What's So Special About Clase Azul? Expensive Tequila Reviews

What’s So Special About Clase Azul? Expensive Tequila Reviews

/ 08:59 AM May 03, 2022

Over the years, celebrating a special occasion like a birthday, a visit from friends, or even a memorable date calls for a shot of tequila, particularly Clase Azul tequila.

Next to wine, drinking tequila is the most preferred alcoholic drink. Moreover, just like wine, not all tequilas are the same. Some are better-tasting and have superior quality, like Clase Azul tequila.


This top-shelf brand stands out from the rest.

What’s all the hype about Clase Azul?

What's all the hype about Clase Azul?

While dozens of cheaper tequilas are flooding the market, this distinguished brand maintains its top-caliber status. Which mainly targets the A-list crowd. The tequila company only produces limited batches of 100 bottles. You can find this brand served at high-profile functions and celebrity parties.

Apart from its taste, this tequila comes in a beautifully hand-carved and hand-painted bottle. In addition, each decanter epitomizes and captures the heart and soul of Mexican heritage.

What are the different types of Claze Azul Tequila?

What are the different types of Claze Azul Tequila?

This illustrious product offers nine kinds of tequila, two categorized as a limited edition. While each tequila is extraordinary in taste, its product features and attributes are exemplary.


Clase Azul Tequila Master Artisans

This tequila is the first limited edition Master Artisans collection. It achieves its exquisite blend and taste through the different aging processes. Also, its first aging stage takes place in American whiskey casks for 64 months.

For the next 41 months, the aging process is in three different sherry casks. The result of this complex aging is a grand-tasting tequila.

Taste and Aroma:

Full-bodied, with a toasted wood and tobacco aftertaste


Decanter Design:

Inspired by exceptional artisanal tradition, the design pays homage to the influential artist Angel Santos who created this pheasant-inspired artwork in blue.
Size: Not available
Price: $29,999.99

Clase Azul Tequila Dia de Muertos

Dia de Muertos is another limited edition number. In addition, this tequila is made from agaves only sourced from a mountain called “El Cerro del Viboreo” in Los Altos de Jalisco.

This extraordinary spirit pays tribute to Mexico’s festive holiday tradition, El Dia de Muertos. It is blended with an añejo tequila over 14 months old in American whiskey casks. Also, enjoy it more paired with goat cheese and orange marmalade tapas.

Taste and Aroma:

Reminiscent of Dia de Muertos flavors with aromas bordering on citrus, roasted coffee, and an orange peel aftertaste.

Decanter Design:

The decanter is black and uses a gold color, showcasing stylized skeletons called Catrinas, celebrating the Dia de Muertos feast. Completing its design is a handmade gold-plated metal ornament created by Mexican artists.

Clase Azul Unveils Dia De Muertos Joven Edition Tequila
Size: 750ML
Price Range: $2,999 – $3,100.00

Clase Azul Mezcal Durango

Mezcal Durango is made from Cenizo Agave that grows abundantly in Durango, Northern Mexico. This clear, unique tasting tequila undergoes a rigorous refining process. Aged cheese, shellfish, fatty fish, and white chocolate with salted nuts are some appetizers that go well with this tequila.

Taste and Aroma:

Medium-bodied with distinct inspirational flavors of peanut, honey, brown sugar, chocolate wood, and hints of citrus, herbal aromas.

Decanter Design:

Darkish-colored bottle with a textured design, hand-carved by Mazahua artisans. In addition, it also features a brightly colored cap that draws inspiration from the Wixarika culture.

Clase Azul Mezcal Durango
Size: 750ML
Price: $270 – $1,199.99

Clase Azul Mezcal Guerrero

Made from Papalote Agave that grows abundantly in Guerrero, this tequila is inspired by Guerrero’s captivating landscapes, art, and heritage. This incredible drink has a clear color with light highlights. Fish, shellfish, and various tapas are excellent pairings for this potent tequila.

Taste and Aroma:

Full-bodied. Its flavors range from fresh wood, lemon juice, seaweed, pepper, and tobacco. Its aroma plays on grapefruit, rosemary, butter, and honey.

Decanter Design:

While the artwork design honors the nurturing, bold, and brave spirit of the Mexican women, it also embodies Guerrero’s cultural heritage. Its multi-colored cap features a delightful hummingbird design.

Clase Azul Mezcal Guerrero
Size: 750ML
Price Range: $314.99 – $350.00

Clase Azul Tequila Plata

Drinkers of Clase Azul Tequila Plata will be pleasantly surprised on its first shot. This clear tequila is described as smooth, bright, and crisp with a hint of sweetness. In addition, a choice of fresh or aged cheeses, white fish, and strawberries are splendid pairings for this drink.

Taste and Aroma:

Light to medium body with a burst of flavors like vanilla, fresh mint, lemon, and guava. Its aroma borders lemongrass, orange, green apple, and vanilla hints.

Decanter Design:

The design is painted by hand in rich cobalt blue and also brings a beautifully stylized feather design that showcases outstanding Mexican artistry.

