 2022, but they are all posh, slightly abstract, and diverse. Concentrate on color, pattern, and design to have a summer feel. 

  • Nail Shape: This year, almond nails and square shapes are in fashion. Get a dip manicure and summer gel nails if yours are short. The dip manicure is the most effective since it maintains your cuticle strong so it won’t shatter. Remember that if you decide to use press-on nails, you can always trim and file them to match the style for particular shapes. 
  • Nail Texture: Shiny nails appear far more in style than matte ones.
  • Nail Colors: Light colors or neutral colors are pushed to the side in favor of bright colors and lighter shades in every color of the rainbow in summer 2022. You’ll have difficulty deciding between the summer nail colors of pink, red, green, blue, and orange. 

We’ve compiled the best summer nail ideas so you can get some inspiration. Here are the best summer nails you can try:

Rainbow French Manicure

Rainbow French Manicure

This french manicure has multicolored rainbow tips rather than opaque white paint. The French tips have the added benefit of having incredibly simple summer nails and are adaptable. The choice is yours: use five hues from the same color family to create ombre nails, or stick to the traditional rainbow nails with the ROYGBIV color scheme. 


Rainbow nails have become a trend in summer nail designs. These french tips turn your ordinary nails into cute summer nails. Sometimes, you must go to a nail artist to achieve this look. However, if you do not have the time or have reasons why you don’t want to visit a salon, you can use the acrylic nails below. 

Glamnetic Rainbow French Tip Press On Summer Nails

Glamnetic Rainbow French Tips

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The Glamnetic’s newest Rainbow French Tip Nails Press On Nails are high-quality nails perfect for those who want a salon-style look without paying for a nail artist’s service. Plus, the UV coating protects your nails from breakage and splitting so that you can enjoy your beautiful nail art designs for longer.

These colorful French tip almond nails are perfect for any occasion. The tapered fit towards the cuticle gives you a natural look, while the vibrant colors add a touch of fun and flair. And best of all, they’re reusable! You’ll get plenty of use out of these fabulous presses on acrylic nails with up to three applications.

Butterfly Cute Summer Nails

Butterfly summer nails trending

The newest craze to sweep over our Instagram feeds is butterfly nails. It should be no surprise, given how strongly the ’90s have influenced recent beauty trends. Additionally, as the temperature rises, people start seeking for fun summer nail art to wear. The butterfly has been a major trend since the Millenium, and butterfly nails are no exception. 

This creature has served as an infinite source of inspiration and some of the prettiest interpretations on ’90s nostalgia. It has inspired fashion statements like butterfly clips, Mariah Carey’s iconic butterfly top, and eyeliner and eye shadow. Your bright summer nails, like jewelry or a bag, may make a stylish statement.

If you have difficulty going to a nail artist to get the summer nail designs, do not fret because there are stickers you can apply to summer acrylic nails that will solve your problem. Be ready and get these cute nails before summer arrives. 

30 Sheets Butterfly Nail Art Stickers for Acrylic Nails 

Butterfly Art Stickers

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Introducing the newest summer trend: butterfly water decals for nails! These vibrant and easy-to-use stickers will stay on your natural nails or acrylic nails for a long time and will not peel off. With 30 different designs, these nail art stickers are perfect for your fingernails and toenails decor. Also, you can place it in an accent nail of your choice and have bright colors on the other nails. Enjoy the charm they bring to your nails this summer! 


Summer designs for 2022 include the pastel nail color, which has delicate pinks, lilacs, and pastel rainbows. Try pastel nails if you don’t like a bright color palette. Bright summer nails work well with any outfit and are ideal for the summer. Additionally, you’ll find a lot of pastels embellished with little flowers.

Beetles Pastel Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

A set of Pastel Colors Gel Nail Polish

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Are you looking for a complete gel nail polish set with everything you need to start? Then look no further than the Beetles Pastel Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit! This all-in-one package includes a UV LED light nail drier, a Beetles gel nail paint set, and everything you need to start doing your nails at home.

The Beetles gel nail paint comes in various hues, allowing you to select the right match for your nails. The UV LED light nail dryer is energy-efficient and will quickly dry your nails so you can enjoy your new manicure. With this complete gel nail polish set, you’ll be able to achieve salon-quality nails without

Summer nails with gradients

Multiple colors are used on one nail to create gradients. Gradient manicures in vivid and brilliant hues are in style this summer and are shared. Another trend is adding design elements, like grid patterns, flowers, clouds, palm palms, and more, on top of gradient summer nails. 

In contrast to ombre nails, which are distinct shades of the same hue, gradient nails are diverse colors. However, choosing the right colors is crucial; if you pick colors that clash, the transition will appear muddy. The ideal technique to create a gradient manicure is to choose a different shade of one color and combine it with others.

