How To Pick The Best TV Wall Mount For A Top-Tier Viewing Experience

How Do I Pick the Best TV Wall Mount

/ 10:16 AM April 20, 2022

It is commonplace to see everyone using TV wall mounts these days. Gone are the days when people bought TV stands to house their TVs. Why buy a house for your TV when you can have it sitting inches from the wall in your living room?

TV wall mounts serve many functions; they don’t just fit TVs in a living room. Also, they save space so you don’t have to worry about the extra floor space a TV stand might occupy in your bedroom. They can also serve as an added beauty piece to your living room decor− with a wall-mounted TV, there is a modern look to your home.

You might worry about your curved TV sticking out, but a TV mount works fine. It’s almost as if you can’t go wrong in choosing among the best TV wall mounts.


If you want a TV mount, why not go for the best TV wall mount?

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This post will help you pick the best TV wall mount for you. If you worry about a TV mount fitting your concrete or brick wall, look no further because this article has all the answers.

Here are questions you might consider before picking from the wide range of wall mounts:

  • Do I need a TV mount?
  • How do I choose from among the best TV wall mounts?
  • Do I want a fixed or tilted wall mount?
  • How much should wall mounts cost?
  • Do I have to worry about these wall brackets doing damage to my wall?
  • Let us get started on your satisfying path to picking the best TV mount for you and fulfilling your mountain dream.

Do I Need a TV Wall Mount?

This is a bedroom with the best TV wall mount.

You might ask yourself if you need these wall brackets because you doubt it works for curved TVs. Moreover, you might also have reservations about whether you want to drill into your walls or fix wall studs because of your TV, but the best TV wall mounts are worth it and work with all TV Sizes.

You should know that whatever question you might have about mounting your TV mount is valid.

However, the advantages outweigh the cons in this case. So here are the benefits of using wall mounts:


It Saves Space

With a TV mount, you get to save space in your home. You won’t worry about having a big screen TV that just can’t seem to fit anywhere. Also, the space TV furniture will occupy either in your living room, bedroom, or if you plan on having an entertainment room can be put to good use.

Everyone wants their home to be spacious and feel less cramped; a TV wall mount serves that function well and allows room for additional furniture.

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It is Affordable

TV wall mounts are economical in value. With a wall mount, you get to save money. Instead of splurging on a TV stand and paying for its installation, you could save over half of that amount by purchasing and installing a wall mount.

It Provides Better Safety

This is a living room with a TV wall mount.

When you mount your TV on the wall, it helps with the safety of your household if you have kids or own pets. There is always the risk of the TV falling when your kids are playing or in the rare case of earthquakes.

Your TV being wall mounted will keep it in place and inches from the wall, as the best TV wall mounts are designed to be sturdy, so you never have to worry about injuries or bringing any harm to your loved ones.

It Prevents Unwanted Glare

You might experience your living room lights or sunshine reflecting off your TV screen. If this occurs occasionally, your viewing experience will be disturbed by shadows blocking or forming on the screen. You can easily adjust the room’s lighting, but it doesn’t always work out.

Thankfully, a wall mount can fix this problem. Tilt mounts proffer an adjustable view to help with your viewing angle and limit glare.

It Leads to Better Health

The sweet advantage of having a TV mounted on the wall is the option to set a TV position that will be suitable for your viewing. It is up to you to test out different TV positions, checking if the TV is set too low or too high so you wouldn’t have to strain your neck to watch TV.

Your comfort matters the most in your home, and a TV wall mount helps with this, especially an adjustable one. Body aches from watching TV in an unfavorable position would no longer be an issue.

How Do I Choose From Among the Best TV Wall Mounts?

This is a living room.

An interesting thing about this accessory is the availability of several choices. You need to know that TV wall mount options are almost unlimited. Nonetheless, four factors will help you make your choice include:

1. The Size and Weight of Your TV

The first point that determines what to pick is the size and weight of your TV. In your search for a TV mount, you have to consider if the TV mount will fit the size of your TV. Check the mount’s weight limit and make sure your TV is accommodated.

There are occurrences when it seems different TV wall mounts can fit your TV size but can’t bear the weight. There are different mounts for different TV sizes, and you should take note of the weight limit of your desired TV mount.

2. The style of your TV wall mount

Now, after you have considered your TV size and weight, you also have to take note of the type of TV mount. There are three main styles of mounts:

  • Fixed TV Mount: This keeps your TV in a fixed and unmovable position from the start. It’s suitable for placing your TV closest to the wall and out of reach.
  • Tilting: A tilting TV mount helps you adjust the viewing angle of your TV. You can choose any angle to view your picture with a tilting mount.
  • Full-motion mount: A full-motion TV wall mount offers the option of tilting your TV to any desired angle. It gives your TV full-motion access such as pulling from the wall, pushing towards the wall, and others.

3. The Size of the TV Wall Bracket

This is a TV mounted on a wall.

So you have taken note of the TV sizes and type of TV mount, now it’s time to consider the size of the TV brackets. You want to make sure the brackets fit your TV properly. Most TVs these days are certified by VESA (Video Electronics standards association). Most TVs have four mounting holes set in the certified VESA patterns.

Different VESA patterns depend on the size of your TV. Your TV’s VESA size can be found in its manual or internet.

There are usually three common VESA patterns in size for most wall mounts:

  • 200 × 200 millimeters
  • 400 × 400 millimeters
  • 600 × 400 millimeters

However, other sizes exist for other TV sizes.

If you want to measure the dimensions of the mount size, you can always go ahead and measure the distance across the mounting holes.

4. The Location of Your TV Wall Mount on the Wall

This is a living room.

You’ve considered almost all factors except where you want to place the TV mount on the wall. The best TV mounts can be dissatisfying if placed in a horrible location.