Clase Azul Plata
Size: 750ML
Price Range: $119.99 – $150.00

Clase Azul Tequila Reposado

This tequila is deeply regarded and made from a slowly cooked Blue Weber Agave. In addition, this golden-hued, superior tasting tequila is expertly aged for eight months in American whiskey casks or barrels—best paired with pork ribs in sauce, aged cheese, or even chocolate mousse.

Taste and Aroma:

Medium-bodied captures the flavor of hazelnut and vanilla, among others. It has combined aromas of Agave syrup, American oak, banana, cinnamon, and vanilla.

Decanter Design:

Made by creative hands, this beautifully styled artwork also uniquely embodies the depth of Mexican artisans.

Clase Azul Reposado
Size: 750ML, 1.75L
Price Range: $169.99 – $400.00

Clase Azul Reposado Pink Edition
Size: 750ML
Price Range: $146.99 – $175.00

Clase Azul XX Anniversario Reposado Tequila
Size: 750 ML
Price Range: $199.99 – $230.00

Clase Azul Tequila Gold

As the name suggests, Tequila Gold is a tremendous goldmine of flavor. Moreover, the profound, rich, and smooth taste lay in the clever combination of Tequila Plata, a special reposado, and a special Anejo aged in whiskey casks and finished in sherry casks.

Moreover, seafood, fish like tuna, brie cheese tapas, and chocolate are good pairings for this tequila.

Taste and Aroma:

Medium-bodied, it offers a fusion of flavors consisting of toasted wood, green olive, fig, dark chocolate, and ginger. Agave syrup, orange peel, green apple, raisins, and orange are some of the unique aromas.

Decanter Design:

The glass and black ceramic combination dramatize its fiery Mexican artistry, elegance, and luxury. In addition, it is uniquely a league of its own.

Clase Azul Gold
Size: 750ML
Price Range: $400.00 – $450.00

Clase Azul Tequila Anejo

Characterized by its amber color and intense taste, this tequila boldly represents the essence of Mexican culture. Also, it is a result of a 25-month aging process in American whiskey casks. Ribeye, beef ribs with sauce, semi-mature cheeses, and chocolate are perfect appetizers.

Taste and Aroma:

Great bodied, this tequila has a combination of flavors such as nutmeg, orange marmalade, toasted oak, and clove. Its aroma touches on cinnamon, roasted hazelnut, clove, and toasted oak.

Decanter Design:

The elements of earth, water, pina, and the flower with four petals are meticulously hand-painted in one unparalleled design.

Clase Azul Anejo
Size: 750ML
Price Range: $529.99 – $550..00

Clase Azul Tequila Ultra

This tequila is the crown jewel of this distinguished line of tequilas. Moreover, the formidable amber-hued tequila is aged for five years, first in American whiskey casks and finished off in Spanish casks.

You can pair it nicely with smoked meat, cured meat appetizers, and semi-mature cheese.

Taste and Aroma:

Great-bodied spirit. Its aroma integrates cinnamon, toffee, roasted hazelnut, and Mexican vanilla. Also, its flavor plays on nutmeg, toasted oak, and orange marmalade.

Decanter Design:

Only the best and most skilled artisans could carefully craft this wondrous design that uses three different precious metals such as platinum, silver, and 24-karat gold. In addition, its design plays on symbols of fertility, water, piña, and four-petalled flowers.

Clase Azul Ultra
Size: 750ML, 1.75L
Price Range: $1,800.00 – $6,900.00

Is it worth it to buy this brand?

Is it worth it to buy this brand?

The product’s price point is far from being cheap. It ranges from $120.00 for a 750 ML bottle to as high as $3,000. The priciest bottle was sold for $30,000 during the celebration of the brand’s 15th anniversary. Yes, this tequila is much costlier than other brands and worth its value. When

you purchase this product,  you are buying a top brass product. Your money is worth the superior taste and quality. Besides,  this bottle of tequila is perfect for a memorable celebration.


Tequila adds sparkle and enjoyment to every occasion or function. Tequila is part of any celebration, from birthday parties to weddings and grand socials.   Interestingly, you can use tequila as a cleaning agent and disinfectant. It can kill germs. There were reports that this alcoholic drink can aid colon treatments. Those on a diet prefer to drink tequila because of its taste and less calorie content. You can use tequila for cooking. Add it when marinating seafood or curing specific types of fish. 

Hands down, Clase Azul, is a runaway winner in taste and unparalleled quality. Spending a pretty penny is worth a shot or bottle. Savor it slowly and enjoy the experience with your favorite cheese or tapa.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy the product?

Although you can buy online on ReserveBar or Drizly throughout the USA, their distribution is state-wide.

Its distribution network is Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits across different states and is also distributed in Canada, Central America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Is this product gluten-free?

It is gluten-free. People with celiac disease can enjoy the drink. Also, like any other alcoholic beverage, always drink in moderation.

What is this exceptional tequila made from?

This brand is 100% made from Blue Agave, which ideally comes from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Moreover, Agave grows between 6 to 8 years. It is the main ingredient that gives a distinct tequila taste.

What makes it unique?

The drink is famous for its unique offerings, such as its excellent taste and quality, pure enjoyment. In addition, the best artisans from Mexico painstakingly create their artful decanters.

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