You can use baby blue and soft pink together, hot pink and bold colors together, and utilize them throughout five fingers. This will create cute summer nail designs. If you still have difficulty making it on your natural nails, feel free to use the gradient press on the pretty nails below.

Colorful Gradient Press On Artificial Nails  

Colorful Gradient Press On Artificial Nails

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These False Gradient Nails are colorful and gradient, with a matte finish that makes them stand out. They’re perfect for short to medium-length nails, and they come in a super trendy coffin shape right now. Plus, they have a protective UV coating to keep your nails looking fabulous. So please don’t wait any longer. Grab these bad boys before they’re all gone!

Different hues on each nail

It used to be safe to choose the same color for each nail. With so many nail polish colors available these days, the fashion is to experiment with color utilization and even try them all! You may have fun with various neon nails, vivid pastel nails, rainbow nails, and bright colors, especially during the summer. 

You can even use hot pink and neon nails altogether. Additionally, you may paint just the nail tips in various colors if you prefer the French manicure but don’t want to paint your entire nail. Abstract forms or diagonal hints are also fantastic options.

JODSONE Gel Nail Polish Kit 

Summer Gel Polish Kit with Different Hues

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The JODSONE gel nail polish kit is one of the best on the market, and it includes all you need to start producing beautiful nails at home.

This kit includes 32 classic colors of gel polish, as well as a base coat, top coat, and matte top coat. We also include a high-power professional lamp so you can cure these quickly and easily. Plus, we have some essential manicure tools to get you started.

With this complete gel polish kit, you have everything you need to create any summer nail design you can imagine. So say goodbye to the nail technician or a nail artist, and hello to the fabulous summer nails at home!

Combining Abstract Nail Designs with Mix and Match Nails

Abstract nails are a highly well-liked summer nail style. The mix-and-match nail design is the most excellent feature of abstract nails. Every nail doesn’t need to be painted with the same straightforward pattern. Have fun with your abstract art ideas, and don’t be afraid to experiment with various shapes, lines, dots, splatters, and other abstract elements.

You can also have one accent nail on your index finger or ring finger. Also, you can use nude polish and add a fine point and lines using a small brush or a dotting tool. This eye-catching nail design is on trend because it shows a person’s personality and creativity. 

TailaiMei 12 Sheets Abstract Nail Art Stickers

Beautiful Abstract Art Stickers

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Your nails are the perfect accessory to show off your personality, so why not make them as unique and individual as you are? With TailaiMei 12 Sheets Abstract Nail Art Stickers, you can create DIY nail designs that are guaranteed to turn heads because these are eye-catching. 

Each pattern has a one-of-a-kind nail design, so you can mix and match it to create your custom look. Whether you’re going for bold colors, funky style, or something more understated and chic, these stickers have covered you. And because they’re so simple to apply and remove, you can switch up your appearance whenever you want.

So don’t settle for your dull and natural nail when you can have works of art on your hands. These also look good on feature nails. 

Nail design featuring waves

You can’t go wrong with stylish waves to fit the summer atmosphere. Mix up your nail polish colors or stay with a color scheme inspired by sunsets. There are various alternatives, which is the most excellent thing about painting waves on nails. 

You may paint various curved lines on top of a nail with a nude polish, or you can cover the nail with a wave design. You can also create waves using mint green and blue on your long nails as long as it suits your skin tone. 

MISUD Colorful Wave Medium Press on Nails

 Colorful Wave Medium Press on

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Are you seeking something different and fun for your nails this summer? MISUD has got you covered with these colorful wave fake nails! They provide your nails with an excellent and charming look that is perfect for any occasion. These nails are easy to use and come in various sizes to fit everyone’s fingernails. They also make an excellent gift for both a professional nail artist and those who enjoy doing their nails at home. So don’t wait any longer. Order your MISUD fake nails today and enjoy some colorful fun this summer!

Ombre Nails

Summertime is the ideal season for ombré nails. Whether you’re wearing shorts or a sundress, the vibrant colors will go well with any ensemble. When you use ombre nails, you use a single color that changes in intensity from lightest to darkest. Use a sponge to apply the desired color after applying a nude or soft base coat to get this effect.

Bright Colorful Ombre Acrylic Nails 

Bright Colorful Ombre Acrylic

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Come and get your hands on the newest must-have summer big trend! These Bright Colorful Ombre False Nails are perfect for anyone who wants to add a bit of personality and fun to their look. Whether you’re going out for an evening in the city or want to spice up your everyday look, these nails will do the thing. 

They are available in many colors and sizes to fit any taste, and they are simple to attach with the provided adhesive tabs. So don’t wait any longer. These are perfect for different kin tones. Grab a set of these trendy nails and let your creativity shine!