After you have determined where you want to mount your TV, the TV will be fixed on the wall studs. Wood studs in your wall are not a requirement; they will work fine without them. You will need to know the distance of separation of your wall studs so your tour TV mount can fit perfectly.

Some TV mounts come with mounting hardware that provides what you need to fix them, such as a level, mounting plate, locking mechanism, etc.

However, you can always correct the level with certain TV mounts to suit your taste after installation.

Do I Want a Fixed or Tilted Wall Mount?

This is a TV mounted on a wall.

Now, you already know the style of TV mounts. You might have ideas about the one that works best to your advantage. Hopefully, the explanation here shall assist you in picking among the best TV wall mounts.

As mentioned above, the best TV wall mounts come in three types, and one of them will work best for you.

1. Fixed TV Wall Mount

This type of bracket fits the wall in a rigid position, which means it can’t be changed or moved once it is already set. It is suitable for locations where the TV can be set at a good viewing angle for everyone.

Fixed TV wall mounts are normally designated as’ Low-profile’ due to their rigidity. It is also easy to install. However, you’ll have to remove the TV when you want to plug in an HDMI cable to the TV, but you don’t have to worry about keeping your TV securely.

A fixed mount is common and the cheapest amongst other TV mounts.

2. Tilting TV mount

You already have an idea of what it does from its name, and yes, it tilts. Tilting TV mounts let you adjust the TV to set at an appropriate viewing angle and prevent glare from light. They usually offer vertical adjustment and make it easier to fix cables.

3. Full-Motion or Articulating TV Wall Mount

A full-motion TV wall mount offers an option that other types of TV mounts can’t compare to. It offers the option of full flexibility. Exactly like its name, it gives full motion. They have articulated arms that swivel from left to right and extend up and down.

Articulating mounts are suitable for placing your TV in a cornered location. For large TVs, you might need two articulating arms that support TVs. With a full-motion TV wall mount, you can extend your TV inches from the wall.

This information on the different TV mounting brackets helps you pick one that suits your taste.

How Much Should a TV Wall Mount Cost?

This is a bedroom with a wall-mounted TV.

The pricing of a TV bracket varies on the type you aim to purchase. However, you don’t have to worry as they have a low cost even with installation. So let’s walk you through the pricing.

The pricing range of the types of TV mount is:

  • The Best Fixed-mount costs $25-$75.
  • Tilting TV mounts usually cost $28-$70.
  • Full-motion TV mounts usually cost $25-$95.

As you can see, TV mount brackets don’t cost an arm and leg.

Concerning the mounting process or the TV mount installation, the price varies depending on the services you require.

Here are factors that determine the mounting price:

  • The Size of The TV: When mounting your TV, the size of your TV determines the price. Smaller TVs are easier to mount because they can be done with one person. This isn’t the case for larger TVs because of their weight and size; they usually require two people to install safely. Also, the TV mounts for bigger TVs might cost more than the average.
  • The Extra Services: Extra services might add up to your charges when mounting your TV. Your wall type can lead up to extra charges due to its precision. Some companies might charge extra for drywalls, and some won’t.

Also, you might want to install a surrounding sound system, fix cables into the walls, and any other service you might require.

However, there’s always the option of mounting the TV yourself if you feel you can, and it’s easy to install. It’s all about you wanting a professional and clean touch to the entire process. Some people just need the TV mount brackets and a few tools to do it themselves.

I will recommend a professional installation to prevent unnecessary future problems and damage to the walls.

Do I Have to Worry About a TV Wall Mount Doing Damage to My Wall?

This is a dining room with a TV wall mount.

A TV mount installation rarely damages the wall. It all depends on how it is installed. Fixing your TV perfectly won’t damage the wall, and if it is done wrong, you can always repair the wall with little cost.

Firstly, you need to know the type of wall in your house. If your house walls are either made of concrete or brick walls, you would have little to no trouble with the installation, although you might need added equipment to make mounting holes in your wall.

If your house is built with drywall, you need metallic or wood studs to mount your TV on the wall.
An open wall plate design is suitable for simple installation.

If you’re mounting your TV yourself, here’s a brief explanation of how to do it without damage:

  • Get the right tools such as a drill, leveling tool, wall plate, screws, maker, etc.
  • Choose your desired spot on the wall for mounting your TV.
  • Check for pipes or cables in the wall.
  • Mark out screw spots on the wall.
  • Check the position of the mount with a level.
  • Drill holes in the wall carefully.
  • Fasten the mount bracket and fix the mounting plate on the back of the TV.
  • Lock the plate onto the mounting bracket.
  • Check for any added screws and fix the cable ties with a concealing kit.

Now, you have perfectly set your TV on the wall.


Can I Remove My TV From the Wall Mount?

Yes, you can remove your TV from the mount anytime, even if you have a fixed mount system. Unplug all cords to remove it safely, then push the TV towards you and lift it. If there is a safety lock in place, just unscrew it, and you are free to carry the television.

Can I Conceal the TV Cables?

You can hide wires. There are concealment kits that are sold that will aid in hiding wires and making your TV set look neat. However, a professional will conceal wires without you having to worry about them looking untidy.

Are Full-Motion Mounts safe?

You might fear the single stud installation on your wall won’t be able to bear the weight of your swiveling TV on the full-motion mount. However, a properly installed full-motion mount will bear the weight correctly. So, stop being anxious and start swiveling on your full-motion motion.


The best TV mounts aren’t found in a goldmine. They are out there in malls and online shopping platforms. You don’t have to bother about TV size or the type of screen, as they are available for all TV models.

We highly recommend prominent brands like the Mounting Dream, so check them out. You have all the required info to set up your TV to your desired taste. Just step up and choose what seems to work best for you.

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