How the World of Yacht and Catamaran Chartering Is Changing

How the World of Yacht and Catamaran Chartering Is Changing

/ 08:57 AM May 11, 2022

The yacht and catamaran chartering industry is vastly changing. This is due, in large part, to changes across all sectors, with all the developments in technology enabling innovation and transforming almost every industry.

Sailing has come leaps ahead since the old days of navigation by sun and wood structures. The yachting and catamaran experiences are better than ever for those who enjoy this vacation style. And thanks to technology, it is more accessible to all of us.


But how is this exciting holiday world responding to consumer demand and these advancements? And what does this mean for the future of yachting charters?

Read on to find out more.


A digital world impacts the industry.

A digital world impacts the industry.

Technology seems to be advancing at an increasingly rapid rate. We’ve explored how it’s impacting the yachting and catamaran industry. We’re also changing the game when it comes to guests’ experiences.

Digital booking systems

The digital space has improved efficiencies in almost all aspects of our lives, and now it’s making it easier than ever to charter your luxury yacht. The Borrowaboat website and app are a revolution in boating, giving users access to 35,000 boats in over 65 countries worldwide. Launched back in 2017 by boating enthusiasts, Borrow A Boat makes boating more accessible and offers its users flexibility, availability, and choice.

With multiple yachts available all over the globe, you can find the exact boat and location you want and the timeframe that works best for you. This is an excellent example of how the tech revolution impacts the boating industry.


Artificial Intelligence, otherwise known as AI, is already playing a massive part in how we live, work and socialize. It, too, will impact the future of the maritime industry. It will be incorporated into the boating setting and allow for autonomous driving capabilities that will support captains and their crew.

Some of these improvements and capabilities will include ease of navigation, improvements in safety, and savings on fuel. Rolls Royce, as an example, is funding research that will eventually support autonomous ships. Although, much like self-driving cars, time will tell if they will be able to operate entirely on their own!

Smart-home integration

Smart-home appliances have become somewhat of the norm, from devices like Alexas and Google Home to light bulbs that you can switch on from your phone and control security features, temperature, home theatres, and more. These days, they’re being integrated into luxury yachts – allowing passengers to connect their onboard and off-shore lives.


Smart tech can be used to do everything on board, from controlling lights and room temperature to closing blinds depending on weather and time of day. While other technologies provide and display navigation data and GPS to allow guests to be aware of their current locations and estimated arrival time to destinations.

Experts in the industry predict that Project Loon is another technology that’s due to transform sailing experiences. Google’s “internet of the sky” this network will work to provide internet connections to locations all around the world, including remote destinations of yachts. This will ensure that you have a seamless internet connection during the entirety of your voyage, which has sometimes been an issue on certain vessels. Meaning you can keep in touch with life on land.


Green energy has become more of a focus in recent years than all of the time. The popular automotive industry trend of the electrification of cars may be on its way into the boating industry. And while much more complicated (weather, currents, and wave heights make the context more unpredictable), many environmentally conscious seafarers are out there.

Green-tech firms have begun introducing innovations that will transform commercial and recreational boating soon.

The benefits of the yacht vacation

The benefits of the yacht vacation

There are many benefits to booking a yacht vacation – especially in recent years. Here are a few top reasons why this holiday type is upward.


Chartering your own luxury yacht, superyacht or catamaran ensures you’ll have privacy throughout your vacation. Even if family and friends join you, most boats offer spaces for socializing alongside quiet rooms so you can take some time out on your own.

Your captain and crew

A key benefit is access you’ll have to the captain and crew. They will be able to offer expert and unique knowledge about locations you’ll be visiting. Still, you can rest assured that you’ll be their primary focus throughout your vacation — as you’re the sole guests onboard!

A luxury experience

Of course, one of the top reasons to charter a yacht or catamaran is the luxury experience you’ll have while onboard. These boats are some of the most majestic and luxurious globally, with fantastic food and drink options, entertainment, top-level service, activities, and more.

Booking this style of vacation is one you and your friends will

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