Fruity Manicure

Bright fruit nail art designs are exactly in style for certain people. For pineapple, orange, lime, and watermelon nails use vivid colors. Exotic fruits like pitaya, sometimes known as dragon fruit, with its pink edge and black dot center, are another popular trend. 

A design with lemons will be an excellent choice if you enjoy the color yellow. Look for fruit-shaped clay slices like these that can be put to your nails for a distinctive appearance if you want to contribute to the fruit manicure trend.

FANDAMEI Cute Design 3D Fruits Nail Art

Cute Design 3D Fruits Art

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Decorate your nails with these cute and colorful FANDAMEI Cute Design 3D Nail Art Stickers. Choose from various fruits such as watermelon, orange, strawberry, kiwi, lemon, and many more. You can create a unique design for your nails. Made from resin, these stickers are durable and easy to apply. Just clean your nails first, peel off the sticker and press it gently onto your nail. That’s it! You’ll have fabulous-looking nails in no time.

Tropical nails with a travel theme

Summer trends don’t get much hotter than vacation-inspired manicures. There are many creative ways to paint beautiful tropical nails, from palm trees and sunsets to Monstera leaves and flamingos. You may even incorporate your preferred animal print pattern.

TailaiMei Summer Beach Nail Decals Stickers

Summer Beach Nail Decals Stickers

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Are you looking for some creative art to show off at your next pool party or beach vacation? Look no further than TailaiMei Summer Beach Nail Decals Stickers! This set includes classic images with a beach/ocean/nautical theme, including sharks, turtles, dolphins, fish, shells, starfish, sailboats, anchors, palm trees, rudders, and lifebuoys, cocktails, sunglasses, and mermaids. 

The self-adhesive design makes them easy to apply, and they’ll stay put on your nails all day long. You can also use gel to cover the decals for even longer wear. So grab a set of these TailaiMei Summer Beach Decals.

Floral nail designs

During the spring and summer, floral nail designs are a common choice. Start with a light color base coat, or pick your preferred color for the backdrop to obtain this striking appearance. Then, using a little brush, add your preferred flowers. Don’t stress about making your blossoms appear realistic. Have fun with the leaves and floral forms.

MiaoWu 12 Sheets Flower Nail 

Flower Nail Art Stickers

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The MiaoWu 12 Sheets Flower Nail is the newest and most convenient way to achieve salon-level nails at home! These beautiful stickers are self-adhesive, so all you need is a pair of tweezers to place them on your nails. They’ll last for days until you’re ready to change them up again. And when you’re prepared to remove them, tear them off gently. No more damage from harsh acetone! So try out MiaoWu 12 Sheets Flower today for gorgeous nails that are easy to achieve and long-lasting. 

Glitter nail polish

If you adore glittery nails but believe they are just appropriate for the holidays, reconsider! Glitter polish in vibrant hues is on trend for a summer manicures and is now highly fashionable. Solid glitter polish can be kept simple, or you can add stripes of various glitter colors can be added. 

It also looks good on your feature nail or round nails. There is also a variety of glitter nail polish that suits different skin types. Sparkly nails are on trend because they can be displayed on other occasions. 

Beetles Boujee Glitter Gel Nails

Beetles Boujee Glitter Gel Nails

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Are you looking for a little extra sparkle in your life, especially during Summer? Well, look no further than the Beetles Boujee Glitter Gel Polish Set! This super pigmented set comes with three vibrant glitter gels – gold, silver, and light pink – sure to add some serious pizazz to your summer nails. Perfect for both professional nail technicians and at-home DIYers, this set is a must-have for anyone who loves a good glitter mani. So give your life a little shine with the Beetles Boujee Glitter Gel Polish Set!


Summer is the best time to check out new nail designs. Whether you’re going on vacation, beach, or to a summer BBQ, all these summer nail ideas are on trend. Can’t decide? The classic French manicure might be the perfect nail idea for summer 2022. It’s versatile and can be worn  from a day at the beach to a formal event. 

Now that you know all the different summer nail colors and designs available, it’s time to pick your favorite! With many options to select from, we guarantee you can find a look that will make you feel confident and beautiful this season. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your new manicure today!


What kind of nail shape is fashionable for the summer of 2022?

In 2022, the almond shape will be the most popular for summer nails. The rounded corners of almond nails make it the ideal surface for summer nail art, though you will still see some coffin- and square-shaped nails.

What hues are famous for the summer of 2022?

Vivid, striking, and fluorescent hues will be prominent for the summer. Additionally, you’ll see colored highlights over nude nails. Pastel colors won’t necessarily disappear come summer, either. You’ll notice that rainbows and charming designs employ pastel hues.

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